As you stand in your truth and integrity you make a great leap
towards empowering yourself to integrate the of the fifth
dimension. It is of vital importance for each of you to learn, know,
and integrate this wisdom. When those around you are acting and
reacting within the vibrations of the third dimension, you must
your vibrations and stand within your strength and courage, and remain
in your truth and integrity.

You serve as the example for those
around you. You serve as the example and are opening the pathway for
them to follow you. Your brothers and sisters are searching within,
searching deeply at this time, for their own truth and wisdom. This
truth begins first within the essence of being right with Self, for each
of you. Being right with Self must begin, with truth and integrity,
living each day as the light of , as the Self which you are.

in your essence as God, know only truth, you know only integrity, and
you know only love. In each Now moment, each thought, each action will
be observed by those around you, and will have a great impact on their
beliefs and their actions. Know that your light, your vibrations expand
around you and will lift up those around you as you are true to God
within you. As you are right with Self, you expand these vibrations
outward to your family, friends, neighbors and community. All will
benefit from your increased awareness, truth and integrity.

qualities and virtues and attributes of God are within you, if you
choose to bring them forth on a daily basis. Focus completely on the
vibration of love. Within the vibration of love you will find every
quality, aspect and facet of the God that you are. As you focus on the
vibration of love, these qualities, aspects and virtues will expand into
your awareness and your daily life. Be the vibration of love, in the
Now moment. You must awaken each morning and immediately bring your
focus into your heart center. This begins the process of being right
with Self, as you center yourself within your heart. As you are right
with Self, you will find that you are within your heart center in the
Now, and all the qualities, virtues and attributes you desire are
available to you. These qualities, virtues and attributes are those of
love, wisdom, creativity, service, truth, integrity, intuition,
humility, peace, balance and harmony, joy, abundance, vibrant health,
strength, courage, inspiration, faith, and trust. You are in the
knowing that you are these virtues and attributes, which are the virtues
and attributes of God, and you are God. Focus on developing these
virtues and attributes each day.

Spend time Dear Ones, working to
bring your chakras into balance and harmony. You must continue to
release all that no longer serves your highest good and the highest good
of all creation. Within your chakras are the virtues, qualities, and
aspects of your God Self in the highest expression. As you release the
lower vibrations, and integrate these virtues and attributes and bring
yourself into balance and harmony, as you become right with Self, your
spine will become a blazing column of light and you will become a
blazing column of light as you radiate the light of God to humanity.

Begin to call forth the twelve Rays which have been given to you as a
gift to help you integrate and be the God Source. These twelve Rays
are the highest aspect of God and are available to each and every one of
you. You may use the twelve Rays to cleanse and heal your physical
vessels and to cleanse and heal your mental, emotional, and spiritual

Call on the first red Ray of Divine Will
which I and my Lady Faith radiate to humanity. You will strengthen your
ability to create and you will to go forth as an empowered light of
God. The second blue Ray is the ray of illumination
and wisdom and will help you integrate the vibrations of the fifth

Call on the third yellow Ray, the
active intelligence, the inner wisdom which is within you. The fourth
green Ray
will help you heal and come into balance and
harmony in your emotional and mental bodies, and stimulate the
creativity of the arts within you. The fifth orange Ray
incorporates the wisdom of concrete and knowledge.

The sixth
indigo Ray
is the ray of devotion, service, and forgiveness.
Call on the sixth Ray to stimulate your intuition and your clear hearing
and clear seeing, associated with the sixth chakra. Call upon the seventh
to open your crown chakra and allow the light of God to
illuminate you as you integrate your God Self. It is the violet Ray of
transformation and transmutation. The eighth Ray, sea
foam green and violet, will help you to cleanse and heal your four
bodies and bring clarity to your daily experience.

Call on the ninth
turquoise Ray
for the activation of your thymus and the
integration of your heart, thymus, and throat into the Solar Power
Center which is your center and bridge for your lower chakras and your
higher chakras. The pearlescent tenth Ray will help
you call forth and build your light body and you may call on this Ray
for peace and joy. The eleventh Ray, iridescent peach,
is your bridge to the higher dimensions. It is your access to your
rainbow bridge to your Soul and your Divine I Am Presence. Spend time
working with this Ray, actively building your rainbow bridge, filling
this bridge with light, as you integrate your Soul, and your Divine I Am
Presence. You must also build your rainbow bridge of light down into
Mother Earth to ground yourself, as you also help Mother Earth build her
rainbow bridge of light. The twelfth opalescent gold Ray
is the Ray of illumination, the Ray of the God Source and contains all
the other Rays, yet not equal amounts of each Ray. This Ray will help
you be, and integrate all the qualities and attributes which you seek to
be, as you expand your Self, and be God.

Dear Ones, there are
many tools available for each of you, and you will find these Rays to be
most in your quest for mastery, but you must become familiar
with them, and you must diligently use them, and call them in to help
yourselves return to balance and harmony. Go the distance, and
integrate all that is being offered to you. We have offered so many
varied tools so that you will access and use the ones which most
with you, as are there are many paths back to the One.
However, all paths back to the One are based on the virtues, attributes,
and qualities of the Creator. You will find these virtues and
attributes within the twelve Rays, and you will find that truth and
integrity, will lead you further into the knowledge and wisdom of these
virtues and attributes.

I am Archangel Michael, and I
bring you this truth.

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