Channeler: Kris-Won

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Those who expect quick results in our advances towards dissipating
the darkness on Mother Earth, waiting for others to do all the work
required to cut short the effort the dark ones make to maintain their
hegemony and power over humanity, we say to them that the New Earth will
not be for those who wish to have a better world while at the same time
are lazy and make no effort on their part for that new world to come
together and truly materialize on the physical plane. This idyllic world
exists already on the astral plane, because before things materialize
on the physical plane of matter, they take shape on the astral plane,
and even before that on the mental plane – and before that on the causal
plane, and so on. Why is that? Because the Will of God materializes
first on the highest planes, which we could name the "celestial planes"
where the monad resides and who is the purest Spirit of the
multidimensional being, that is, man. After that, the plans of the
Creator gradually descend until they are matter, as if they were
crossing the of an onion starting from the inside and finally
reaching the outermost layer, which is the densest of the seven bodies
that make up the human being.

Well then, we have this advancement towards a new world and the new
humanity is already a reality in the six internal bodies of man, which
correspond to the six planes enveloping and including the physical plane
which are, from highest to lowest density: the astral plane, the mental
plane, the causal plane, the buddhic plane, the atmic plane and the
monadic or divine plane. Those six planes are already living that
luminous and resplendent new reality, which must also come to
materialize on the physical plane or the outermost layer of the "onion",
following this simile.

For the lifting of your three-dimensional physical/material reality,
it is necessary for the indigenous human being of the planet to
intervene, who has been called to raise his/her vibration to move onto a
higher, new density. Otherwise, we who have come to visit you from
outer space to help lift you to a new dimension, would be violating your
"free will." It is not possible for us alone to propel your quantic
leap. Your cooperation is necessary also, which we have from some of you
(all of those who have volunteered, they know who they are and in which
way they can partake in this task of lifting humanity). However, there
are still many amongst you who had been called to help us lift humanity
from their "sleep" state and into their new awakening stage but they
continue to be distracted in the world of dense matter. Even though many
of them believe in the existence of older brothers from other worlds,
they remain "asleep" playing with the toys of the phenomenal and
misleading world of matter, and keep on playing the game with the dark
ones without supporting us, we who have come precisely to save you from
the clutches of these regressive and speculative forces.

What they do is so illogical and foolish, like a child insisting on
playing with other children who do not want to go to school in spite of
the that its mother and father sent the child to school to learn
what it will need to become a cultured and refined person and in
some way society. But that child has older brothers who know it has not
done its task of learning, and so they go to that place where the child
is playing with those other children who do not want to learn, rescuing
it from its ignorance and explaining to the child that the best thing it
could learn from life to become an ideal and useful citizen is to go to
school and follow the indications of their mother and father, for the
child’s parents are the same as those of its older brothers.

Humanity living at this time on the surface of the Earth is like that
child, and it must now decide whether to keep on "playing" or if it
prefers to make the decision and follow the advice given by its older
brothers, and to follow the loving and wise indications of its mother
and father who only watch over their child so that it grows and is
educated in the correct path.

Many of you get demoralized because you claim not to know how to
to overcoming the current situation you are living in and to
be able to get out of the chaotic situation the world finds itself in.
In order for a person to be able to heal, it is necessary that before
the takes place this person must go through a stage where the
symptoms get worse and there is a "peak" point with more pain and more
suffering before the organism returns to its natural state, that of not
being sick. That is why you must be patient and wait until Gaia, who is
also a living organism going through that same crisis before "healing",
reaches her optimal state of health after liberating herself from the
viruses and bacteria that had undermined her health. Do not despair, for
the celestial doctor has already prescribed the necessary medication
for her body to recover and become healthy and strong.

Do not stress yourselves thinking that you have to contribute to the
planetary healing, which is undergoing huge rescue actions; it is not
asked of you to do great deeds to achieve human Ascension. You only have
to sit down and go within to connect internally with the Divine Plan,
and you yourselves without outside help will be able to know how you can
cooperate with us to manifest the New Earth. Doing something simple
would be enough, because if one and another and another of the humans
who are awakening cooperates in a small way, no matter how small it is,
we will reach our objective of definitively taking away power from the
dark forces who have dominated you for so long. They will not be able to
continue deceiving the human beings who inhabit this planet in much
greater numbers than them, for they represent only a handful of humans
in comparison to the world population.

Continue following us through the multiple channels that we use to
get to you our information. Follow our advice, do not stop reading our
messages and cooperate in the way you feel from within is right for you
and through which you can contribute to bring about this new stage that
planet Earth and all the beings who inhabit her will live.

Peace and Love

Channeler: Kris-Won
Source: Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship
: Gloria