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Message From Jeshua, March 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

“Expand The Love Of Your Sacred Heart To Unity Consciousness”


There was a time in your past, in the , the inception of
your beloved planet, Mother Earth, when she was known as the Garden of
Edon. Every aspect and facet of your beautiful planet was clean and
pristine, unsullied by the negativity and the density that has since
come to pass upon your planet. Rivers ran clear and sparkling, the
particles of water dancing in the sunlight, which streamed to you and
your planet, as the life force strengthening you, your solar cells and
your physical vessels. Your oceans teemed with life, and diversity
beyond your imaginings. The whales and dolphins frolicked in love and
joy, playing with you as you both enjoyed the purity of your creations
in harmony with the Creator. The whales and dolphins are record
keepers, as are you, and they have held a most valuable position of love
and trust for you, Blessed Ones. They have held the light in your
magnificent oceans, lighting up the depths of the waters, bringing the
divine particles of light to all areas and of your Divine
oceans. All life upon your planet has evolved in perfect and divine
order, as you too, have evolved in the most perfect evolution for each
of you. You have chosen the lessons you must to bring your
essence back to the light of your God Self, and you have chosen to
experience great pain and suffering to fully insure that you would
awaken to your essence, the God within you, for you are God. Every
aspect and facet of you is God. Let there be no misunderstanding. You
must now integrate this most blessed knowing, so that you may reach to
the highest levels and merge with your Divine I Am Presence, your God

As you become once again, one with your I Am Presence, you once again
become one with all others, and one with all life. Again, Beloved
Ones, it is the integration of this knowing, without out a doubt, which
will bring you the unification you desire. Look into the eyes of
others, these blessed beings that you share your beloved planet with.
See the God in each and every being. As you live each day, every being
you encounter is the God Source, just as you are the God Source. See
God; see your Self reflected back to you in their eyes. There becomes a
new knowing and deepening of your wisdom, and your connection to all
Creation, when you begin to integrate this knowing and this knowledge,
and it becomes the very essence of you. There is no separation, the
separation as you know it has been a grand illusion, a game which you
are about to bring to conclusion, and you are each triumphing as you
have played the game with great strength and courage.

You are at a most blessed time in the creation of your dreams and
heart’s desires, where you have all the abilities, to bring your
beautiful and blessed Mother Earth back to perfection. It begins with
the deep knowing, again, that you are one with all Creation, and you are
the God Source. In this knowing, how can you be any other than one and
integrated consciousness with your planet and all life that dwells upon
her? Again Dear Ones, look into the eyes of all life, all animals, all
living, sentient beings. Can you doubt that these blessed beings are
each the God Source also? Each of these creatures is ensouled and is on
an evolutionary path of their own. They too are ascending. They need
your help, in love and joy. Understand that these blessed souls have a
consciousness that is also unity consciousness. There is a
consciousness in unity for the birds, for the tigers, for the leopards.
All classes of the animal kingdom are directly connected to
communicate, just as you, in the human form, communicate with each

You must now expand your consciousness to include the unity and the
Oneness of all Creation, which begins at home with the unity and oneness
of all life on your Mother Earth. Begin to expand your consciousness,
by seeing God in each blessed being, be it in the human form, or animal
form. Know that the mineral kingdom and your plant kingdom, all have
consciousness and have agreed to be here at this time to assist you in
your journey of ascension. Know that all is energy, all is
consciousness. Every moment of the Now is Sacred and hallowed, a
moment to in the love of your Sacred Heart and the unity of
Oneness with all Creation.

Here in lays your pathway to returning your beloved earth to the
perfection she desires and yearns to return to. Here in lies the answer
to living in harmony with the blessed animals, and all life upon your
planet. Here in lies this most blessed to the peace and the
harmony, and the love of the higher realms, that you so desire to
experience upon your planet. Each one of you are a most important part
of this process and hold your own key to unlock the divine mission that
you, and you alone came here to accomplish. Rest assured that this
mission of yours is one of love and joy and delightful co creation in
harmony with your brothers and sisters.

Take this step, beloved ones and expand the love of your Sacred
Heart, strengthen your will, your resolve, and know that I am here with
you in the love of your Sacred Heart.


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