20 March 2010 – 9:52pm
Channeler: Emmanuel Dagher

Hello my miraculous friend!

Can you feel the energy of excitement in the air? We are officially now in ‘GO’ mode as we enter the equinox, especially since Mars went direct several days ago after being in retrograde for over three months. These past few months have been such a blessing in that they gave us the opportunity to pause and reflect within ourselves, releasing all of the old illusions and blocks we identified with that no longer serve us as we move forward. Although at times it didn’t feel comfortable, if we take a look back, we notice that in these past months a massive occurred within us emotionally, mentally, & spiritually, more so than ever before. We were literally pushed to our limits (core level) it seems in order for the most authentic aspect of ourselves to .

The theme now is all about gigantic movement forward. For those who have
been doing their inner-work, get ready for what you’ve been envisioning
and towards to start showing up in your life experience.
Everything will seem to ‘click’ in place while many wonderful
opportunities will present themselves to you, some completely out of the
blue and unexpected, so it’s important to remain present and aware
enough to recognize them as they are happening. With this big thrust
forward and the downloading of solar flares (light from the sun that
comes into earth’s atmosphere and raises its ) we will notice
more people to their authentic nature. These people will look to
those who have long been on this awakened path for guidance, so those
who work in areas of personal development, get ready for your services
to be in high demand. For those who are still having a tough time, just
take a deep breath and let the Universe relieve you of all burdens. If
you continue to them, they will get heavier and heavier until you
have no choice but to let them go. The sooner you are willing to release
the doubts, worries, fears, sarcasm, resentments, negativity, false
pretenses, etc… you have created, the quicker you will align yourself
with the current miraculous flow of the Universe, opening yourself up to
positive experiences beyond your wildest expectations.

How will this movement forward affect us globally? In the coming months,
well-known figures, big businesses, systems, agendas, and industries
that have been operating covertly without will have a very
difficult time keeping things hidden from the public any longer,
especially with the current influx of energies. As things become more
transparent, these old energies will begin to shift out making way for
an abundance of new technologies and conscious businesses to emerge. We
will also see a big advancement in the coming together of all walks of
life with the intention to bring unity, tolerance, peace, and positive
change to the world on a deeper level. Although at times things might
seem a bit chaotic, trust that everything we are witnessing is a
necessary part of the cleansing and integration process laying the
foundations for the new earth love/unity matrix to emerge. Staying
focused on compassion, respect, and love will greatly assist us in
manifesting our most desired life experience at this time, with the full
support of the Universe by our side. Hibernation time is over for now.

Buckle up your seat belts, it’s going to be an exciting and
extraordinary ride these next several months, especially this summer!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,

Emmanuel Dagher

©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

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