It is I, Kuthumi who greets you once more on the vibration of love,
of Light, of all in creation. There are many levels of creation, some
may call them dimensions of creation. I can tell you that the levels of
the various dimensions were created to help mankind to ascend. You could
think of them as sign posts to show the way to God’s staircase. Each
dimension another step toward you becoming all that is.

I have spoken recently of your levels of creation as you enter
another year in your time and experience. Some of you understand the
power you have always possessed within – the power to create with love –
correct love. Correct love. Let me ask you, what is it you consider to
be correct love? Do you feel being true to your loved one a correct
love? Or taking care of a loved one who is ill, is that correct love?
Lovingly polishing your prized vehicle, do you consider this correct
love? What do you consider to be correct love?

I can tell you that each of these examples are correct providing you
are excreting true love from your heart. That you are also experiencing
and gratitude for the experience.

If you are looking after another because you feel you have to, or it
is your duty, then that is not correct love, no. It is a burden to you. A
burden which can easily grow to resentment and anger which will taint
your heart and Soul. Over time you will grow bitter, resentful and when
you look in the mirror you will wonder how you grew so many on
your face. How? It was from what you saw as a burden, what you
experienced as resentment which grew in your mind until it became dark
and consumed your thoughts and days. Your shoulders bent over with the
heaviness and your face portrayed it all. Any love was stifled by what
you focused on – burdens, anger, resentment.

Correct love is given freely, not from a sense of duty or pressure
from another. That is why I gave the example of lovingly for a
vehicle, one that is to you. For in that caring is also
gratitude – and this is the key to correct love – gratitude. When there
is gratitude, when you can give thanks for someone or something, then
you have gratitude. You have brought your love into balance. Gratitude
cannot survive in possessiveness. For possessiveness is born of fear.
Fear of loss, fear of betrayal, fear you will be hurt and lose what you
give your love to. Therefore, there is no gratitude.

Gratitude promotes a freedom, an expansion of love. When you are
possessive, the love is smothered and can become a burden to you, a
burden of inadequacy of yourself. Deep within you do not love yourself
so how can others love you, care for you? You feel you are not worthy.
Yet you crave affection. Because you are so focused on receiving
affection from another, you will draw a person into your life who is
able to give you the affection and love you desire. But your dark
thoughts of fear soon turn into possession as your inner fear grows
stronger and darker. Your fear becomes the burden.

This is one example which is very large on the emotional body of your
planet – fear of giving love – fear of receiving love. This is the one
area all must overcome to enable you to climb another step on the Great
Staircase. Until you can give and receive love freely, you will not
progress forward. This is not a step. Begin to look through
the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more. First be
thankful for what you have. Take time to experience the joy in what you
have. It was what you wanted once.


This will lead you to a correct intent. Your intent as you go through
life will be to enjoy all. To take pleasure in all things, no matter
how small that pleasure may be.

It is this emotion of pleasure, the intent, the expectation of
knowing you can find pleasure within which will bring Universal
abundance to you.

The pleasure you find may be the blue sky, a simple flower, a soft
blade of grass, or realizing your own worth, your own will to overcome
adversity, your healthy working body, or feeling the Light in your Soul.
The is the pleasure. The knowing you will find something of
pleasure is your intent, your knowing.

Many are experiencing diverse levels of emotional relationship. Some
are difficult, even painful. You wonder why this must be so. How you
will endure. Difficult situations can be overcome with a correct intent,
correct attitude and correct love. Work through these levels to a
release of emotion. You can then come to a place of inner peace. First, a
correct intent. Your intent is a release of the emotion and the
situation. It is important you create a strong intent with no doubt or
fear. Be strong in your wish that you will overcome the situation and
the attached emotions within yourself. You are not responsible for
another. I speak of you only. This first step may require repetition.
For example each time you experience inner anger, fear or pain remind
yourself of your intent – that you will overcome your emotions and
therefore take control of your part in the situation.


This creates a correct attitude. You accept that you will overcome
and rebalance your inner peace. You will take personal
for your own actions, emotions, words and attitude. In this you connect
to your own Soul Power. You may need a correct action in taking personal
responsibility. You may need to apologize or to put your view forward.
The correct action may be to leave, to walk away. Sometimes you see a
different person than you did previously. You may have created a false
illusion of a person in your mind. Created them how you wished them to
be. When you see the totality of the person there can be disappointment.
As you pause and reflect, you will see that this is not how you thought
they were. Take personal responsibility that you created a different
image of the person. Since it was not correct in it’s totality, how
could the other person live up to your image of them? It was your image.
Not necessarily the other person’s totality of how they are.


In this understanding there is growth, there is gratitude. Gratitude
that you can now see and understand the relationships in a different
way, through different eyes.

You are now free to take correct action. To once more pause and
decide what you choose to do. With the emotion of gratitude, you also
activate your Soul through your Higher Self.

In this way you are able to give correct love. You may choose to walk
away, but you are still able to the other person correct love for
their journey. In this you experience the freedom of Soul, of
unconditional love.

This is one of the final steps for mankind to complete and to work
through. To understand and to practice in your daily levels of life. As
you grow stronger in your Soul Power of self, you will see with a new
understanding, a new intent and in this there is gratitude – for your
journey, and the part others played in awakening you to overcome your
inner fears and doubts. It is through these difficult experiences you
endure, that your greatest growth can occur. Then you climb another step
on the Great Staircase.

Master Kuthumi