Once again, it’s well into the month and the vibe report has
been slow to come through. My guides tell me I’m being recalibrated (I’m
quite sure this is happening to most of us at this time). It has felt
like I’ve been moving up a spiral and I haven’t landed anywhere yet. In
fact it feels like everything is suspended, and I am hanging in mid-air.
Has the year 2010 started yet? What is going on? Where am I? Why do I
feel like a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by what looks
familiar but feels somehow different? Astrologically we are going
through a time of recalibration and reassessment as we prepare for the
Vernal Equinox and renewal. Clearing out the old and planting new seeds.

Check your engine

During this current transition, we may
find ourselves needing more rest than usual and there have also been
feelings of inertness – as mentioned last month, there’s been many
moments of staring off into space and then “waking” up, wondering how
long we’ve been in the void. This emptiness is part of the re-wiring

I’ve been hearing about people having problems with
their electronic equipment (be sure to back up your computer) and car
problems that are computer related. The check engine light in my car has
been going on and off and I’ve been hearing of this same issue with
several other people. Two weeks ago, due to severe snowstorms, I had no
electricity, telephone or internet for several days. I’ve been looking
into the symbolism of this and the words “power source” keep coming up.
So I’ve been meditating on bringing in my Higher Self – not just in my
meditation practice but whenever I think of it during my day.

my radar

As we all know, strange weather patterns and
earthquakes have been happening. And what are those spheres that showed
up around the sun on the NASA SOHO sun observatory at the end of
January? It is said that the spheres are as large as the Earth.
Apparently the photos were removed from NASA’s website but they can be
found online. Are they real? What the bleep do I know? These are things
that have come across my radar – things I’ve been wondering about.
Here’s another one: HAARP (which stands for High Frequency Active
Auroral Research Program, and has been called America’s weapon of mass
destruction). I’ve been hearing about this for years – the HAARP
facility was constructed in Alaska 1993. According to Wikipedia its
purpose is to analyze the ionosphere for developing “enhancement
technology” for radio communications and surveillance purposes. Its
Ionospheric Research Instrument is a high power transmitter which
operates in the high frequency range and is used to excite areas of the
ionosphere. Why? I don’t know, look it up – I’m not a scientist but am
interested in all things energy related. Conspiracy theories abound,
some of which have to do with this program causing earthquakes and
changes in weather patterns. Last summer, here in the Hudson Valley we
were inundated with rain and in some of the southern states, they were
experiencing severe draught. I have to say I felt like I was living in
some geek’s weather controlling learning curve!

Waves of Love

we are receiving waves, yet again, of very strong high vibrational
frequencies of love. This has been happening for quite a few years now,
but the force is getting stronger and stronger. It is clearing out dense
vibrational frequencies that we have stored in our energy bodies –
these are related to thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are not our
personal truth and so we are going through another deep cleansing
process, which leaves many of us feeling like we’re in limbo. This
energy is clearing the accumulation of all that is NOT us, so that we
can move beyond our former limitations. This makes us feel disoriented
as familiar patterns of thought are being washed away – that is, if we
surrender and allow it to happen. At times this may make us feel
uninspired or empty, wondering what happened to our motivation. At other
times we may have a feeling of inner strength that maybe we’ve never
felt before. Our deep authenticity is being given more room to grow
within us as the density of false beliefs is being removed. Tune in to
yourself – do you feel this “real” you beginning to shine forth more
than ever before? We need to give this process time, allow ourselves to
be steadfast within the rush and the flow of energy and know that the
memories, images and emotions that come up are simply through to
be released. Yes, we’ve been here before, but this is a much stronger
wave of love and it’s releasing, as my friend Kelly Beard says, “the
sticky stuff on the bottom.” We need to get plenty of rest and drink a
lot of water.

Changing of the Guides

So where are Many of
One? They are receding as I am moving forward. My good friends have
assisted for many years during the shift, and now that the shift has
occurred, I have crossed a threshold. I’m in a new frontier and they
stand at the borderline waving goodbye. “Yes, m’dear you’re being
upleveled,” they say. I don’t like goodbyes and in some way I know that
Many of One are part of the “bigger” energies that are approaching.
“Godspeed…On you go, welcome to the next level. New guides coming in.”
I’m being graduated from kindergarten, being pushed out the door into
new territory. And I am not sure where I am, but here I am so let’s see
what comes through. But before I continue, check in on how you feel, for
we have all crossed a threshold. Do you feel yourselves in new
territory? Explore the within – remember, “As above, so below.” So as
you see changes in your life, you can know that there are changes in
your inner world. Also, these changes may appear to you in dreamtime,
for it seems that our dreams are being activated. During the
recalibration process we may not remember any dreams, but when we’re in
the period of integrating the new energetic frequencies, our dreams may
become quite active.

Marching Forward

When I tune into
this month of March, I see myself on a beach, walking along with the
ocean to my left and all around me and in front of me are huge black
rock pinnacles jutting up through the sand. I walk between them and
around them, moving forward, but they make it so I can’t see far ahead
at all and I can’t see what’s around the corner. This speaks to staying
in the moment of now. So onward I go. It’s beautiful and mysterious and
the ocean is my only reference point.

The Vastness of Being

that was fun. Now, are you ready for a communication from the Beings of
Vastness, or the vastness of your being? We are still Many of One as
are all beings, but we are coming from a deeper, vaster connection in
the cosmos. As you open to this communication, you are agreeing
to connect with a High Counsel of Universal Wisdom. We will gently take
you into deeper places of teachings that correspond to where you have
evolved to at this time and we will attempt to carry you forward by
planting seeds of wonder in your consciousness. As always, it is up to
those who read these words to ascertain whether the information vibrates
with you. We ask our channel to move outward from her rational mind and
open the channel wider to allow information she has not considered to
flow through – there is a feeling that the information will resonate
with her soul as she, like most of you who read these words, is a Star
Traveler, who, from a vaster perspective of her being, has seen many

We will still provide counsel for navigation through the
changing, shifting energies of the physical plane but also offer a
perspective that contains ancient wisdom and intergalactic connections.
We invite you to listen with an open mind, an open heart and a playful


Humanity is coming full circle –
ancient times are coming back into the present. There have been great
technologies and teachings on this planet throughout recorded and
unrecorded history. And the tales of history that have been told have
become distorted through time, however a vein of truth flows through
all. We are the Ancient Ones come to deliver messages to you in times to
come regarding those who have walked on earth before.

The noise
from humanity has gotten so loud and you are being bombarded with
frequencies not only from your own televisions, cell pones computers and
other electronic devices, but from the frequencies of energetic
experiments through technological advancement. These frequencies have
created a tight web around the earth and there are frequencies being
sent into the ionosphere affecting weather patterns and brain wave
functioning. The ringing in the ears is part of these transmissions. Do
not despair, you are here to bring back and advance your own individual
power – and to realize and cultivate the power that humans have when
working in groups – the power of group energy of focused thoughts and
feelings. You are more powerful than your technology! You have yet to
know what you are capable of doing – you are capable of shifting
energetic frequencies. You do it all the time but mostly unconsciously.
So you are at a time in your where you are learning about
directing energy through thought and feeling. There are many teachers
who offer tools to do just this.

And there are messages coming
through from many different channels with guidance on the importance of
finding stillness within and most of all loving yourselves. The
vibration of love is at one with the Creator of All Things. It is time
for you all to stop criticizing yourselves, telling yourself you’re a
loser, a failure, or that you’re unworthy of Divine Love or happiness.
Many people have been taking desolate walks down memory lane, examining
every decision made and judging them as all wrong. What you need to do
is honor and bless your life, bless your past, own the knowledge that
you did the best you could do, and start from where you are now in your
life. Now is the only reality you know. It’s a practice, to bring
yourselves back into the present moment. And then you can begin to
breathe yourselves and feel yourselves forward on your paths.

the changes and that are happening, you are being drawn to one
another. Can you not feel this? There is a longing for community and as
you create these circles of communities, they grow and overlap each
other forming the vesica pisces and the flower of life. This is sacred
geometry of harmony and balance. Contemplate the circles in your life –
circles of friendships, circles of soul family connections, circles of
wisdom and higher learning. There are physical circles and etheric
circles – you have a circle of spirit guides – your personal posse –
each with a different purpose to assist you on your path.

you were chosen to come to this earth plane at this time – and you
chose to be here. No one said this was going to be easy! That wasn’t why
you came here. Oh no, dear ones, part of your mission is to see beyond
the veil of illusion – the illusion of lies that has been fed to
humanity for centuries. The lies that create the fear within and the
lies that keep you separate from the Creator, from Nature and from one
another. You have the energy of Divine Source flowing through you. This
has been said so many times in so many ways and we will keep on saying
it, for we are here to remind you of who you really are. Each of you
have a uniquely personal relationship with your spiritual essence. There
are so many names for this – it is called Chi, Energy, Spirit, Divine
Source, God, Great Spirit. It doesn’t matter what you call it, what
matters is the feeling you find within the essence – we direct you to
the feeling of love and innocence. We tell you this energy is what
enlivens you – it is the 21 grams that leaves the body upon physical
death. This essence is within all life. As you continue to release the
dense energies of fear and all the derivatives of fear, you make room
for this essence to flow freely within you. And when you allow this, you
feel happy, you feel innocent. You can cultivate this in daily musings
or meditations. You can cultivate this while doing your favorite form of
exercise or creative expression. In other words, by doing that which
you love, you allow more love – more of the Divine Essence – to flow
through you and then it radiates out from you and fills your aura and
draws to you experiences that reflect this love and happiness. So every
moment is a meditation.

As you get to know your guides you can
ask them for specific help in this regard. The feelings of fear waft
through the airwaves, poking at you, sometimes shoving you, doing
whatever they can to get your attention and as you turn your attention
towards fear it sends its tentacles within you and grows and soon you
feel despair or depression – as if it will always be this way – the fear
sucks hope from you. Now, it would be too easy to say “don’t give in to
this energy,” for many were born with fear all around them and were fed
fear from their care givers, unknowingly, because fear has been top dog
here on this planet for so long. Each generation carries fear within
them and the fear causes events to happen that seem to prove the fear as
real. But the fear is truly not part of you. And this is one of the
reasons you have come to Earth at this time – to dispel fear – to
diffuse it – and of course you do this within your own being. There is
no other way. We non-physical beings love you so much and we have said
this time and again that we see you as brave and courageous ones for
coming into this paradoxical place of . We are here to assist
you whenever you need it. Call forth the help you need to cast the fear
out of your beings. This is the great challenge of the times you are in.

Joy, happiness, love, freedom, creative expansion and fun, fun, fun
are what humanity is designed to experience! You are surprisingly
resilient beings. Your blessed sense of humor is what helps you navigate
the churning waters of despair. Laugh in the face of fear. Love in the
face of fear. Cultivate your energetic connection with the nature
spirits and with earth.

Another mission you have is to do
this – to praise, honor and care for Mother Earth, your home. This
brings us back to the circles. The Earth herself is a circle, the
feminine energy is a circle. When you gather around the sacred fire, you
do so in a circle. There are circles of people who are finding ways to
live harmoniously upon the Earth. There are practical ways of doing so –
collaboration, cultivation and composting – and there are energetic
ways of doing so through ceremony. There is an individual task for each
person. Vision yourselves living in community with one another in the
timeless moment of now and feel into what your personal focus would be –
are you one who cultivates the plants, or do you spin the plants into
cloth? Are you one who feels the earth energies and communicates with
the spirits that tell you where to plant and where to place your homes?
Are you one who initiates ceremony or are you one who tells the stories
that keeps the hearts of people aligned with love? Are you one who makes
the music to heal and raise the vibration in the physical body or are
you creator of visions to expand the imaginations of the people? Each of
you has a gift to bring to the center of the circle. Vision your future
into being.

We see you moving back into a way of living that
looks like circles of families with all being parents to the little ones
who are born into this world. This looks like tribes living together,
but the difference is that the tribes will not be warring with each
other for any reason. This is where the circles overlap into the
elliptical vesica pisces. There will be a coming together in love and
respect. There will be gatherings where the people will show each other
what they have discovered – new ways of moving energy and new ways of
creation will be gifted to humanity as you cultivate the responsibility
of your energetic creations in the world.

This is a glimpse into
the future – what you are growing and dreaming yourselves towards. This
is a small part of what these times are leading up to. And it begins
with casting off fear. The fear is an entity – a scary monster (we say
this with humor) – that actually served a purpose on your evolutionary
path but is no longer needed or welcome here. So each of you, in your
own way, as you dissipate the fear within you and learn to not allow the
fear to take root within you, are doing your part for the whole – the
circle of humanity. And you have so much support in the physical and
non-physical realms. As you do what you can to cast off fear, remember
to fill yourselves with Light and love. You need to fill the places
within you that were emptied of fear with the energy of delight. “Let de
light shine within you!”

All are being called and accelerated to
the vastness of your beings. You are being given a gift to rise up upon
waves of light as you allow the untruths to be removed from your energy
bodies. Surrender to the experience. A new day is dawning as you embody
more and more light and move into the 4th and 5th dimensions and
beyond, to one day fully live in your light body.

Reach out to
one another – you are here to help each other and love one another.

until we meet again.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness
of Being

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