Channeler: Mike

You have the potential to do whatsoever you desire, but seldom do you
have that belief in yourselves. Your power in your ability to
create through sheer intent, but because you do not see instant results
you have doubts. Often what you focus upon is way in the future, and is
not part of the life you planned beforehand. Certainly you
have freewill, but your Guides will do their best to influence your
decisions so that they are in your best interests. The most important
thing is to put your efforts into raising your consciousness, so that
you can be sure of being ready to ascend. Unless you reach a certain
level of vibration, you will be unable to proceed when the opportunity
arises. However, once you the intent to ascend you are given
every help to get there.

Nothing would please us more than if you all had a turn of heart, and
every soul made the transition. However, at present there are less than
half of you that are consciously making changes in your lives to do so.
Yet as the energy levels increase, more of you are awakening and
seeking your own path to understanding. The truth is there to be found,
but not until you are prepared to move beyond the mindset you already
have. You cannot accommodate new if your belief system is rigidly
held in place. Unfortunately, generations upon generations of families
or institutions have passed on their own misguided knowledge in all good
faith, but their understanding has been tainted by false teachings.
Humans have a way of believing that a majority opinion makes it correct,
whereas in spiritual matters it is often quite the opposite.

Your best guide in matters affecting your life choices is yourself,
and through your intuitive feelings. Trust in yourself, as you have a
wealth of to call upon that has been acquired over many
lifetimes. Remember that the choices that are ideal for one person are
not necessarily the best for all. You have your own goals to achieve,
and you will instinctively know what they are. Do not be scared of being
the odd one out, because as long as it is giving you fulfillment and
satisfying your quest for knowledge, it will be correct for you.

You have been living in a reality that has been created by you, and
served its purpose by fulfilling your desires. It was not however meant
to be permanent, and would in any event have changed in response to the
higher energies. Duality such as you have experienced it is not to
continue beyond the end of the cycle, and that will also include the
astral dimensions. Therefore all souls will make a freewill choice as to
where their journeys will take them next. Your subconscious memories of
having come from the higher dimensions will draw you back to them. You
will instinctively feel that it is where your real home lies, in the
realms of Light. Indeed your bodies are already changing at this very
time, and your Light bodies are forming in readiness for Ascension.

Our presence and that of the many other Beings from Higher dimensions
are here to ensure that the end times fulfill everyone’s promise. It
does not matter whether they remember what they planned; the important
thing is that in the end they will stand at the door of their choice.
, power and wealth will count for nothing once you leave Earth,
and any measure of your success is purely by your level of spiritual

You are immersed in aspects of time that controls your lives, but
once you ascend it is no longer applicable. Past, Present and Future are
all one, and you will find that all is simply in the Now. We can view
your activities as one and therefore see what lies ahead of you, and it
is why we can confidently predict the outcome of duality. We see success
and there are many paths that lead to the same , and you have
created these through your many different beliefs. It is an example of
your creative powers, although you may not realize you have been

Meanwhile back on the Earth, changes that you are striving for are
getting nearer as our allies clear away the last remaining obstacles.
The unwarranted and unnecessary attacks on our craft have at last
ceased, allowing us to proceed with our plan for open contact with you.
We have never represented any type of threat to you, and in fact take
pride in having protected you for thousands of years. We have kept
unwelcome visitors away from Earth, and carefully monitored on-earth
activities whether they have been natural or man made. The Galactic
Federation are just one of many groups working for the Light forces,
that closely follow your personal progress. Our mission is to ensure you
reach completion of the cycle of duality, as decreed by the higher
authorities that include the White Brotherhood.

It has taken many years to maneuver the dark ones into a position
where their power and influence has waned. Sometimes we can use the very
same tactics they use to control you, against them. They rely on
creating fear to accomplish their aims, but you are gradually becoming
wise to their methods. All in all, you are beginning to see the bigger
picture and are not fooled so easily as you were. Now you walk with your
held up high knowing you have the power to change the
circumstances that affect your lives. You not only know that you are
great Beings, but are using your creative powers to do so. The more you
continue to focus on a peaceful and happy future, the more energy you
are creating that will manifest it for you.

We desire the best for you, and work towards the return of your
sovereignty. By rights acceded to you as a child of God, it is law that
you are allowed to claim them. They have been denied you because you
have been deliberately kept in ignorance of them. However, you are
awakening to your true selves and insisting on being treated with
respect, and your rights acknowledged. Be assured you also have us
alongside you, and you will be restored to your true levels in readiness
for the end of this cycle. It is all part of the of Ascension
that will see you lift up into the higher dimensions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to be part of the armada of
Spaceships that bring you release from your oppressors, and immense love
for your well being and happiness.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.