Shellee-Kim Gold

are the consciousness known as the Hathors. As we come to you this
day we wish you greetings and tidings upon all.

is it that so many humans are able to live with themselves? There is
such destruction of so much that lives in your realm. Much of that
which has been seeded in service to humanity is constantly abused,
corrupted, maimed or worse. We look upon this with great sorrow. Yet
there is a profound teaching here for you ones upon earth.
that is that looking the other way while others are involved in such
atrocities does not mean you bear no responsibility for all that has

are two important aspects to functioning and progressing within
earth’s duality. The actions and reactions of the individual. And
the actions and reactions of the collective.

being part of the collective means everyone gets to both enjoy the
fruits of their labour and bears the burdens collectively.

explain this more simply here’s one typical example of many in your
recent history. The reaction to the 9-11 attacks were a
collective test for humanity, but in particular, for the people of
the United States.
The choices collectively for the in
that country were either to believe the lies put out by the media
about the ‘terror attacks’ or rise questioningly beyond this in a
revolt, of sorts, against the controlling elite, which would create a
wave of awakening amongst the masses. And subsequently a unified
force field amongst humanity. Allowing the plan for Light to flow
earlier and easier.
Although a minority did see through this event
and acknowledged the truth of such, collectively the choice was made
by the majority of humanity to passively accept the lies posing as

was another measure by the dark elite to counter incoming light and
set the US citizens and indeed the rest of the world into that
selfsame state of terror and fear.

collective reaction to these attacks brought about a different
timeline. One that would delay the Light’s arrival further. And so
this has since allowed for further manipulations of nations,
economies, politics and greater control of the peoples of the world
(even if these are cloaked in apparent freedoms). This has been the
choice of the collective. And the lessons in collectively empowering
a people have continued. For, unpleasant though it may be, this is
how you learn.

on a personal level. While there may be some amongst you who do rise
to the challenge, who bear responsibility for their lives and
question how they can expand themselves further, these ones are still
in the minority. Even amongst those who call themselves Lightworkers.

is heartening to see the diligence with which these ones apply
themselves to the task at hand. They are indeed a light unto the
world and are the teachers of your realm. For individually these ones
have chosen to react to their lives in the manner most sought-after
by their higher selves.

is the individual reaction that allows for the forgiveness
of that which occurs in the life and ultimately, the love and
acceptance of the self. When coupled with a desire to be of service
to others, this reaction can only be one that allows for and opens
the choice (or lifeline/timeline) to reach and live the soul’s
highest potential.

is indeed beauty for us to behold, seen from our perspective. And it
is our great privilege and grandest desire to see as many as is
possible choosing this path.

is an enormous amount of energetic turmoil at this time. Necessarily
so. For it is forcing ones to consciously decide their own fates as
never before on earth. Even in these last and final moments of the
dying old earth.
Impetus is required to keep things going in all
areas of existence at all times. There must be for an
occurrence of both a problem and a solution. Nothing occurs randomly.
And there is always a push and a pull to allow for such.

see there are many amongst you who feel let down at this time.
Looking for someone or something to blame will be to no avail,
beloved people, for are not all things of our own creation for our
learning and advancement?

while some of you may believe you are victims to ‘bad luck’ or
‘misfortune’ or the global recession, these are, in fact your own
creations. Whether at the collective or personal level of creation.

is a great teaching for those in duality. And we are here to help
with the recognition of such. But we cannot do for you, choose for
you or ‘see’ for you.

there are none so blind as those who cannot (or will not) see.

you be inspired to make choices that are of the way of the highest
light. We are ever on standby for your call for help with this.

service to the One and All
The Hathor consciousness