Slowly the beginnings awaken.

The blossoming of the new
heart, the emergence of the trusting, wide perspective; the emergence of
the new human.  A vessel for the Soul, aligned and
consciously to the host planet, to all-that-is, to the inner desires of
the Omniverse, filtered through and attended to by the unique focal
point of one specific soul incarnate: YOU.

This awakening is
tribal in nature.  You become one of a collective.  Your ways are
refined and innately shared; you pick up on the ways of being of your
fellow-tribe members and you identify beyond boundaries. 
Knowing full well that this tribe will emerge and be a viable
and visible social matrix for organizing customs, culture and
societies—for now it is simply HOME.

The longer you reside in this
new dimensional space, the more you will naturally synchronize your
creative actions and your specific “take” on what is needed in such a
way as to harmonize and further amplify the beauty of the whole.  This
thriving of the new earth organisms is innate and magnificently wise. 
There is a collective knowing of what will benefit the emergent forms
you are tipping into and what will allow the energies of all of you –a
collective which is continually expanding and amassing—to network and
cultivate the social matrix, the energetic matrix the communication
matrixes that externalize and manifest your inner belonging.

in a moment such as these, there would be much singing and dancing!

you taking the time to celebrate?  There have been more and more
invitations to recognize this glorious moment of dimensional ascension
and to take the beauty of the afternoon, for example, as a liberal and
specific invitation to you to go out into delight and be happy~!

is much to be proud of and anticipating of.

Next to where you are
now there is already a new movement in which your tribe is
gathering and setting up camp.  You may or may not be involved in an
actual physical move.  This will come forth and be clear to you.  Many
of you are already in the places you chose for this existence.  Many
geographic spaces are being adjusted—by weather, by storms, by fires, by
the shifting of the earth’s plates—to allow for a fresh start and even
more amazingly!  To allow for old energies from within the earth in some
areas, to surface and once again swirl and round-up those for whom
these energetic blueprints or configurations will be a familiar and
reminiscent place to create a home.

Matter comes into being
knowing its purpose
in these spaces and you will naturally notice
when driving in your car, or walking, that when you enter these
geographic areas that the energy feels so much better to you. 
Enter these spaces often and ground yourself in these new and old
energies which are available now for you to find your way and feed

There will be virtual and physical communities.  You
will have physical and non-physical connections that create and sustain
you as a matrix of relationships informed by all-that-is and also
specifically mirroring that unique energy and perspective which you have
brought through in this lifetimes in this specific existence for the
purpose of ascending the planetary unified field and ka-boom! 
Exponentially expanding the Omniverse at the same time.

It’s quite
an experience.  For those of us who are non-physical, who can easily
see the vectors of creative energy and track their “landing” the
anticipation of our collective experience of this moment of full
manifestation is immense.  We are here to call into your awareness this
astonishing “future” of your creativity; so that you might
approach these days of bringing your physical form into alignment with
the enthusiasm and positive expectation of a powerful creator playing in

Remember my beloved beings of light and love—you are the
doorways to this transformation for all-that-is.  You, your combined and
unique amalgamation of perspective and form, as you continue your
dance, attuning more and more to the cosmic music that longs to
experience this renewal of the Gods on Earth—are imagining and creating
what we all long to experience through you.

The new beginnings of
our unified consciousness are bringing more beauty into the world in
which you live.  And as you continually attune yourself to the vibration
of love, to the realization of the interconnectedness of al-that-is and
to your own divine and perspective, the more you will realize
and radiate that beauty.

The ordered essence of the world in which
you live being brought forth; that is what beauty is.  And as you
awaken to your own divinity, your self-love brings forth the order into
visible form, and also allows you to recognize it in all that you

Through this, time—the specific time/space point which
is the unified field of the Earth plane—and timelessness, are
connected; the mystery of the multi-dimensional human soul revealed.

are filled with anticipation and in this knowledge!  We are Ashira.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful |
Modern Paradise Publications
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