Channeler: DL Zeta

Heightened energies are now portals in consciousness that
allow many who have been following their spiritual path to expand their
ability to receive intuitive guidance. Those who have been teaching,
sharing and growing in their understandings will now be able to step
into an even stronger role as direct conduits for spirit. Some will
become spiritual channels.

Becoming a World Server

The willingness to step into the next level of your mission is an
important aspect of becoming a channel. To open to channel, you will be
asked to step into new levels of joy, new levels of
self-responsibility, and new levels of compassion and spiritual
communion. It is your willingness to step into the higher vibrational
aspects of your being that allows you to become a world server. As a
world server, every step you take, every effort you undertake, will be
intricately linked with lifting up the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Becoming Emotionally Transparent

One of the greatest challenges a channel faces is remaining in an
open and detached state no matter what comes before them. Allowing fear,
anger, or other dense emotions to enter into your perceptions closes
down the higher flow into your consciousness and locks you into
physical-based beliefs and programming. To serve as a channel, it is
important to remain in a loving, compassionate place open to the higher
message of all that happens. This may not be easy at times. Events in
the world can seem outrageous and even horrific at times. If you allow
yourself to become emotionally pulled into the whirlpool of what is
happening you will not be able to help yourself or anyone else.

Understanding the higher meaning and purpose of a situation — the
spiritual message in other words — and seeing all those involved in the
situation with love, compassion and empathy – is a healing tonic for
the suffering in the world.

Practicing Detachment and Acceptance

You may need to practice remaining in a place of detachment and love.
Detachment is not indifference but in the higher order of things,
even if you don’t understand why something is happening. Practice
seeing the world in this way. Go through your day seeing the world
through the eyes of your higher self. Your higher self has no opinions.
It does not take offense. It embraces and accepts what is and sees every
moment surrounded with a golden light that radiates the essence of
unconditional love. Every person you see no matter what they are saying
or doing is spirit incarnate – a soul seeking to understand love in the
best way it knows how.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for
Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam
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