Channeler: Faye Rouchi

Greetings, this is Bree, here to share this message with you….

Reality is a dream. All realities are dreams. The dreams you have
while you perceive yourself as sleeping, is a dream within a dream, when
one perceives the sleeping dream as a dream and the world of matter as
reality. This is a misconception. All realities are dreams. All dreams
are realities. They are one in the same. All dreams are created from
feelings. All feelings are created from beliefs. All. Feelings are
different from experience. You are moving from a world of feelings into a
world of experience. Feelings are limited, separate. Feelings have
labels, definition. Experience does not. Experience does not require or
invoke beliefs. Experience is what you are. You are not your feelings,
you create your feelings to have, to be experience. Feelings are part of
what you are, not who you are. Feelings are part of experience. You are

Everything you experience you have selected by the part of you within
the higher realms of . Embrace your experiences, they are you.
You have selected them. The part of you that rejects them is the part of
you known as the ego, the smaller you. This ego is also you. Embrace
this as well, as to reject it is to reject you, and your creation. A
conscious creator always rejoices in its creation. Acknowledge when you
are not rejoicing in every experience, whether labeled good or bad,
desired or undesired, that you are not being a conscious creator. You
have chosen the perspective of the smaller you. You have chosen to play
with your creation, rather than to be your creation. You will continue
to do this until you no longer hold interest with this toy. This type of
experience is akin to childishness. It is limited, lacking much truth.

To choose to experience from the more expanded you, the you that
created the ego, realizing the totality of your self, rather than the
concentrated focus on the limited part of your self, which limits your
experience, is to embrace infinite experience. So, in order to
experience infinity, one must be infinite. What you are to be is a
choice. Who and what you are just is, but how you are to be is always
your choice. You can misperceive who and what you are, but you cannot
change this. That is beyond your power. You just are. You are
consciousness, the awareness of God, of Source. This you cannot change.
But, you can change how you “be“. You do this by changing your feelings,
and you do this by changing whether you feel or you experience. You are
moving from having your focus on feelings, to having your focus on
experience, in which feelings are a part. But they, feelings, are not
perceived as the experience any longer, but rather a tool you use in
creating your reality, your dream, your experience of your creation.

As I stated, it is wise to embrace your ego as it is your creation,
and an empowered creator always rejoices in its creation. Your ego has
never been nor will ever be your problem. Your rejection of it is. Your
denial of it is. Your refusal to love it is your problem. All that you
exclude is resistance to your Self. Stop judging your ego. Start
embracing your ego. Take your gaze away from condemning , and begin to
shine your awareness, within the act of love, upon it.
To focus on your feelings is to focus on your awareness within. To focus
on experience is to focus on both within and without. To experience is
. You are . To focus on experience is to focus on your

The world of matter is limited. It is relatively stagnant. Think of
the world of matter as a single particle. See the empty space around the
particle as experience, you. You are the empty space around the
particle, therefore the particle is part of what you are, not all of
what you are. The particle is part of your creation. You are the empty
space and the particle, but only when you focus on the empty space,
rather than the particle. You are your focus as this is your experience.
You are experience. When you are in remembrance of what you are, you
are in a state of consciousness. When you focus on the particle as what
you are, you become limited and forgetful of your true nature. But,
this is a choice you have made, to be the particle. To experience the
particle is to be the particle. You are experience. You are
consciousness. You are love, as love is a choice of consciousness. You
are moving into a dream, a reality where the name of the game is to
experience yourself as love, not ego. Love is a part of consciousness.

Love is part of what you are. But it is not the totality of what you
are. You are experience, and experience is infinite. Love is but an
experience of what you are, but you are even more than love. Love is an
experience, it is an act, a choice. Love is all of these things, but you
are experience, and that is even more. You are God, the experience of
God, the exhaled hallelujah of God. As God, you created the ego. This
you did to experience yourself by experiencing your creation. Just as
the “God” “above” created you. You have experienced your ego. You have
had much experience through the creation and immersing your self within
this creation, the ego.

You are now going through the process of pulling out of this
immersion. As you do this, you become aware of more surrounding you. You
become more conscious because you become aware of more. All that
surrounds you is YOU. So, as you become aware of more surrounding you,
you open the gateway to that which you become aware of being you also,
and your consciousness expands. The ego creates matter. Whether your ego
or the ego of the Universe, or the ego of the Cosmos. So, to embrace
your ego is to embrace all ego, and you become more united to the
Universe and to the Cosmos. This is a big step to take to rediscovering
the truth of who and what you are. You are experience. With this
expanded awareness of ego, you become expanded. To embrace your ego, to
choose to love your ego as your creation, you expand to love the
Universe, the Cosmos. To love is to become one with. To become one with
is to expand. To love is to expand. But you expand even beyond this.

Expansion is your purpose. Expansion is perceived change, as
expansion is a different focus, encompassing more than that which was
perceived before. You will reach a point where you are all that is once
again, to a pure state of experience. Until that is
accomplished, you will experience time; past, present and future. Time
is getting shorter. Time is squeezing itself tighter, becoming more
narrow. This is because your vibrations are becoming tighter, closer
together, a process moving you to timelessness. As your vibrations
consolidate, time shrinks, consolidates as well. There seems to be less
of it, because there is less of it, until it is no longer. Consider your
experience of less time a marker for you that you are closer to
timelessness. Tonal is simply the unity of all vibration, the end of
vibrations being separated. Just as experience is unity, of which your
feelings are a part. To consolidated one is to consolidate both.

In this way, vibration and feeling become tools for your creative
ability. They become the paints you use to paint your dream, your
reality. There are more tools than these of course, but for now, we will
stay focused on these two tools as they more directly relate to the
concept of who and what you are in a more expanded state, a more cosmic
state. The more cosmic you are, the more expanded you are. To limit your
awareness to matter, to the particle is to limit your self perception.
You are all of it, and the particle exists within the soup of the empty
space. You are the particle and the empty space. But your awareness has
been fixed on the particle for so long, it is a good exploratory
experience to focus now on the empty space, for this then opens your
awareness to both. You become expanded. Your awareness now is beyond the
particle, beyond matter, beyond your human . Your body has become
expanded. Your body is now infinite, as the empty space is infinite.

As your body expands, your ego expands. It travels with you as long
as your focus is on the Universe or the Cosmos. There is still perceived
matter, and where there is matter there will be some form of ego.
Embrace ego, as it is part of who you are, and part of what you are as
experience. Without your ego you would cease to have experience. You are
experience. This is the part of God, of Source that you are. You are
the experience of God. You are consciousness. Consciousness experiences.
But it is still much more. This is how vast you are. You are so vast
that you will never complete your experience of your Self, although you
are always complete.

As you focus on the empty space, as this becomes your experience, you
are no longer limited to the human vessel in which you sit. Where you
sit then, is within the empty space, carrying with you your immense
experience as being matter. This is now part of who and what you are, so
you carry all of matter with you. You are then the empty space and the
particle, matter. As you become both, your body expands to be all of it.
Your body becomes the Cosmos. You do not need to remember this, it
happens automatically, every time you focus on the empty space. Simply
by placing your awareness on the empty space, it becomes you. All matter
is connected to the empty space. Therefore, your body becomes all of
the Cosmos, contained within an infinite body, which is difficult to
comprehend by the mind. Allow your mind, your creation of the ego, which
has been you, the limited you that you have been playing with, to have a
graceful journey. Your mind is fully capable of accepting the existence
of the empty space of the Universe, and for many even the Cosmos. Just
simply focus on the empty space, all the rest is automatic.

As you focus on the existence of the empty space within the Universe,
the Cosmos, imagine this as that which fills the container of your
human vessel. For this is truth. Embrace this as part of what you are.
You are the Cosmos. The Cosmos is your creation. It is your playground
to be God, to be experience. You are experience. This is who and what
you are. You choose your experience. You always choose the experience
that will free you from limitation. This act is an act of . You are
birthing your creation, your ego. Your ego is birthing its creation,
your mind, this is a microcosm in itself. The macrocosm is you as
totality and nothing less. Part of this totality is the Cosmos, your
creation also. You created the Cosmos for experience. You are
experience. You created the Cosmos to experience you. You are the
experience of God. God created you to experience God. You are also God,
but also a part of God as well. You are both, as you are infinite,
either through a microscope or a telescope.

Start being the telescope. See yourself as the empty space. Increase
the colors of your palette. This will allow you to paint more expanded
dreams, realities. It is at this juncture the use of becomes
powerful. Anything prior to this is simply fantasy. It will be our next
exploration to look at fantasy and how it differs from imagination.