will come the time described in some way as the ‘End of Times’. But
of course that is not what it really is, and a better description
would be the ‘Beginning of Times’.

will be the of civilisations, on Earth and other planets.
Earth is a seed planet, and your present civilisation was sown there
some time ago, and what you see around you is the end result of your
hard work over many thousands of years. Disappointing, isn’t it?

your highest rating TV shows where you live, and decide if you think
that is the very pinnacle of many thousands of years work? Then focus
on the wars in & , and all the other military
killing sprees; is that what you have aspired to?

you healed the sick, fed the hungry, ended poverty? No you haven’t;
so what is there to be proud of? Not very much really, for the
results are disappointing to the Spiritual Hierarchy. Even in the
area of the great religions of your world, people are worshipping
false idols, and their leaders are laughing all the way to the bank.

then of the charitable work carried out on your planet? The situation
is pretty dismal here as well, with the majority of people’s
free-will donations ending up in the organizers bank accounts. There
are many small scale projects which are of spiritual ideals, but
all of the big ones have a fraudulent aspect to some degree. I’m not
going to name them here, as the list is so very that we’d be
preparing this text for weeks. Let us just say, "We know who you

the crop of Humans who have reached the spiritual level required to
become inhabitants of an upgraded, remodelled and ascended Earth; is
quite small when compared to the present global population, and that
is a pity. It has not been a waste of time, although we wished the
elevated ones had been greater in number. We just have to be thankful
for the numbers we have, as that will allow us to go forward with
establishing our New World Order.

do NOT confuse our New World Order with the pathetic and evil
creation of the Dark Elite, for they are not connected to the Source
of All That Is. Their scheme is to rob you of all of your resources,
both material and spiritual; so that you will be further enslaved by

New World Order is based on Spiritual Principles and Divine Law, and
is being created under a Divine Decree. Anyone who does not qualify
to inhabit the Ascended Earth; will go to alternative planets to
carry on further development aimed toward s further soul growth.
Others have chosen further options according to their beliefs and /or
their past activities.

will leave Earth as a much upgraded Seed Planet, and the jewel in the
crown, where our New World Order will be built. It will take time to
build this , and a great deal of hard work over many
centuries; but it will be free of the lies, greed, corruption and
downright evil on Earth at present.

the people of Earth will see how they have been lied to, robbed and
ill-treated by the Dark Ones; and they won’t like it. Many of you
will find that the truth is very far from the fictional construct of
your present reality, and will wonder how it could have been made
like that, right under your noses. Well, you looked the other way,
Dear Ones.

hard work will build a Spiritual society, and many of your people
wanted an easy . So the Dark Ones gave you an easy , where
you left the big thinking to them, and over time they took your
reality away from you and gave you a Distorted Reality, where only
they stood to benefit. Over the millennia they refined the process,
because they took a long term view, where only took the view
of their own lifetime. Even now the Darkness is looking many hundreds
of years ahead, and it is only as a result of this Divine Decree,
that you will be free of this false reality.

time is here and now; the wheels and cogs are turning away behind the
scenes, and then very soon my Dear Ones, nothing will ever be the
same again.

so it is…………….

is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and
transcribed by Vince.