Channeler: Kris-Won

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have been providing some tips for you all during our previous
messages. We are now going to recommend a new exercise to perform each
day at 12:30 in the afternoon. Stand with your legs evenly apart,
approximately shoulder width, arms extended outwards, as if they were
aligned with the body to make the shape of a five-pointed star, a
pentagram. It is better if you close your eyes and concentrate on what
you feel. Breathe slow and deep, as if sleeping or meditating. You
should how the energy flows from the Cosmos to you, entering
through the crown chakra, namely, the etheric heart-shaped "wheel" that
everyone has just above their heads, connecting them with the cosmic

You may feel a surge of energy that makes you tremble from
head to toe. Do not be frightened by that; your body is becoming an
antenna in this moment and you will feel the cosmic energy coming into
you as an energy discharge, which may be faint or undetectable in some
cases, while strong and violent in others, depending on the of
energy that is received at that particular time.

Always do it at 12:30 in the afternoon in the respective time zone of
your countries. It is not necessary for it to be at the same moment for
everyone in all nations. The important thing is to connect to the
Universe at this time, since it is a time that is right in the middle of
a very powerful energy band and ideal for attracting energies that come
from outer space. This exercise will help you adapt your physical and
subtle to the emanations coming from your Central Sun and to make
the most of them, enabling them to act upon your aura each day, in
accordance with in conjunction with the Energies we will send you from
our Ships. These Energies will progressively change your cells and DNA,
making them more subtle and light. If there are many who practice this,
you all will become like a large satellite dish that will help change
the energy pattern of humanity in its entirety, not just the energy
system of the people who practice it.

If for whatever reason you could not do it on that day at 12:30, then
do the exercise whenever you remember, because it is always better to
do it at another time of the day than not at all. Only try to connect
mentally to this momentum and tune in to this band of space-time.

This exercise is simple but extremely effective. It has been taught
recently by Kris-Won, who has already known this for some time, to one
of our closest partners, and witnessed by us. We decided that it would
be a good idea for a number of you to learn this, as it will help us in
our task of preparing you for the New Age and for beings of the
New Earth in which you will become, as the Ascension process is

It seems as if that genius who lived in the past, Leonardo da Vinci,
had understood the effectiveness of the physical position of the
five-pointed star, right? We have been pleased to see that even some
European currencies have been minted with the very image of da Vinci. He
was an initiate who observed the Universe and the world, which
surrounded him with ideas that were far superior to humans of that era.
In actuality, he is a teacher of Wisdom and now of Ascension, who
continues working for the spiritual evolution of human beings on this

The moment of Ascension for you as members of the human race on
planet Earth is approaching rapidly, and we are confident that this
moment will become a reality, always gradual in form and not abruptly,
in a short space of your linear time. We have this absolute confidence
because we know that those are the Plans of the Father-Mother God.

Love and Peace

Source: Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship
Channeler: Kris-Won
Translator: Steve