Dear Ones,

We are beyond the time of slow evolution
because the planetary needs are too great. That is why the Archangels
are here at this special time, bringing forth miracles and healing
separation. As people have turned toward the Light, the planet is
vibrating to a new frequency of energy. The miracles will be apparent as
this energy unfolds bringing forth a peaceful presence in the world.

We have not come this way before. The Archangels have not been
directed toward an active participation on the earth on a daily,
personal basis until now. It’s as if we lead the way to freedom for each
person through the parting of the seas of lower . We come
to humanity and say you are pregnant with the Divine Presence. Birth a
new consciousness on to the planet. Sing praises to God and know these
gifts are available to all who are sincerely seeking a life of Peace,
Unity and Love.

Divine Love is beyond separation into race and
religion. It is this energy of Wholeness and Unity that the Archangels
bring to earth at this time. the collective consciousness will
bring about miraculous change. It starts in the heart of each person who
lets go of separation within their being, and embraces the totality of
their beauty and connection to the God Source. It begins in the moment
when choice is made for Peace, instead of and arrogance. It begins
when the good of your planetary home precedence over momentary
greed. It begins with the desire for Peace awakening within each person
on earth.

Many already believe this way. Let those people hold
the flame for miracles. Be a courageous spiritual warrior holding a
vision of God’s Love and Light within each person and the collective
consciousness. Be the one who believes in miraculous transformation of
all that would destroy the beauty and sustenance that the earth offers.
When many minds hold the thought of miracles as the natural order of
things, it will be. Truth resonates in the light expanding through the
minds of all beings. There are many hearts longing for Peace and this
collective calling will bring forth harmony between all peoples on

There is another force of good awakening in the world. It
is the Force of Unity – the power generated by the gathering of souls
together to honor the Divine Presence. A new interest in the aspects of
ceremony and a rekindling of the ancient ways of worship is coming
forward, striking a chord in the heart of people everywhere. When souls
gather in sacred ceremony a new energy emerges. There is a true focus
toward Unity and each person is forever changed when the energy of
Divine Light is generated within. The power of ceremony will bring that
energy into the collective consciousness, and will create a new
resonance with God inside each person who participates with pure

Gather together in harmony with this miraculous
intention for creative solutions everywhere. Harmonize yourself with the
One Mind of the Creator, no matter what name is called. Visualize
together the strength of Divine Light empowering the earth and know the
presence of the Archangels enfold the planet in Love. Call forth God’s
Grace and be willing to have miracles bless all in a new wave of loving
existence. Join together in Unity by holding the vision of Peace
awakening in the minds of the world’s leaders. Know that miraculous
solutions are available when many beings collectively turn toward the
Light of the One Heart.

It is time to awaken to the power of
Divine Love and the Light available for life on earth right now. Allow
the Archangels entry to your open mind and heart. Call in the Christed
One. Know the stillness of the prevails within you and the
sustaining presence of Vishnu exists in the world.  Let Allah be
praised, and invite the Divine Feminine to flow into minds that have
been hardened. The worldly powers of man’s government do not hold a
candle to the radiant presence of the Archangels and the Divine Grace
that can harmonize the minds and hearts of all who live on the planet

Believe. Have Faith and know all things are possible when
you stand together in the Light of God’s Grace and Love.

And so
it is.

Archangel Gabriel
Through Shanta Gabriel

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be as long
as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the
work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.