Channeler: Faye Rouchi

There exists a questioning regarding the God concept, creating some
perceived conflicts with the idea of oneness and uniqueness,
individuality. Understand that you are Source. Source created you. This
is true in all creations, that you within you the totally of your
creator, just as your creations hold the totality of you as their
creator, but only if given freedom.

A creation that has not been set fully free is then not yet complete,
and rests within its source yet still. Once given freedom, the creation
is free to explore its Self. And, as it is the totally of that which
has created it, all that it explores is twofold, its Self and its
Source. This sets up an interesting dynamic and that is the introduction
of the other. The moment any creation seeks to explore its Self, it
introduces the concept and experience of the other. This is both real
and perceived. Anything you perceive is real. ANYTHING. Perception is
all powerful. It is that which makes you alive, seeing “alive” as being
the awareness of Self. For to be unaware of Self is to BE unaware.

To start to see your Self everywhere, in everything, is truth. But it
is equally true to see the beauty and to experience love in the
perspective that there is the other. These are new journeys, new
explorations for you, and it is something you are just now moving into.
So, this is exciting to you, to turn this perspective in all sorts of
new angles, to see more, to experience more. And, as it is new, it
therefore captures your focus. You find it compelling. This is being

For me to answer this too conclusively would be to influence your
personal journey of answering this question. Seek not for the answer;
rather seek for the understanding of the journey, which is seeking the
answer for your Self. This is the journey that will help you come to
know what I AM truly means, and each will go about this in their own
” way. So, here is where there is uniqueness. You are unique
in choosing perspectives by which you experience reality.

What one chooses may not be what another chooses. When you change
your perspective you change your reality, so in this way you experience
individuality. But, the underpinnings of these vast and varied
perspectives remain the oneness of all being created, connected,
unified, by this very act of creation that brought you into existence.
These are experiences you will have and you will come to have a much
better understanding of as you explore who and what you are. Remember,
you are in between worlds right now, not really existing in either, the
old world being what you are not. You are now beginning the journey of
discovering who and what you are, so your questions and thirst for this
are quite understandable.

But, remember this, you are just embarking on this exploration, and
being that you are in between worlds causes confusion sometimes, as each
world has different dictates. In just a short “time” you will feel more
freedom in your explorations and as you journey you will glean much
from your experiences. But if I gave you an answer, it would be from my
experience, and right now if that were given, it would only be your
mind that would evaluate and conclude based on what I might share. It
would only be information regarding my experience.

It is time now to move into your own I AM, and have experiences that
will allow you your own perspectives. You will always have this freedom,
to choose, to choose your perspectives which will allow you to evolve
into a different being, with a different understanding of what is its
Self. Yours will be unique and yet you are everywhere, able to see all
the many facets that make up your totality, as you were created by your

So, as you move about, seeing you everywhere, you are also seeing
Source, and also the other, it is a triality, and it is a grand and rich
experience. But, do not get involved with identity here, rather, I
would advise you to stay focused on the feelings you have with any given
experience as you move through what is now a transition. Once you have
passed through this transition, you will see the value in these many
words, and you will need no words at that time.