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Friday, 19 March,


This is an exciting time indeed. How
blessed are we to be in a rare and pivotal time with a
massive re-structuring of our earth, ourselves, and the cosmos? All
in preparation for a very new way of and being in a very new
reality and dimension.

We may have been
able to tap into many of these magical and vibrating states
of living and being in times past, as vibrating higher always gives
any given individual access to a higher dimensional experience, but what
is different now, is that the entire planet is beginning the
process of this very new existence…and this also means that the
energy we are completely surrounded by will permanently sustain
the higher energies with absolutely no effort….yes, it is an
exciting time indeed. We have finally arrived and are completing the

This process, as most processes
with ascension, is occurring piece by piece and step by step. With
each earth change or movement of the earth at very deep levels, we
then begin to experience more of the higher vibrating energies. So
then, as the earth re-structures herself, she is then re-aligning in
order to be in alignment with and to receive these new and higher
frequencies. At the same time, everything in the cosmos is re-aligning
as well. As the beautiful and specific energies of the cosmos, its
planets, and the celestial adjust, energy and movement then
ripple outward, and a wave of new vibration is created and secured.

As each Earth movement or change occurs as
well, a summoning then place, and the new energies arrive. But
at the same time, the newly arriving energies are creating the
earth movements. So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? As
with all of creation, everything happens all at once and meets in
the middle, culminating with a creation or movement and change.
“Everything” happens all at once at times when everything is ready and
willing, and thus, a massive plan or agreement at higher levels and a
very loving interaction is at the helm. Again, this is how creation
always happens, only this time, much of it is happening with
massive bodies of energy, or rather, the cosmos…and every living
thing at every level of existence will then have no choice but to
participate. This is what we have been waiting for…what a time for

So then, the first ripples of
the cosmic tsunami are beginning to be felt. This is a very
interesting and rare time, as this process is quite amazing, no
doubt. Much of the interesting part comes from the fact that we started a
new earth, or Earth Two (a dimensional overlay), and had to begin
with literally no foundation. In this way, we are creating piece by
piece, making this a slow process. This means that the equinox of
March 20th, will certainly have its effect, but the effect is
determinant upon how much of the new earth we have created so far.
Meaning exactly what?

If we were to look
out at an expanse of energy and creation timeline for the earth, we
would easily see that from March onward, everything looks very
expansive, linear, and simply reaches out for what looks like infinity
with no ups or downs, or rather highs or lows with creation. In
other words, there are no new platforms of new creation present. But
come June, everything changes, and we will then experience a
massive new “anchoring in” once again, along with huge
manifestations of new creation that take hold.

So then, the beginning ripples of the cosmic
tsunami are at hand, along with the energies of the March 20th
equinox. These situations are creating a lot of energy right now.
But they are manifesting in different ways. And how does this
movement affect us at our personal and experiential levels?

Because we have not created much quite yet, the
equinox energies are creating situations where there is a lot of
energy moving, but it can only interact with what is present at the
time. This means that we are needing to tend to things that are
already here, or that need our attention before we really anchor in
and move forward in June. For example, we may find that we are
suddenly having to fix things (but know as well, that when we move into
new spaces, we are no longer in alignment with much of anything, and
this frequently creates situations where everything breaks or needs
our attention for repair or replacement). In this way, we may find
that we are securing our foundation, or rather adjusting these
frequencies through repair or replacement, so that we will be firmly
ready and in alignment as more and more earth changes occur.

We may feel as though we are going in circles,
with lots of energy flowing, but not much being created. We are
simply experiencing an arrival of equinox energies that have nothing
much to interact with except what is already here. We cannot move
forward just yet, as the earth and cosmos are still adjusting and
remolding themselves so that they can better receive and accommodate
the higher vibrating energies that are arriving in slow and steady

So how might we be feeling and
experiencing all this strange rambling you just read? How are all
these changes or movements affecting many of us?

As the earth and cosmos re-align and adjust, so do
we, as we are all one. Body aches and the old familiar leg and foot
pain are still present. These uncomfortable experiences of our
lower extremities will continue to occur at intervals for quite some
time… simply because the new reality has a lot to do with grounding
into the new earth and claiming it as our true and rightful
heritage. Just wait until the solstice in June!

Sweating and hot flashes are still occurring for
many. We are burning off any lower vibrating energies within us as
we adjust. If ever I have a lower vibrating thought where I beat
myself up or do not honor myself, or if I have a fear or negative
thought that cannot exist in this reality, immediately, I will
become excruciatingly hot and begin to sweat. At least these hot
flashes and sweats serve as great barometers and training and
alignment tools!

When we are in between
worlds, or rather when we do not have much to anchor into yet, we
become vulnerable. This manifests as having issues with boundaries
(as not much knows where it belongs just yet), having unpleasant
energies in our spaces, and feeling like we are naked and hanging
out there for the taking. This particular scenario can make some of
us want to stay home, or even encourage us not to be “out there” in
all ways. If you are one who is generally more sensitive to the
unseen world, you may have unwanted visitors in your space who are
not of your liking. According to one of my readers, many are having
experiences of cloaked figures peering at them in the night! I had
this experience once myself, and in times past, have noticed some
interesting visitors in my home on other occasions as they peer and
become curious about my guests. These experiences are temporary. I
simply tell these unwanted visitors to "get lost" and then I ignore
them and pay them no attention.

With so
much energy moving of late, we may feel as though we are
hyperventilating and cannot sit still. We may have what feels like
nervous energy and feel that we need to be doing something all the
time, with an inability to settle down. Add to this an unusual or
strange craving for junk food and sweets, and we have a recipe for
nervous tension needing an outlet.

As we
move into more of a permanent residency in a higher realms reality, we
begin to have the fun and beautiful things happen as well. Creating
the New Reality explains a lot of these experiences that seem
to occur all on their own. We are creating very rapidly now, and
simply having a casual thought can bring something into our spaces
in record time. In addition, as we begin residing in this new and
higher vibrating dimension, we very easily come to see that absolutely
everything is vitally connected and supports a whole. In this
way, we very naturally find ourselves in states of gratitude and
great love.

Another common occurrence
right now is in regard to our personal energy. We can easily become
aware of how we may have been running our energies in “out of
balance” or inappropriate ways, even though we usually do what we do
because we feel it is the “right” thing. The higher we vibrate then,
the more we are able to “see” from above, and know that we did our
best in our lower dimensional experience, but that this is not the
way it is in the higher realms. It is time to change our behavior,
as we come to see what it is that needs to change.

At other times, we may feel our energy suddenly
drop for no apparent reason and feel a distinct depression,
futility, and funk, but in a matter of hours or perhaps with the
onset of a very new day, we are once again flying high, connected to
the new energies, and experiencing the fun and adventure of the
process of arriving in a new reality. The more we progress in relation
to anchoring into and creating the new reality, the more we will
continue to experience the fun of it all, while these drops occur
less and less until they finally cease to exist.

All in all, we will continue to see-saw our way
into the higher vibrations, along with all of the cosmos, and as
always, come to know that everything is and always has been in
divine and perfect order.

With much love and gratitude,

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