Within your soul group you are both teacher and student,
learning from and teaching each other as you complete what for many of
you is a final stage in this journey of ascension. Be grateful for each
teacher in your life and for the challenges they provide you with as
they are no more than the completion and closure you to finish
your cycle through the third dimension. With each new understanding you
release connections to the teachers who have to walk with you and
then you and they are free from each other.

While you may feel
that you are on one path to healing, your journey has limitless options,
each of which has different teachers and lessons and addresses a
healing need within all of you. The lessons appear to be difficult and
complex but there is one lesson for humanity to learn, which is
reflected in each individual life path, and that is the lesson of
compassion. To release your teachers, compassion is the lesson you must
embrace and apply to all aspects of your life.

Compassion includes
understanding, acceptance and allowance, respect for self and others,
honoring each path and the descension of the into your being. With
each gift of compassion you release your teachers, freeing them from
their contracts with you and their commitment to your growth and
healing. Just as you may regret their presence in your life, they may
also regret their obligations to you.

Compassion moves you beyond
holding light and healing for others for with it, they can find these
truths within themselves. It awakens them to their power and shifts
their thinking from being a victim into their christed being. With
compassion you set your intention for releasing your teachers and can
choose healing over karma and love instead of pain. Your gift of
compassion may create a void in your path as your old teachers leave and
new teachers and lessons enter, on a higher path and vibration.
Compassion resonates with unconditional love and is the brightest light
you can offer to the world. It is the lesson of ascension, the door way
to heaven on earth and is what will bring peace, love and joy to a
world that needs it at this time.

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