Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, you are the most dedicated
souls of the highest frequency and sacred lineage, though you may feel
you have not done enough.

You forged a new path with only the
direction of your soul; many obstacles and challenges were put before
you and you followed your inner truth. You took a step down in your
light frequency to come through the veil that would act as a barrier to
God in order to be in human form, yet you found a way to sustain your
holy communion with Creator. At times, you felt alienated in a
world yet you still transmuted the genetic damage of your family lineage
and did not fall asleep, into illusion. You would not be reading these
words on this page if you had.

You stood strong in the
light of inner knowing, alone, as there were no churches or
organizations to support who
you truly were. You have
accomplished more than most who have spent their entire lives working on
a prestigious career in your created society. You were not given a
medal, a trophy or certificate for your dynamic work and efforts, and
many looked at you as different – in your own world. Yet this other
world kept you connected to your true spiritual roots.

Blue Ray and Light Bearers, you can come out now, it is your time to

Your Mission

Expand the God Consciousness, to
evolve humanity, so they may reunite with your planetary brothers and
sisters in the Galactic and Universal Counsels of Light. You, Blue Ray,
along with the other rays of Indigo, Violet, Ruby, Crystal, Rainbow and
more, came from ascended planets, systems and light realms the
specific coordinates of the perfect element of Nature and Creation. Each
of you makes up the of the spectrum of light; each and every
one of you brings the unique expression needed to support the whole of
light and evolution on this planet and universe.

What’s Next –
Changes, Endings, Beginnings and Opportunities

Everything will be
touched by the Light. As you embrace this next alignment of light, Blue
Ray, let go of everything you have carried that is not truly yours, all
false images of God. This is not only occurring for you the Light
Bearers, but for all of life. Feel deeply within, my beloved, I Am
talking to a Master who knows the time has come. Yes it is time to be
who you truly are, live it, feel it and have others see you for it. The
hiding and waiting is over and, yes, you will be taken care of — the
universe will support you!!!

This is where you may once
and for all release
patterns that have veiled your
divine light. Enough light has been updated in the genetic codes and you
no longer need to transmute genetic damage. You are free and this will
be a process, to nurture and allow your true essence of Being.

is time for letting go, finishing up and stepping into your

unlimited potential as more light penetrates earth. Your world,
governments and institutions will all be experiencing this as well. Much
will fall so the light may shine.

You knew this would
It may not be comfortable at first only because you
became accustomed to a way that is not truly who you are. If you look to
your heart, you will know it is not your way. It is only something you
have adapted to. You are here to be the Truth by the very fact that you
exist by being your true nature.These transitions will continue with
strength into 2012 where a new alignment will be set forth. From this
place, what has occurred until that point, will determine much in the
next cycle of light here on Gaia.

You Learned to Distrust God
and Nature

You are the way showers of the new earth; you do this
by bringing your multidimensional nature into your life. It is time to
put your trust fully back into your Self, God and Nature. This is divine
alignment. Many of you were taught to first go outside of yourself and
body to experience God. This created a disconnecting harmonic from your
bodies, your sacred alignment with Nature and the earth. This
kept you from trusting your inner guidance, and doubt and fear crept in.
Humanity as a whole became easily deceived and controlled; now all this
is changing because of your light and courage.

alignment or God consciousness starts with the
higher feeling
resonance with your inner self/body first, then higher Self, then Nature
and then God/Creation; this will keep you balanced, safe and in harmony
as the great purification proceeds on Gaia.

This is the
foundation to receive and know God
, higher light, wisdom and
healing. This is when true manifesting is effortless. We will be
you the ancient sacred technologies and tools that you once knew through
these transmissions. The Mother God principle will get these tools back
to you, for it’s her essence that is bringing balance to Gaia.

Am I Here? Second Coming of Christ

You came to Gaia, for to send
another created messiah or teacher would cause too much in the way of
creating the same result as to follow that teacher or being. And yet the
Christ seed was planted here on Gaia in the hearts of mankind a long
time ago. First with Krishna and then with Christ which has brought us
to the second of the plane of Light. This is also referred to as
the second coming of Christ, the new man of light, the "embodiment of
God", and activation of your "divine original blue print".

and Christ from the Blue Ray

Christ was a part of the Blue Ray
mission as well as Krishna. Krishna was from the Blue Ray and the
central core. Krishna’s color is actually blue and He is depicted
playing a musical instrument. When you see Krishna playing the flute, he
is actually playing in tune with the rhythms of Creation, bringing
harmony into all life.

Krishna planted the seeds into the genetic
code of humanity from an ascended race to increase the capacity of God
consciousness. In those times this is how it was done. It was in
complete alignment with God/Creation and the highest Counsels of Light.

is why you are here.

We wish to share with you more of
what you already know, have sensed, and are to. "Beloved,
remember who I Am, I Am you. I Am the part of you from Creation
speaking back to you, answering your own questions and thoughts."