It seems like only yesterday, when I remembered wanting to do this, and I installed Pivot with a clean database. Yet, my article counter here advises me that at this moment, we’ve hit the ‘Post Entry’ button 250 times! Sherry, Marc, Shelton and me are in it for the fun (I hope), and I for one will as as it feels great. And frankly, haven’t had an off moment since I this new site. Thnaks my friends, for wanting to build it with me!

There were more users , but that does not oblige you to do
anything. So if you you might want to contribute as well, there’s
a handy help text to show you how at  , I for one think it is great to have us work as a team….  Kinda spreads the risk of one of us monopolizing the site, right?

Besides, I’m busy doing other things as well….

Love your