Channeler: Mike

Be in mind of the changes and be prepared, but do not allow any sense
of foreboding to fill your mind. Although there will be some that
affect your day-to-day lives, remember that these will only be of a
temporary nature. They are a means to an end inasmuch that to cleanse
Mother Earth, requires wide scale changes that will cause upheaval
depending upon which area you live in. The changes have already started,
and we are carrying out damage limitation exercises. Once we can openly
work with you, preparations can be made in advance that will protect
people from the outcome. Better still, we can quickly arrange for you to
be transferred to another safe place. The time for a disclosure of our
ongoing presence and the purpose for it looms . We expect the
energies of those intent on bringing it forward, to manifest within a
few months, and once it commences it will be followed by a quick
succession of revelations. It is through the official recognition of us
and the work we do on your behalf, that other projects can be put into

The waiting is nearly over, but as usual it is not easy to get your
officialdom to agree on the actual date and who shall lead the
disclosures. There have been many governments or officials, prepared to
come out with information that has been kept from you. However, they
have looked for guidance from the U.S. as the biggest world power, but
it has never been clear and precise. Truthfully, most of them know that
the U.S. has a vested interest in maintaining secrecy, and have given up
with their expectations that they will take the lead where disclosure
is concerned. The pressure to release the truth has become so great,
that some countries are prepared to make an announcement without prior
consultation. There are numerous new energy devices that are being held
back, because of the current situation that makes any progress very
difficult. In fact, there are major companies in the West who will do
everything in their power to prevent them from being .

You have been held in a virtual time warp because of the Illuminati
and their cohorts, who have prevented the release of new technology
except where it can be used for their own advantage. That has largely
been to strengthen their military forces, and their stranglehold on
lucrative industries such as oil. With a strong power base they have
sought to achieve world domination, but with the Galactic Federation on
your side it has been prevented. The dark Ones fail to comprehend the
divine power we can wield, to ensure that your cycle of duality is
completed as decreed by the Creator. The authority we carry does not
mean we can proceed just as we wish, as there is a correct way to
approach such matters that are important to your evolution. However, we
will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an
ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our
activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove
those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon

Ones, have no doubt about us as we will fulfill our plan, and
that means you can also fulfill yours which is vitally important. Up to
now you have been often left to find your own way onto the Ascension
path, and are admirably making much progress. When the Masters and we
can address you directly, you will go forward more rapidly and with full
confidence. You are special Beings of a highly evolved state, except
that very few of you are aware of it. You are slowly but surely
beginning to understand your spiritual history, even although the idea
that you are Angels is quite astonishing to you. The fact that you
already have a link to your higher consciousness means that you will
sub-consciously know when you are being offered truthful information.
Think intuitively as in you are your best guide, and will be
enriched by what you learn. Because you are all at different stages of
evolution, you cannot absorb every piece of information that comes your
way. Some of it you will be set aside, and at some later time it may
find a place in your thinking. As time goes by you will find it easier
to take in what is being given to you. It will be because of the
expansion of your consciousness, that is being greatly helped by the
incoming energies. There is so much help coming to you from many
quarters, as the Universe follows the events upon Earth very closely.
Your evolution is viewed as being most important, and a successful
outcome is essential to the future of Mankind.

Mother Earth still rumbles away, and is anxious to get her own
evolution into full swing where the cleansing is concerned. Her destiny
is the same as yours and it is therefore essential that you work
together. Already powerful groups are urging that steps are taken, to
counteract such disastrous industries as logging that is leading to
de-forestation. The consequent result of such actions is being
understood, and there must be a halt to them. It also applies in
general, to activities that damage the Earth when her resources are
removed. The extraction of oil and fossil fuels has led to the
decimation of it, but worse is the resultant pollution where land is
left permanently destroyed. Naturally these problems are high on our
list of projects, to reverse the damage that has occurred. The
introduction of alternative will do away with the need for
the continuation of such industries; so the quicker we can get started
the sooner we can tackle the problems. Be assured that we shall have
first put forward new ways of decreasing your dependence on the old
forms of energy. The Galactic Federation stands ready to speedily
implement the new technologies, that will release your reliance upon

No matter how little you can personally do to reduce the damage to
Earth, you can keep your focus on how you would like to see it. By
visualizing a clean and beautiful Earth, you are helping manifest it.
Indeed there will come a point in the Ascension process when the new
Earth will emerge, and be seen as it originally was when in its pristine
condition. Nothing that caused pollution or damage to the old Earth
will continue to be used, and a new way of living will replace your
existing needs. In a physical body you experience hunger, but as an
Ascended Being you will have a lighter body of a higher vibration, and
that will no longer be your experience. Your requirements for sustenance
will be largely served by the energies all around you. When you always
feel vibrant and healthy, you do not stop to think about fuelling your
body. However, there are occasions when light foodstuffs and liquid
refreshment are taken and enjoyed.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.