When you are present, you are love, and there’s nothing you can
do about it.

You radiate love in the same way that a candle flame
radiates and it has nothing to do with who or what you love.
Humanity has become hopelessly lost in love. We lose ourselves in the
object of our love and in the process, we lose ourselves. We disconnect
from the source of the love, which exists at the very center of our

Then we feel a certain kind of emptiness, because we have
moved away from the center. We are afraid of the emptiness, and so we
relentlessly pursue love outside of ourselves. We want to be loved. We
in love. We lose ourselves in the object of the love, which takes
us further from the center. Eventually, we become so lost in the pursuit
of love and all the hope, pain, fear and attachments associated with
it, that we can no longer be present. And if we cannot be present, we
cannot find our way back to the source of the love, which is at the very
center within us.

The truth is that if you love anyone or
anything, it simply means that you are love. The one you are in
the moment might be lovable, but the source of the love is always within
you. If another loves you, do not take it too personally. It simply
means that the other is love. If I am present and I am love, and you are
present and you are love, then why do I need you to love me? Why do you
need me to love you? The truth is that we do not need to be loved, for
if we are present, we are love. So let us hold hands, and gaze together
upon this wondrous world with love.

Love everything. Love the
dogs. Love the children. Love the trees. Love your wife or husband. But
it is because you are love.