Channeler: Mike

Time marches on gathering speed, and it is bringing the changes ever
nearer. No time has in fact been lost, although we would have liked to
commence First Contact earlier. However, regardless of what you see
happening around you, we place ourselves in a position where we can move
into action at short notice. There is a clear defined plan for your
future, but we can easily accommodate any changes necessary. We follow
all events taking place on Earth, and as a result can adjust our actions
accordingly. However, there is a core plan which shall manifest and
take you through to Ascension as intended. As the dark Ones continue to
lose their power and authority, so the chances of them escaping the
inevitable collapse of their power base is unavoidable. Stubbornness and
arrogance motivate their resistance to admitting defeat, but it shall
be so. In ways that are legal and carry the authority of the
Federation they will be removed.

In a manner of speaking, life goes on as before in spite of the many
problems facing you. However one thing is for certain, it shall not
return to the previous period that started at the commencement of this
Millennium. Since that time you have progressively lost your way, and
through contrived situations have been steadily subjected to draconian
laws. The dark Ones played their hand realizing that time was not on
their side, but have failed to achieve world control as intended. Their
attempts to do so have left you with few and subject to rigid
controls, that have taken away your freedom. Have no fear all of that
will change, and the unjust and unnecessary laws will be repealed. The
path to Ascension is to be cleared of any attempts to prevent it from
manifesting, and be sure Dear Ones, that when a divine edict is given it
is the Law of the Creator.

We know that some of you wonder if every on Earth has the same
opportunity to ascend, and you think of those who are living a simple
life away from the influence of the West. You may not be too surprised
to learn that in their own way, they are nearer to God and Mother Earth
than you are. They live in a way that respects nature and all life, and
understand its cycles and the energies all around them. Their needs are
few, and when they leave there is no trail of damage and pollution. They
may not have your awareness of the end times, but lead a highly
spiritual life and have every opportunity to ascend. It is not wealth or
intelligence that is necessary to create your own pathway, but your
spiritual wealth and knowledge and its application to your way of life.
After all you do realize that upon leaving the Earth, you cannot take
anything of material value with you. Furthermore, there is no such thing
as rank or importance in the higher realms such as you experience on
Earth. In Spirit souls are equal except that their Light will determine
which level they are entitled to be in. Of course there are Masters in
the higher realms, but their spiritual achievement to reach such a level
in no way elevates them over anyone else, but they do command great
respect and acknowledgement.

The Earth has proved to be a distraction to your spiritual
advancement, but when you succeed in finding your true Self your
achievement is all the more commendable. You have had so much difficulty
in deciding who you can trust or otherwise, and there have always been
those who would mislead you for their own gain. It was not too long ago
that only the priests were privileged to interpret the scriptures, and
you had to rely upon them for guidance. As has been proven, it has not
always been accurate when compared to the truth. The pathway of those
seeking it has therefore been extremely difficult, and ultimately you
have had to use your own discretion as to what to believe. Also bear in
mind that in the course of many incarnations you will have had lives
touching upon the different religions and beliefs. Subconsciously all
that you have learnt forms your present beliefs, even if you have no
awareness as to how it came about. You are therefore continually
reassessing your beliefs, and gradually you make positive spiritual

In this present age you have so much information at your fingertips,
and can follow whatever path takes your fancy. You may even be spoilt
for choice, but this is where your intuition will serve you well. It
will not mislead you, but direct you to the experiences you need at the
time. This is why it is important to be open minded and able to
assimilate knowledge without being tied down by it. Be ever ready to
move on when a new idea or understanding comes your way. Also remember
that once you are on a spiritual path, you will attract Guides or
Teachers to yourself who will help you make decisions. The truth is
quite simple and uncomplicated, and can be summed up as Love Is All That
Is. Applying it to your life in duality has been your sternest test,
and if you are succeeding you have surely found the key to
understanding. You can only take one thing at the time, and one of the
ultimate achievements is to live in the Now.

Whatever you consider life is about, there is nothing wrong in
experiencing pleasure or even wealth. It is how you acquire it and how
you use it that is important. Spiritually you can lose or gain, and it
is a fact that the more wealth you accumulate the greater responsibility
falls upon you. Some become greedy and hoard money and valuables,
whilst others will invest in people for the of all. Money will not
create happiness, but simply security in a material world. Imagine being
in the higher dimensions where money has no use and is unnecessary,
because that is what you will experience. Of course that is possible
because all of your needs are supplied for free, and in many instances
you will create what you need for yourself. We know that the idea of
bartering is active in some areas of your world, and it shows what can
be achieved without money. All of these things enter your mind, and
sometimes it brings you to desire something different to the traditional
way of doing things.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and Dear Ones you know life is one
experience after another and it moulds your future. Sometimes you
benefit from another souls journey, but often you choose to experience
things for yourself. When you become part of a group consciousness, then
you shall benefit from every soul that is part of it. is a very
spiritual gesture that comes with to the Oneness of all life.
We love to share with you for the happiness it gives us and being of
service to you.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.