Purity of heart


does not the word itself


emanate a somehow

vaguely remembered


just the feeling of purity

is like a mothers loving arms

embracing her babe

with the magnificence of love




is your state of being…


you are forever and eternally

held within this purity of love

by arms that can never let go

for the arms themselves are

as eternal as you are…


you are held within a love

so pure,

so clear

so magnificent

that you can only begin to

remember it by the very

flow of the word ~purity~


this lesson is simply to

allow you to feel your truth…

sit with this for a few days

in time


feel the loving arms you

rock you

always waiting for you

to remember the source

of itself…


your source


you are eternally held

in the one mind..


the mind of Christ


it is a state of being ness




when you know this to be true

will be known


thus peace

will fill the world

simply by your choice for it…








this is lesson five….

the fifth in a series of seventeen lessons

on “the eternal journey within the kingdom”

channeled thru my vehicle of love…


they are a part of a series of lessons

given to me thru Jeshua….

the book is called The Power of Jeshua energies


feel your purity…

own you innocence…

with love….denisa