Dear One,

What you just saw is the of the movement now taking place.
The highest version of at this time is descending in an overlay,
over and around the dimension of 3rd. The Highest tones and energies
to infiltate with support, the New ,
from the etheric into matter, to further raise the Consciousness of the
existing reality.
The Door has opened.

All that refuse to move into the One Highest Will of Love shall find
themselves separating/ .
Earth, HerSelf,
moves within this Divine shelter and protection as She moves further
into Her Full Ascension.
Matters have accelerated, and there will be no denial of Her Safe

All that move in Love and support shall move with Her. Therefore, as
it will appear
chaotic on the outside, remain in constant Guidance within the Knowing
of what is transpiring.
Help those around you with aid, understanding and
as well as remaining firm and balanced in
Our Connection and Guidance, within yourSelves.

All for now… Blessed Be, We Love You All, Harene
GrandMother of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Nebadon