Hand Clow

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It is the New Moon in Pisces, the time to evaluate access to the
spiritual worlds. This urge is very intense now because Chiron was
conjunct Neptune during the previous New Moon in Aquarius; this released
a piercing wave of pain that caused many people to feel profound
separation from the divine. After a century of war and scientism and the
recent accelerated takeover by technology, the spiritual worlds have
mostly been forgotten. However, spiritual contact and communication are
the only source of true happiness and joy, the only source of
consolation amidst the sadness and pain of life. There is no meaning in
life without sharing spirit’s joy, so with this Pisces New Moon, we need
to awaken just before the Sun blasts into don’t-look-back Aries during
the Spring Equinox. This New Moon is especially compelling with five
planets in Pisces, four of them very close together. Retrograde Saturn
in early Libra opposes the group in late Pisces, a hard and unavoidable
reminder of how much we need balance now.

During last ’s Aquarian cycle, Earth began to in a new
way. This process began during the January 12 Haiti quake a few days
before the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Energy flows intensified during
the Aquarian cycle that culminated during the February 28 Moon,
when Jupiter was conjunct the Sun in Pisces opposing the Full Moon in
Virgo. Just before this Jupiterian Full Moon, on February 26, there was a
7.0 quake under the sea south of Japan, and the Canadian, American, and
South American west coasts were put under tsunami alerts. On February
27, the Chilean plate released an 8.8 magnitude mega-quake just before
the Full Moon, just when Mercury came to Chiron/Neptune in 27 Aquarius.
During the Full Moon, the area affected by the 8.8 quake south of
Santiago shook and rolled. On March 4, there was another strong quake
near Japan as well as a 6.6 quake north of Santiago, which was not an
aftershock for the 8.8 quake. On March 5, a 6.5 quake occurred off the
coast of Sumatra, and on March 8 there was a pre-dawn 6.1 quake in
Eastern Turkey. Rumors abound that the American HAARP project is being
used to trigger earthquakes, just when a consortium of doctrinaire
geologists put out an announcement that there is no more tectonic
activity than usual. [BS!] Whoever or whatever is causing this shaking,
our species is on alert.

Wild and chaotic weather was also in the news during the previous
lunation: England and France suffered horrible winter storms; the Baltic
Sea was choked with ice that trapped ships; the canals in Amsterdam
froze and people skated through the city; record setting blizzards shut
down the Eastern US and many airports; the island of Madeira suffered
catastrophic floods; and three "super waves" on the Mediterranean nearly
capsized a cruise boat. Nature is awakening our planet with new waves
of energy, which are also stirring up subconscious fears. These great
earth changes are awakening our connections to divine levels because our
highest levels of emotions are spiritual; we need to be in touch with
our souls during these challenging times.

Bringing time acceleration into the discussion, we should not be
surprised that earth changes are intensifying right now. Here we are in
Night Six of the Galactic Underworld (November 7, 2009, to November 2,
2010). Our current moment corresponds to Night Six of the Regional
Underworld (13,800 through 5900 BC), a time of constant cataclysms that
peaked in 9500 BC. The real story of the past 100,000 years has been
strangely withheld from the , so these hidden memories are
stirring up deep subconscious fears in our minds. [See Catastrophobia,
and pages 76-80 of The Mayan Code, by Clow.] Many people are suffering
with an unnamed, hideous, inner terror right now, as if they can hear
boards creak under the feet of a creepy killer lurking in the basement.
But, we are different now, and the current changes offer new things for
us to learn. I think we are being prodded to reprioritize how we handle
pain, which may finally push our species to realize it is an obscenity
to engage in warfare amidst great natural disasters. Casualties and
injuries overwhelm medical systems, and whole societies can’t even care
for their own citizens because the resources go to warfare.

This Pisces New Moon heralds a great spiritual crisis for our
species, and the earth changes are a sign of what is coming. The whole
Aquarian lunation with Chiron conjunct Neptune ripped open hidden wounds
lurking within our denied shadows; many people wonder if they even want
to be alive. I seek a new vision for how we can live in joy and trust,
as James Cameron did for us in his blockbuster film, Avatar. We must
remember our traumatic past in order to remove our quarantine from the
rest of the universe.

It is possible to plan how to handle these great changes; and as they
build and build, we will. Weak politicians who procrastinate all day
waiting for the cocktail hour disgust everyone, now that we are in such
dire times. For example, the weather in the northern latitudes may
indicate that the warm ocean currents that temper the Eastern US and
Western Europe are slowing down and getting ready to stop. Yet, all we
hear is that El Niño and/or global warming is the cause, while the new
carbon-credit millionaires pocket the sales. These issues are coming up
now because: 1) the New Moon chart and Night Six call for our attention
to them, and 2) because the most intense reckoning period will be during
May/June 2010, the dates that correspond to the peak of the Regional
Underworld cataclysms. We’ve got to keep pushing for ending wars, as
well as redirecting energy use and cultivation planning; otherwise, we
won’t have the energy or resources to handle acts of nature.

It is time to sort out and face the fears you’ve been feeling. Is
fear and terror coming from ancient memories that are awakening in your
mind, or is there something you need to pay attention to right now? Find
that place in you that demands your right for responsible
leadership-instead of putting up with fools and their lame excuses. Keep
your attention on what leaders are doing, such as noticing how quickly
Obama ran out of influence when he lost his vision. Never forget to ask
for divine assistance, divine intervention, even if the leaders have
forgotten this. For my part, let’s see what the New Moon chart can tell
us about what is coming up this month.

The New Moon joining Mercury/Uranus/Sun in an exact stellium in
Pisces lifts the veils to the spirit worlds. Last month the New Moon
conjoined Chiron/Neptune exposing our inner wounds that block spirit.
You now have access codes in your body/mind that can dial up cosmic
consciousness. Advanced spiritual agencies can move into your body/mind
when the New Moon removes the veils to spirit. This process will be very
subtle and probably not registered until an hour after the New Moon;
your lower and higher minds will merge when Mercury exactly conjuncts
Uranus in Pisces. Then a few hours after Mercury joins Uranus, the Moon
comes to Mercury/Uranus, which will awaken you to the merging of your
lower and higher minds. The Sun exactly conjuncts Uranus the day after
the New Moon, when your whole being will be flooded with these higher

The Sun was exactly conjunct Jupiter during the February 28 Full
Moon, when the Moon was very close to the Earth. This is could be what
set off all the earthquakes. During the Pisces New Moon, Jupiter is in
13 Pisces, sharing the Piscean resonance with the stellium, but Jupiter
is not aspected. This suggests we will be processing the damage from the
quakes that have already occurred, since Jupiter is so often involved
in earthquakes. Meanwhile, Saturn retrograde is in a wide opposition to
the stellium. When the Sun makes its exact opposition to Saturn right
after the Spring Equinox, will crumble but not necessarily
because of earth changes. For example, financial structures may be
shaken, since we are building up to a July opposition between Saturn in
Libra and Uranus in Aries. Saturn opposing the stellium is tense,
compacted, and determined. With the world so distressed during Night
Six, I have been amazed by leaders who fritter away our money and refuse
to change. Well, this New Moon might change that. Saturn squares Pluto,
so the need for deep structural change is ongoing.

Mars in Leo went direct on March 10; and during the New Moon, Mars is
in favorable aspect to many planets. Mars trines the New Moon/
Mercury/Uranus/Sun stellium in late Pisces, which could mean we are
about to see great courage coming forth on the planet. Mars exactly
trines the Spring Equinox Sun, which indicates rising courage all
spring. Mars was uneasy while it was retrograde in Leo, but now he
charges ahead to get the job done. Mars sextiling Saturn in Libra offers
patience and a tendency for wise action instead of impetuous
foolishness. Mars forms a quincunx to Chiron/Neptune, which fosters the
need for spiritual direction. Mars quincunx Pluto in Capricorn favors
contentiousness and overt aggression, and this long-lasting aspect
(October 2009, and February through April 2010) has not been good for
peace making. Venus has moved past a square to Pluto, but the influence
is still in play, so women are encouraged to wake up the world.

Overall, this is a tight mystical field of energy, like a shaman
working an activated power point for days and days. For me, the piercing
of old wounds during the Aquarius lunar phases was almost too much to
bear. Perhaps the lifting of the veils during the Pisces New Moon will
feel like a welcome relief. The Spring Equinox comes in a few days when
the new longer-term field moves in, so tune in for that reading in just a
few more days!