Channeler: Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, this day is special in many ways of which you are unaware.
You are now at a point where you can pretend to be something other than
what you are. That allows you to see contrast in ways you have not
before. We wish to tell you a story that may help you put into
perspective some of the things you are experiencing as this of
humanity continues. We understand that you are at the leading edge of
the vibrational change. Many of you feel much of the heat that
from this shift, for you are the ones who are the precursors to the
light. Yes, you are the ones who dare to go ahead and hold the door open
for the others. So, let us speak of the overview of spirit in this

The Actualization of Energy

There came a point in creation of All That Is where energy was
actualized. It was actualized for the first time in a timeline. The
moment that matter became energized, you had something in your realm
happen that is called the Big Bang. Although you know very little about
what really happened, it was basically a series of chain reactions that
started very small. With the Big Bang began the illusion of a timeline
that you were able to work with. Let us share with you the illustration
of an explosion, because that is how you all perceived it.

Although you have witnessed the result of the explosion, you have no
evidence of the actual explosion. In the explosion, everything scattered
from that center point forward, moving outward. However, as the energy
moved it forcefully collided with matter so that energy was forced into
every crevice and part of the matter. In effect, the matter became

Because of the extreme force with which this occurred, both became
somewhat contorted. The energized matter twisted and started to
transform, as if it had been stretched to a new dimension. Because the
energy was stretched in this way, much that exists at Home and on Earth
are different; things that work here do not necessarily work there. Home
has a pure expression. Planet Earth is the perfect imperfection of god,
so it was necessary to have your reflection be imperfect in every way.

Well, that put a twist on everything when the little gods began to
feel separate, or different. It was almost as if god had exploded. When
the energy was forced into matter, both changed forms and consequently
the illusion of time was created. The resulting explosion reached so far
out into the universe that little pieces of god began to form, creating
an illusion of being finite. The pieces of god began to play on a
timeline. That has stretched and changed things to such an extent that
now it looks like the little gods are wearing eyeglasses in order to
play their game. Everything they see has to be translated through these
glasses. Even if they see the perfection of Home they cannot relate to
it, nor can they fully understand it because they are in another
dimension. Part of becoming used to this became one of the biggest
challenges to the little gods. The gods also had to wear the glasses to
make them forget who they were. They also had to forget the connection
they felt with others around them; they forgot that the others were
little gods as well. So, their biggest challenge was that every thought
they had manifested. Every time they would hold a thought in
their mind, it would happen. That became quite problematic, because it
allowed no leeway of thought since every thought had a responsibility
connected to it. That is why they placed a time lag on their creations,
so the little gods could play the game of pretending to be human.

The Eleven-Sided Coin

Now we would like to explain something that will become clear to most
of you in the very near future. You are multidimensional. Each little
god would be like an eleven-sided coin (hendecagon). You call them
Loonies in Canada and have different names for them elsewhere. There are
four or five coins on Earth that have eleven sides. Although there are
different sides on each coin, it is still the same coin. If you move in
one direction, this facet comes up. If you move in another direction,
another aspect shows up. We use this to show you another way to view the
eleven dimensions of self; each one of you has eleven different facets.
The eyeglasses that the gods are wearing are keeping them from seeing
the other facets of themselves, or even the evidence of their own
facets. So, that keeps you separated into different dimensions where you
cannot always see your reaction or connection to others. This provided
the little gods an opportunity to have eleven experiences on planet
Earth at the same time with the same soul, with the same coin.

Because the little gods were in the illusion of a timeline, they were
able to see their footprints as they traveled through time. That had
never happened before, because the little gods had always lived in
circular time. Suddenly they were in linear time, which allowed them to
see themselves in a new way. The little gods began their journeys and
they began watching their creations. They started to doubt themselves,
because they could not see that they were creating every thought. They
began thinking that it was not possible to see without the glasses,
believing that they were not even creators. Instead, they thought that
circumstances actually ruled their lives. Because they held that
thought, they created the reality that made that true. We did not even
think of that. Ah, you humans are so creative.

Let us explain a few other things that might help you understand.
Although we are speaking about the beginning of humanity, you are now on
the opposite end of that spectrum. You are pushing the boundaries of
what would have been the end of humanity and in the process changing
everything. At the very last moments of the game, the little gods began
to take off their glasses and re-member their power. It has been
difficult for the little gods to understand their own magic, after
spending so much energy hiding it from themselves.
You learned how to walk in the timeline. However, the original force
that exploded and in doing so pushed all of that energy into areas of
the universe where it had never existed before, is no longer pushing.

The Out Breath of God Has Begun.

That force which created everything you see in front of you is no
longer pushing in the same way it was. Even though it is moving in the
same direction, it is now retreating. The universe is no longer
expanding; it has crossed the boundary point at which it is actually
beginning to shrink. The “out breath” of god has begun.* So, what does
that mean for the little gods who no longer feel that push to be
separate? Well, that is rather interesting. In the illusion of in
the timeline, you learn to see everything as either up/down,
right/wrong, good/bad, or black/white. You see contrasts rather than
similarities. Every time that you learned something, it would be because
you had pushed one of those boundaries. You learned to push in this
direction and in that direction, which is really how humanity expanded
and became what it is today. Now that energy is no longer forcing and
pushing from the Big Bang, things are starting to change. You are having
difficulty with much of the change.

Outer Edges of Truth

You see many examples of extreme polarity on your planet right now.
When we say extreme, we mean that one person is going to push the
boundaries all the way in one direction and call that outside edge their
truth. Another person is going to push all the way to the other side,
and call the outer edge their truth. We do not care which outer edges
you think are right or wrong, for none of that makes any difference.
These are only the outer edges; that is all you have called your truth
up to this point in your history. You are now about to spend more time
in this area than you ever have before, because that energetic force
pushing you out into the universe is no longer there. As a result, you
are now free-floating with that eleven-sided coin. You are capable of
moving around and doing things in ways that you have never done them
before. This is the magical time on planet Earth, when the little gods
have begun to awaken from the dream. They started to understand that
they could create anything, even with the glasses on. They began to
understand that everything they see in front of them was a result of
their own thoughts. It was what they held in the creative aspects of
their minds and their hearts, which was then pushed out into the
universe to create a reality that would exactly match their
expectations. Now what you are experiencing is that you are still
pushing the edges of those boundaries. So, that means that when one
person calls something right, someone else is going to call the same
thing wrong. Now is the time to start looking for ways you are alike,
instead of ways in which you are different or separate. This is the time
for humanity to come back together, recognizing that you are all little
gods. It does not matter where they are, were born and raised, or even
what kind of belief systems or experiences they have had. Your critical
mass is reaching the point of no return and you will not go back to
doing things the way you have always done them. We can guarantee you

Learning the Overview of Triality

Now it will be critical to stop pushing the outer edges. The more you
push these outer edges to find the extremes on the outside, you will no
longer find truth in those extremes. Now we ask you to first look in
the middle for your definitions, and then look to the outside. Watch the
way that each one works, rather than judging. Consider the possibility
that you are faced with the same challenges, and that perhaps you simply
approached them from different angles. Something can be learned from
each angle. Now is the time for unity on this planet, and in a very big
way. For all of humanity, 2009 was the beginning of the end of
separation on planet Earth. The veil is beginning to be lifted so that
you can see each other clearly. You will see each other’s hearts first,
and so the magic continues. The eleven-sided coin will gain new
dimensions; it will not be a flat coin any longer, but it still has
eleven aspects. You will have 11 aspects of yourself, too. Because of
this movement and the next evolutionary process, there is much more that
we wish to explain to you about what is currently happening.

Multidimensional Bleed-Through

Even though we have spoken many times about the opportunities for all
of humanity to become multidimensional, the progress has been so very
slow. So far, we have only been able to plant esoterical thoughts in
your mind. You have not been able to prove any of this to yourselves,
nor have you seen its practical uses. We wish to share with you that one
thing happening now that has been labeled bleed-through. You are
starting to feel things through other dimensions of yourself. The other
sides of the coin may be experiencing a big adventure, or a growth
period, where they are having great difficulties. Suddenly you may find
yourself quite sad, in , or having difficulty for no apparent
reason. The bleed-through is becoming stronger because your veil is
disappearing. That which has kept you separate from yourself in many
ways, is now starting to diminish. As a result, a lot of ways that you
have typically dealt with energy before will be reducing and going away.
Being the teachers and the healers that you are, you will find new
techniques. You will work with them so you can share them with others in
the room and around the world, who can then take these energies and
help grow to the next level. This is a time to watch what happens on
television and put yourself in that person’s shoes. Consider how you
would react if you were in that situation yourself. This is a time to
start thinking on a personal level what that would look like if it was
happening to you, because it is happening to you. You are not
disconnected from each other, and between 2010 and 2012 humanity will
learn that. We are so overjoyed to be even a small part of helping you
re-member your true nature and what you really came to do.

The Perfect Imperfection

You will begin seeing things the way they really are, for you
understand that in order to play this game, planet Earth had to be
imperfect. For instance, music is not a human invention; it came
directly from Home. When you brought it to planet Earth, you had to
shift it slightly to make it fit into an imperfect world. That is the
why your chromatic scale is not in equal increments. In order to sound
perfect to you, it has to be imperfect. If you are counting using
numbers, you use a base ten system which does not actually exist
throughout the universe. The rest of the universe and Home is on a base
twelve system. However, it had to be altered slightly for you to use it
and be practical with it. You think of base ten as very simple and not
at all complex, whereas base twelve is quite complex. But we tell you
that it is exactly the opposite of that. Through the eyes of humans, you
must see things a little differently. Even your expression of
mathematics is filled with these same inconsistencies. We will not call
them universal laws. We do not believe in any type of law, because
everything can be altered and that is exactly what you have done. You
have taken universal constants and you have twisted them, you have
altered them slightly to play this game. Now you are starting to see
things the way they really are. Now you are going to start to see things
on a new level. You have not been able before to see such clarity; it
will be seen through all eyes on planet Earth.

The challenges you will have are the habits you have built around
seeing things in a certain way. So, the first thing we ask you to do is
to keep your eyes open. Look around, seeking the possibilities. When you
do not understand something, know that it is a potential for you to
uncover another part of yourself so you can see more than one of these
eleven sides. The aspects of yourself are coming back together so that
you will be able to see the whole being. It will take time. It is not
happening overnight. For you it will seem like it is taking forever.
“When is something finally going to happen?” A hundred years from now
when you look back at this time, it will seem as if it happened in a
heartbeat. Just enjoy this magical moment, and know that you have a new
vision if you become aware and search for it. Look for the opportunities
to see yourself everywhere. Simply look and you will find Home very
quickly. You will create all eleven aspects of Home right where you are

Dear ones, you sit in these rooms and watch us. You come together to
be filled with spirit, and to re-member part of the true nature of who
you are. What you do not understand is that the respect and honor for
each of you who play the game of pretending to be a human is so great on
this side of the veil. You are the revered ones. You are the ones who
have dared to take off your wings and play a game of pretending to be a
human. We honor you more than you could possibly ever know. When you
arrive Home, there will be one hell of a party!.

Treat each other with the greatest of respect every chance you get.
Nurture one another every time you can and play well together.

The group