We are connected to everything in the Universe; everything
flows through us and to us. Our energies, our thoughts, and our words
flow through all of life, on and elsewhere.  There is not an end
to us, or a beginning, but a continual flow of life, changing form over
and over again.  We are continually perfecting our form in each and
every incarnation, whether that is as an element, plant animal, human,
star, or galaxy.  We deliberately challenge ourselves to become all we
can become.  There is no failure in this type of existence only

You are in a time of birthing yourself into higher
light at a different octave of truth. As you sit in the womb of
No-time, No-space, you try to stretch, but the walls of illusion, keep
you confined in an invisible prison.  You push and push but you are not
able to stretch into the vastness you innately know yourself to be. 
When a child is in the mothers womb, the child’s spirit has the ability
to reach out past the limitations of the physical womb, skirting about
in the parent’s lives, reaching into the past, and future, overcoming
space and time.

Your life is similar to that of the unborn
child.  You feel limitations, as if the very walls of your life grow
steeper and steeper each time you try to scale them.  You grunt, you
groan, you complain as the limitations become more and more animated. 
You have the same innate abilities as the unborn child.  You are living
in this dimension of matter and yet you are also living in spirit, in
the light on a multitude of levels.  Your body seems limited and
vulnerable, yet the spirit and light-force that inhabits that vehicle
has magnificent and never-ending capabilities.

You enter a
promised time where the limited perception of your humanness merges
with the vast and all- Spirit of Light.  Coming together Merging
and then EMERGING into something much more.

Right now you all
feel like a caterpillar, in early cocoon stage.  You know that you are
THAN !! You feel deep within your being that if you tried, you could
fly.  Then you take another look at yourself and see only the
of density, and human limitation. Yet in your heart you know
you can fly past all these earthly limitations.

The Chrysalis
shifts and the Cocoon around you thickens and hardens like the crust of
earth.  There seems no way out!  Keeping you confined in a prison of
your own thinking. One day out of the blue a small light appears on the
horizon coming from a minute hole within the cocoon. Your heart races
with possibilities as the illusion of limitation begins to crumble
right in front of your eyes.

You all are just now seeing that
small point of light, Showing you the way out, the way up and the way
home.  The caterpillar looks at itself and says “how am I going to get
through that small ’?  The caterpillar must walk into a time of
surrendering!  Surrendering his limitations to the divine spark within
him.  Surrendering is accepting in the divine process that knows your
every whim and need before even you desire it.  it is trusting!  It is
knowing what is truth, when everything else reflects illusion.  The
hole is small only in the mind of the caterpillar, not in the mind of
God.  In the mind of God it is large enough to accommodate all the
future butterflies of earth.

It is a time of surrendering  and
trusting your process. The butterfly that you are inside this human
caterpillar, is far greater than any illusion.  Let go and know that the
divine plan will work no matter what.  The caterpillar is destined to
become a butterfly it can be no other way!

The cocoon would
never ever allow the caterpillar to be released, because that is what a
cocoon does. it protects, it keeps bound.  Earth keeps you as a cocoon
until you are ready to set yourself free.  The caterpillar knows that
it must try, and try again, or it will die.  That is the point of
reference that each and everyone of you sit at.  You feel you must try,
or perish in the process.

Your Soul pushes you through that
tiny hole into a Higher Light, just like the caterpillar is pushed by
instinct.  You push back, saying ‘ No, I can’t fit, No I can’t jump, No,
I can’t fly, NO I CAN’T !’ Spirit says, “ You can, you must, or you
will perish.”   Earth is at a portal of choice, there will be a
decision made by the mass consciousness. All of God’s creations sit
upon this fence of decision.  All of life is “in decision”.

we reach an apex in this level of evolution, we begin to realize just
what the effects of our words; thoughts and fears have on this turning
point of humanity.  We speak haphazardly, we create on a whim, and we
prophesize out of fear.  We speak like our words don’t mean a darn
thing.  Seeing them just as words and not realizing that worlds were
created by a word, a thought a decree.  Seeing not the power we have
available to us, to destroy everything or create a utopia, a paradise, a
heaven on earth.  Sabotaging our own lives, our finances, our health,
our marriages, and our futures. 

Every thought you have is
alive.  Every word you speak is birthed into existence.  You free it
from its internal domain.  Just like letting a Genie out of a bottle,
your words, your thoughts wait for your command to come into the world
of matter and do what they do best, create!   All creation is by you,
for you, and through you!

The time between thought, and
manifestation grows shorter and shorter, forcing everyone’s attention
into the mirrored hallway of responsibility.  It is there that the
reflections shout, “look at what you have created, look at what you have
birthed!”  We give ourselves wondrous magical gifts every minute of
every day just by the very words we speak. No one is out to get us
nothing is out to destroy us, every situation is of our own making, a
divine creation, a tool to escort us into a higher place of knowing.

We not only do this as individuals, but as , families,
continents, and also as a world.  So many opportunities to learn and
evolve and love.  It is as children playing with nuclear weapons, not
knowing the power of the instrument at hand.  We do our best to fulfill
ancient and biblical prophecy.  on some level that those of
the past knew more than we do.  Giving our power and our world away to
the dried bones of the past.  If those same people prophesied today, we
would laugh at them as eccentrics, or cult members.  Not honoring there
words, or there fears. 

The external world but mirrors our
internal thoughts and dialogue.  Life is not something that happens to
us it is something that we create, continuously.  Knowing that we can
and do collectively create everything and anything, lets get busy and
create a world of love, of peace, of joy.  Where every child goes to
bed with a full tummy, and every homeless person cashes in their
cardboard home, for a real home.  Lets look at our world glass as
always full instead of half-empty and halfhearted.  All livingness
responds to your thoughts and your desires, especially a casual
thought, or decree. 

Knowing how powerful ours words are 24
hours a day for all eternity, puts a bit of a damper on our joking
around. What we may say even in play will ripple out through all space
and time.  What we decree for another we gift to our self. Our angers,
our fears, our jealousies are becoming animated alive and kicking us
back to get our attention.

As you love, you attract. You are
today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where
your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the result of your thoughts;
but you can endure and learn, accept and be glad.
You will realize
the vision of your heart, not the idle wish. You will gravitate toward
that which you secretly most love. In to your hands will be placed the
exact result you earn no more, no less. Whatever your present
environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your
thoughts…your vision… your ideal.

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