03/24/2010 by

Humanity is most definitely on the fast track towards full
consciousness. It may frequently not seem like that as you observe the
state of endemic discord around the world. However, an ever-increasing
number of you are becoming most dissatisfied with that state of affairs
and are changing your own attitudes and behavior as you realize how
counterproductive and divisive such behavior patterns are.

These changing mental habits are affecting your in a
most positive manner, and, as everyone’s affects everyone
else’s, you are consequently altering the entire .
This is leading to a growing worldwide awareness of the need for
humanity to move beyond its heavily ingrained, contentious ways to a
more rational approach based on cooperation and acceptance.

Acceptance instead of judgment is the path to peace. This is
difficult for you because judgment has been one of the mainstays of your
various cultural and religious structures for so long. You have all
had the experience of being unjustly judged, and as a result of those
unjust attacks, and the resentment you harbor because of them, you
frequently — and often unwittingly — do the same to others. You have
been hurt and feel a strong need to retaliate, and you justify that
stance by judging and condemning the one against whom you make your
retaliatory move. You feel a need to have someone whom you can blame
for the pain that you have experienced. But the only viable way forward
is to cease this kind of behavior, and humanity is beginning to
understand this.

This understanding is helping many of you to practice restraint when
you are attacked, which at first leaves you feeling quite dissatisfied.
You know restraint makes sense, but you miss the momentary “high” you
used to get from lashing out. However, as you continue the practice,
you find that your lives become more peaceful, and you feel less
threatened by those with whom you interact. As issues arise you feel
more comfortable engaging in discussion instead of rushing straight into
your attack mode, and you discover that your opponents are willing to
meet you there.

It does not always work or lead to peaceful solutions, and you do
sometimes fall back into attack mode. Nevertheless you now have
memories of successful negotiations, and so you seek that path far more

This is all as a result of the with
which your loving Father has enveloped the planet, and which is helping
you to open your hearts in love. This field is enfolding you because
so many of you have been asking for it and praying for it, and your
prayers and requests to God are always answered. It remains for you to
continue working with those energies by allowing the love that they
provide to enter in and open your hearts, and then extend and share that
love indiscriminately with everyone with whom you interact.

Many of you are already doing this, and the love flowing through you
is intensifying and spreading in every moment. There is nowhere on the
planet where it is not having an effect, because it is flowing in
everywhere and dissolving every barrier and fortification that has been
erected to withstand it. Divine Love is truly sweeping across the
planet and will awaken everyone into the light and joy that is your
right and heritage. Memories of your heavenly home are seeping into your
sleeping minds and dissolving and replacing your nightmares in
preparation for your grand awakening.

All is truly well — because that is your Father’s Will. Even in your
imaginations no other state can exist, because if it did your happiness
could not be infinite, and that is what He has promised you, and what
He has promised has been guaranteed since the moment of your creation —
and will be delivered.

With so very much love, Saul.