As most of you can tell by now, I love a good
conversation. To me, dinner with people who know how to discuss
delicious topics is one of the great pleasures of life. I don’t even
have to include dinner – I just threw that in. A great conversation can
take place anywhere, anytime. What makes a conversation “great”, as it
were, at least for me – is that my imagination is animated, or I am
inspired to think about something in a way that I had not considered it
before, or I learn new facts, or I discover a whole new field of
, or I encounter someone who thinks in a way that is so
unique that I just want to listen and observe his or her mind in action.
So the other day I had the opportunity to have one of those great and
delicious conversations with someone who had imagination and depth and
wisdom, and so off we went into a discussion of the nature of mystical
laws. The conversation didn’t start out exactly on that topic. It began
with this question that he asked me, “Are you more fascinated by what
you can see or by what you cannot see?”

how many people would think to ask you that?

As soon as I heard the question, I almost swayed into
another dimension: Am I more fascinated by what I can see or by what I
cannot see? I replied that I was more drawn to the dimension of the
unseen. He asked for an example and that’s when I submitted as article
number one: The Mystical Law of Synchronicity. I said that I was
fascinated by that law and how its alchemy comes together within each of
our lives. As a visual, imagine this law as an alchemical dynamic
comprised of several chemicals that may or may not create a spark
overhead. Conditions have to be perfect – but what exactly are those
conditions? Imagine, then, that you want to interact with those
conditions – you want to become an active variable in the creative
dynamic of the law of synchronicity. Is that even possible and if so,
what would you have to know and become – not do – but become in order to
interact with the law? How intriguing is this? (Said another way, how
could such a question not intrigue someone?)

Jung brought the mystical law of synchronicity into common parlance and
then it made its way into mainstream awareness. Commonly understood, it
refers to a coming together of events that to coordinate or
parallel with something that you are experiencing at that same time.
Sometimes a synchronistic event is localized, meaning that the psychic
event and the physical event occur in the same place at the same time.
Jung called that the first category of synchronistic events. Thinking of
someone and then seeing that person one minute later or receiving a
phone call from them five seconds after you thought of his or her name
are examples of what he would call the second category of synchronistic
events; that is, two people having mutual thoughts of each other
separated by distance.

We have all experienced
synchronistic events – some on a small scale, some on a grand scale.
They happen all the time. Can a person influence the Law of
Synchronicity? How fascinating is that question? What makes a
synchronistic event or moment come together? And are some people more
receptive to synchronistic events than others? All of those questions
are worthy of an afternoon’s lecture (which is why I’m doing a workshop
on the Mystical Laws in April), but I’ll address each one in brief.
(Other Mystical Laws include the laws that govern Fate and Destiny, the
Mystical Laws of Healing and the Mystical Law of Transformation).

Why is knowledge such as this so important? Because you
interact with these laws with every breath you take. Nothing about your
life is casual or happenstance. On the other , literature abounds
about how you can “create your own reality” just by thinking “positive
thoughts”. How many positive thoughts? One? Two? Is creating your whole
reality really that simple? What about all your negative unconscious
thoughts – what happens to them? The tendency in this contemporary
spiritual society is to take these extraordinary Mystical Laws and
reduce them to a user’s guide to happiness – not that there is anything
wrong with happiness. But you miss the whole galaxy by focusing on only
one planet, if you see what I mean. These laws govern the invisible
universe and suggest that an ideal harmony (not happiness but harmonious
balance) coexists between the soul realm and the physical. That same
relationship in the macro realm is what each person contains in the
micro as an individual and thus these laws operate as a mini-universe
within each human being.

We are born knowing this
truth, though not in the intellectual with which I am now
communicating it. Rather, we are born with an inherent awareness of
these Mystical Laws. We are born with a type of yearning to experience
awe and to be blown away by greater-than-ordinary events. And if they do
not happen naturally or supernaturally (as in Divinely inspired), then
we create them just to get our adrenalin going at max speed because that
part of us longs to break through the barrier of “earth speed” in order
to touch mystical weightlessness. Ask anyone who pushes the envelope
why they risk their lives doing the most outrageous sports, for example,
and their responses hint at a longing for a mystical experience. Many
speak of “losing themselves in the moment” or “ weightlessness”
just for a second, as if time stands still. That’s a description of a
mystical experience, not a physical one. It’s the best a person can
achieve on his or her own without the addition of maximum “grace speed”,
but it’s most certainly a taste of the thrill of “mystical
weightlessness”. No wonder athletes get addicted to the “high” of those
experiences. They literally and symbolically are “highs”.

The Law of Synchronicity, then, is one of many Mystical
Laws that govern the invisible world. These Mystical Laws work in
partnership with the laws of the physical realm, such as , speed,
gravity, etc. The Mystical Laws work in subtle ways, but they are as
intimate as our breath. When are we not “thinking” or “
reacting” or stressed or unstressed or creating or angry or not angry or
in love or broken hearted? We are, in other words, always “in psychic
motion” and our energy is at least a part of the substance these laws
use to function within our lives.

Just like the
athletes experiencing a weightless high during a peak experience, it’s
possible to sample that same sensation when you become aware that you
are in the midst of a synchronistic event. Immediately your senses
become more alert as you shift from just glancing over the environment
you are in to scanning in for miniscule details, each one on reserve for
potential symbolic significance. Instantly you begin to wonder about
the “meaning” of that particular moment over the other ordinary moments
of that day when nothing synchronistic occurred. Such questions lift
your thinking above the ground. Where? To mystical heights – a
synchronistic event ultimately makes you wonder about purpose, meaning,
significance, fate, and destiny. Granted, your wonderment will not
always be overwhelming with each synchronistic event but because these
are, in essence, mystical sparks – a merger of the psychic and physical
realms coming together – you are experiencing a mystical law in motion
acting directly through the corridor of your life. And that is awesome.

As I briefly describe my own observations about the Law of
Synchronicity, I want you to think of yourself as an active variable.
You are the X-factor in your own life, an active ingredient that can
initiate a synchronistic event or dispel the energy of one. You are the
object, then, that needs to be understood in addition to the Law of

  1. Can a person influence acts of synchronicity;
    that is, are some people more likely to experience synchronistic
    and if so, why? We can and do influence all the Mystical Laws,
    including the Law of Synchronicity. This particular law seems to be far
    more animated around a person who lacks a heavy
    history. Said another way, a person who lives primarily in “present
    time” is living in harmony with the natural energetics of this law.
  2. Adaptability
    and respond-ability are two qualities that seem to magnetize
    synchronicity. A person’s willingness to adapt to the opportunity that a
    synchronistic event presents with minimum hesitation jumps right into
    the magic of the moment. That person has “respond-ability”. This is a
    deal as most people hesitate out of over-caution and fear of the
    consequences of their actions. As a result, most people continually
    to their past for inspiration as to what to choose next, and many times
    they end up stuck. The ability to recognize an opportunity as a
    synchronistic “Divine set up” and then respond to that moment in a way
    that grounds that opportunity ensures a person of a “follow-up”
    synchronistic experience, if not a series of them. This is a person who
    is now living in the flow of a mystical law.
  3. A person cannot
    make a certain type of synchronistic event happen. We have no control
    over the types of events or the timing of them.
  4. Why and when
    synchronistic events happen seems to be connected to greater or lesser
    choice points in a person’s life. The significance of these choice
    points varies but the common thread is that a synchronistic moment or
    experience is a choice point.
  5. You as the active variable should
    take time to reflect upon whether you are a psychic anchor in your own
    life or someone who is capable of an immediate and dynamic response.
    That is a question worthy of hours and hours of reflection and not just
    as regards the Law of Synchronicity, but all the other Mystical Laws as
    well. Specifically, someone who fights change, who fears the unknown
    new ideas and suggestions weakens or depletes the energy field required
    for synchronistic events.

Continuing on with
my conversation:

My friend and I chatted for quite
some time about the Law of Synchronicity and my observation about how
being in present time increases the likelihood of synchronistic events.
How can that not happen? It’s so energetically logical. Of course, our
conversation had to include this question: Can and do people know when
they are sabotaging a synchronistic event? Fascinating question. I’ll
have to ponder that one and save the answer for my upcoming workshop on
the Mystical Laws.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with
this insight: When a synchronistic event/moment occurs, it does so
because certain elements of the psychic realm and the physical realm
match. I always take that as a signal that I am standing at a
crossroads, a choice point. That choice may not be huge – or it may be.
But I always ask myself during a synchronistic moment, “What choice
occurs to me?” and then I act on it.

This Universe is
a mystical wonderland, to say the least. So I will leave you with the
question that started my conversation with a dear friend, “Are you more
fascinated by what you can see or by what you cannot see?” Reflect upon
that, now imagining that there is no such thing as empty .

Love, Caroline

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