MARCH 14, 2010

Greetings all you who are
reading this message.

We come today to tell you of the light that
is flowing forth from your earth.  We see you sending forth love and light to
the many who are suffering from the earth events of late.  We see you learning
compassion and love for those who are suffering.  Know that it is a part of the
unfolding journey of all to learn this   Even those who have chosen to
experience these events  have done so in order that others may learn to love.
This is a sacrifice of love on their part,  although they are not consciously
aware of it.  Those who are now on this side see the picture of the earth
events and are being greeting with much love and gratitude.It is a time
of change for all who dwell on the earth at this time, a time of
shifting  into
a sense of the true nature of being;  a leaving behind of  false
and beliefs that heretofore have governed the actions of those on
earth.  It is
a time of great awakening, a moving out of the old heavy beliefs of
and duality and into the real and true, which is Oneness.  There are
those not
ready to embrace yet, but that is permitted.  Free will is true
for all,
and all will ascend when ready.

We say you are doing a fine job of it,
people of earth.  Light is growing by leaps and bounds each day as you
into  an understanding  that  earth is not a piece of dirt, and you are
simply pieces of flesh here today and gone tomorrow.  These are the
realizations  that bring  fear to those who have built their lives on
the belief
that nothing really matters except attaining more and more of the
wealth of  earth and others. They do not like what they see; that
perhaps their
ways of living are not the way best to serve even themselves.  They too
awaken when ready, and they too will understand that there is more to
life than
living a short time on the planet earth and then fading into nothing.

congratulate you for your hard work, and your yearning to grow and
evolve.  All
are feeling the energy of change and evolution. All are sensing the
energy of
change.  Do not let fear interfere with your journey ones.  You are
forever, whether here or there.  No matter.  Many have chosen to leave
planet at this time in order to come back into the higher frequencies
that are
unfolding.  Honor their choices dear ones, and mourn not so much for
those who
have made this decision.  You will see them again, these loved ones, for
all is
forever and all life is of the One Life which cannot end.

We send you
all the Light and love you can accept, and honor your brave doings dear

Thank you  Arcturian