Just to let you know, Spirit Radio starts one hour later in the summer, so when YOUR clocks go forward our show will start one hour later…

For example, Daylight Saving Time starts in USA tomorrow Sunday 14th March, so our show will begin one hour LATER at 12 noon EST and remain that time all Summer.

We’ll stay at 4pm UK Time for two more weeks, but from Sunday 28th March we will start at 5pm UK time for the rest of the Summer, since that’s when our clocks go forward too.Talking of time, K. finally found time to listen to our previous week’s
show on what a true healer does:

"Wow! show…I finally got a chance to listen to this recording.
I got through out my body, especially my abdomen, it was
intense, like short wave moving my ribs and abs up and down… at
the same time very calming. Thank you to both you for the wonderful
show and the love you emit."

(This show and all previous shows can be downloaded from our Talkshoe

Tomorrow’s theme is sparked by a question from Peter on how to overcome
writer’s and dealing with fear of failure to release your creative
Please do keep emailing me your questions.. I’ll be delighted to cover
them on the show.

All in Love,


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