Beloved friend, peace be with you. I am the one you have known
as Joseph, Earthly father to the one you know as Jeshua and beloved
husband of the one you now call Mother Mary. I had my own life, my own
identity as Joseph, and I lived that lifetime happily in the Essene
community. After releasing the body in that lifetime, there were other
lifetimes when I collected much wisdom, the same as you are doing now,
and I brought the wisdom once again into an incarnation which you now
have called St. Germain.

It is from the vantage point as St.
Germain that I would speak with you now, for there is a message from the
Council of One that has been given to me to pass along to you. You have
heard me speak of the Council of One. It is truly the council of all of
the higher souls, the souls that have come into awakening.

though you have focus upon your present personality and lifetime, you
are part of the Council of One, for in truth there is no separation. We
are all One. We are All of the divine one Mind. As you have heard it
said, you are the expression of the one creative Principle come forth
into various realities to try out different scripts, to try out how it
would be to create, and vast and myriad have the creations been and will
continue to be, even outside of what you see now this reality to be,
even outside of what you would define as a physical reality.

realities will continue, and that is why the Council of One has asked me
to speak with you now as you embark upon a new decade. You have come
through the experience of moving into a new millennium some ten years
ago in your arbitrary timing, where there were many prophecies,
including many negative prophecies, because this reality believes in
duality, where there can be good and the opposite of good. Some of the
prophecies were quite dire.

Well, you came into this new
millennium and guess what? The computers still worked, the washing
machines still worked, the telephones still worked, and you kept waiting
for a few months into the new millennium for disaster, perhaps, to come
from the skies, forgetting that you are the creative ones who bring
forth everything, and you are the ones who then judge whatever comes
forth, whether it be good or medium or not so good.

You also came
into a new century, and you wondered as you moved into the new
millennium and embarked upon the new century, “What is this century
going to bring?” You looked back to the previous century and you saw an
evolution of awareness that was quite tumultuous, quite representative
of the belief in duality, for there were the world wars, as they were
called, where many countries were engaged on one side and on the other
side, believing in separation and believing that new technology would
solve everything.

But you also looked back at previous centuries
and there was hope and optimism that truly you could be moving into
another Golden Age. Now, you have known some five centuries or so ago an
Age of Enlightenment, an age when there was much of evolutionary
thought that went beyond the dark, the so-called Dark Ages.

there was a balancing in this reality where if you have something on one
hand, pretty soon you are going to have something on the other hand to
balance it out, so that you have come through some centuries since the
Age of Enlightenment to a place where the enlightenment and the darkness
have interchanged with each other at various times. 

So the
first decade of the new century of the new millennium has been a working
out, a review, if you will, of what has been in the past centuries.

You are now moving into the next decade of this new century and new
millennium, and it is going to be one of excitement for you. There is
going to be a winding down of some of the conflicts that you have seen
going on, because the younger generations are going to be tired. Even
though the habitual generational thinking has been all that they have
known and all that they have been taught, they are going to begin to
ask, “Is there not another way?”

In the next decade you will be
interacting with ones that you see face to face and you are going to be
interacting with other ones that are as a potential face to face, ones
you have known in other lifetimes and constellations, who have agreed to
meet up with you once again at a specified time within this reality.
Furthermore, you will be interacting with ones that are within the mind
and within the memory.

Sometimes you feel a presence around you
that perhaps you can identify as a friend who has released the body or a
loved one who has released the body or an ascended master whom you have
read about, and you feel, “But this one cannot be here with me.” But
this one is. Where else would they go? They are within your field of
as you are within their field of . This awareness is going
to be the most important part of the new decade: knowing the energy that
you are and the energy of all ones, whether they are in physicality or
in mind, Intelligence—capital “I”.

Awareness of Energy is going
to be the most pivotal point of the next decade. You are going to feel
and experience the world in a different way, and others are going to
know it because of how you go in your life, knowing that you are truly
not the body, you are not the personality, you are the energy of an
ascended master forth the Intelligence.

You are all
ascended masters who have agreed one more time that you will descend
into this reality that is not your home, that is not the place where you
want to abide forever, but you have agreed that you will bring your
energy and your Light and your laughter into this reality that believes
itself so seriously to have to judge, to have to struggle.

next decade is going to be a movement into knowing non-separation. You
are going to see separation still with some worldly affairs. You are
still going to see separation of bodies. But you are also going to
understand that the bodies are not solid. They are forever changing as
your energy patterns .

You have the technology for reading
the auras already, for having the photographs that the change in
the auric pattern as you have different emotions or as you think
different thoughts. And the photographs are proof for you, because this
reality yet wants to see the proof out there before the understanding
and truth is then accepted within.

The new decade is going to
-tune a knowing, the same knowing that you feel when you hug another
one and you are in love with that other one, where you know yourself to
be One with that other one—just for an instant, perhaps, or longer.
When you are in that embrace, truly what you have done is to bring the
energy fields together even closer, into a place where you can feel—if
you tune in to it—the vibrational level of Oneness.

This decade
is going to see a change in how you view yourself, how you view others,
and how you view the world situation. You are not going to deny the
Earthly conditions. If you are in a position where your help is needed,
you will give the physical help, you will give the golden coins if that
is what is needed, you will help ones as your guidance tells you to do.

In this next decade, because you are going to understand the great
ball of energy that you are—and I do not mean that you are
overweight—you are going to feel yourself totally, happily alive, and
you are going to be very intuitive as to others’ energy, where they feel
themselves to be.

Now, this is already happening, but it is
going to increase. As this awareness increases, you are going to also
know how to keep your balance, to keep your feeling of joy in the face
of others who are finishing or completing their dramas. You will not be
disruptive to their dramas, but you will keep your own balance within

Your planet, this most beautiful planet that we have
brought forth, is changing. You have noticed some of the climate
changes. You have noticed the intensity of some of the storms and the
change in weather patterns. You have either been experiencing it where
your dwelling place is or where the loved ones and friends are dwelling.

There has been an intensity of energy patterns around this
planet. Those patterns come from the collective consciousness. Those
patterns…where else could they come from if all is One? come from
you—you as the collective. They also come from your directive; in other
words, you can direct a storm away from wherever you are if you know
that you can do this, and you can.

For other ones, they may
decree that they want to know the adrenaline rush of a storm. And if you
want to do that, there is no judgment. It is an experience. But if you
do not want to experience the intensity of a storm—call it a tornado, a
thunderstorm, even a snowstorm—if you do not want the hurricane coming
to your dwelling place, you can direct it out to sea, up into the upper
atmosphere. You can direct it, because it is connected to your energy.
All is One.

The intensity of the storms that you see happening
now and the swirling of the climate change that is happening is coming
from the collective consciousness that is sometimes throwing a temper
tantrum, and so you see the out-picturing of that energy. It may be
coming from confusion within the collective consciousness and so it is
out-pictured, again, as a clearing, as a storm that will come through
and will clear the energy.

Now, there are climate changes that
are happening. There is global warming, and it is due to humankind. Yes,
you are the reason for the global warming, but that is not said in
judgment as a negative thing. It is said to allow you to understand how
powerful you are, how you bring forth changes, how you have asked for
evolutionary changes in what grows upon this planet, what form of the
animal life is going to be upon the planet. For truly, as one species
may seem to leave the planet, another species is born. There is never a
vacuum. There is always a change which is happening.

So you can
take responsibility for the global warming. The global warming comes
because you are stepping up your vibratory rate as the collective. And,
again, there is no judgment in it. It is an experience.

is ever lost. The form may change. The species may change, and things
may look different, feel different. Your historians have told you of the
ice ages, and you have evidence of the glaciers and the glacial
rubbish, the rocks that have been left behind by the glaciers of other
times. So this is not something that you are bringing about as disaster.
It is part of what you have decreed that you will know as change,
because the collective consciousness of the human is one that desires to
know change. 

If truth be told, and I will tell it, all of
creative Intelligence wants to know change. You are the extension of the
one creative Principle; therefore, you are going to keep on creating.
There is nothing wrong with change. Flow with it. Welcome it. Look for
new species of flowers, trees, plants, animals, even humankind. Know you
that in what you would call prehistory the human form—you do know this,
because some of your scientists have taught you this, although there
are ones who do not believe in evolution, as it is called—you had heavy
fur covering on the body. You still have some of that left. Some of the
men, you still have some of the heavy fur covering around the chin.

in this next most wonderful decade that you are just now walking into,
there is going to continue to be an evolution of humankind – not
especially in the appearance but in recognizing and acknowledging that
which you are in energy. Because truly, no matter how much makeup the
woman or man puts on, how much of the raiment you change and put on, the
energy that you are is going to be obvious. Everyone will feel and know
if it is a loving energy or if it is a confused energy or an angry
energy, and there will be no hiding it.

The awareness is going to
be accentuated in your next decade, because ones are going to
feel—especially those of you who are already the sensitives—are going to
be feeling energy within themselves, and you will be able to catch
yourself as you begin to perhaps close down, or as you perhaps feel a
bit of the rising of the volcano of energy.

Begin to build up a
self esteem, and begin to feel then the expansion of your energy, where
you feel at peace with yourself and you feel at peace with others,
because truly no one can touch your peace. You are the only one who can
affect your peace, and that is only temporary.

More and more you
are going to come truly alive as the energy that you are, as the
walking, moving, loving, living Energy that you are.

Your energy
truly reaches the farthest galaxies, because there is no separation in
Mind—capital “M”. There is no separation. It is all creative Principle.

So be it.

– Joseph/St. Germain
in expression through

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