For the last two weeks I have been feeling the energies of the
equinox of March 20 building and they have been very powerful. So many
people have felt these energies as physical illness, ranging from
strange infections to hospitalizations for serious conditions. It is not
an accident that at a time when we are thinking about cleaning,
our energies are also being cleared and we have an opportunity, in the
presence of this highly charged energy, to complete areas of
transformation that we have either not been ready for, been willing to
do or were not aware of. With these energies that the Equinox is
bringing forward, we will not have to wonder what we need to do to
finish our clearing and healing work, it will be revealed in ways we
cannot ignore.

After what has been, for most of the northern
hemisphere, a and snowy winter, that kept many people indoors,
spring invites us to step outside and rejoin the world. The focus was on
going within, spending time with ourselves, sitting with our pain and
doing the healing work to release it. Once we step into the flow of
these transformative energies, we are signaling that we are ready to
step up to their level and any lower vibrations must be dealt
with, through release or transformation. This is a voluntary process and
with our free will we must acknowledge that we are willing to let them
go. If we are unaware of what they are, we will get the experience we
need to do the release work. The energies are here and we are running
out of time.

Have you noticed how quickly time seems to go by?
That is because our timelines are being compressed and we are moving
into multi-dimensional Universal time and linear time is dissolving.
Over the next three months, until the Solstice, we will begin adjusting
to this new concept of time and releasing any energies that are part of
our karmic timelines. The next level of work we will be completing is
with the emotions, so be prepared for some emotional clearing that will
release a great deal of karma, soul group connections, memories and soul

We can move into these new energies with grace and
effortlessness, once we accept that this is how the world will be for
the next several years, which will progress as strong energy shifts,
followed by clearing and settling and then more shifts. Once we are
aware that this is we can tune into the energies as they begin
shifting and do the healing and clearing work we need to do, before it
is forced on us. This is a time of preparation and clearing as we align
ourselves with the higher levels of being that will move us out of third
dimensional energies. These next three months will bring powerful
clearing and healing, so accept the challenges, be willing to flow with
them and keep your intention focused on the reality you wish to create.

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