Humility is the embarrassment you feel when you tell how you are.

– Laurence J. Peter


Hello Creators:

Thank you for all those who aided me in getting back aligned with my life’s passion art &; spirituality.  I now have almost all of my di.giverse network of sites up and redesigned, including this one.  I am creating which is just filling me with the gratitude of being to express our evolution as it unfolds.  It is becoming clear to me through the observation of my own art and the ease in which it manifest itself that higher levels of consciousness are being achieved at levels among the chaos of our current conditions here on earth.

I had really lost my way for a bit as I myself transitioned into higher vibration being.  There was allot of transmutation of old patterns and of darker energies still thriving in my matrix which needed to fully complete their life cycle.  With so many frequencies of light enveloping me my darker older patterns of being still have a existence, just no longer with this physical incarnation now that I am choosing to experience now so I may my way back to the god head.  The older darker parts of me are now fainter and existing more and more in their designated reality.  I don’t even know how to the but the closest I can come is to total wonderment at the which now present myself and my fellow humans.  The potential is truly astonishing.

I will be creating more now and I am now ready to start working on a larger global internet based art project.  The details are still coming to me from my higher selves but every time I am in the now and present I get chills from some of my ideas.  But their is no my in me anymore and I would like to more emphatically strive at true artistic co-creation using the internet as a tool.  If you would like to work as one please let me know.

Let me know what you think of the new websites, artwork and don’t forget to network with me somewhere on one our sites so we can start building even light grids to lift us all even higher.




Be on the lookout later today I will be releasing my first High-Definition Animation.  Man is it detailed and beautiful.


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment