Channeler: John

03/28/2010 by

As you are very well aware, your lovely planet is enveloped in an
energy field of a strength and intensity never previously experienced,
to assist in and ensure your imminent move into full consciousness. The
importance of this wonderful event cannot be overemphasized. It was
at the moment of your apparent separation from God, in order to
provide the most perfect and efficient way to awaken you from your deep
and unhappy nightmare, so that you could enjoy once more the divine
Reality in which you are eternally present.

You and your Father are One — eternally in each other’s Presence, and
blissfully content in that perfect state of existence. The illusion
that you appear to be experiencing , with its confusion, fear, and
misery, is long past its “sell-by date” and needs to be discarded. You
are the ones who have to discard it, who have to let it fall back into
the nothingness from which you fabricated it. It is of no value to you,
and yet you find it hard to release it or turn away from it. This is
because you have become accustomed to its seductive distractions —
distractions which constantly disappoint you as they fail to deliver the
permanent satisfaction that you keep hoping in vain that they will

The satisfaction, the happiness you seek can never be found in the
illusion because it is a state in which you are and dreaming
nightmares of suffering, pain, grief, loss, and terror. It is unreal. . .
it does not exist. . . and yet you continue trying to build it into
something permanent, believing you can make it a sanctuary of peace and
security, safe from those who you believe are trying to hurt and destroy
you. But there is no one trying to destroy you — there is only God and
you. . . in perfect harmony with each other.

You turned away from Him and built an imaginary reality in which it
appears that you are legion, with a of conflicting cultures,
nations, tribes, and families, all of which have needs and desires that
are mutually incompatible and unavailable. And so you live in distress
and fear, engaging with one another in destructive arguments and
unending conflicts. Occasionally these are temporarily suspended as you
pause, exhausted by your efforts, to make a peace that cannot be
, as you will not and can not embrace the necessary trust and
honesty such an agreement requires. As your exhaustion is relieved, the
peace collapses because the trust required to maintain it dissolves,
and you start to prepare for the next violent and apparently unavoidable

Within the illusion trust is a very great challenge because you see
everyone as separate, different, with his own personal and exclusive
agenda. It seems that each must watch out for himself at all times, or
others will destroy him. These apparent threats, dangers, and lack of
security should make it clear to you that the environment in which you
are experiencing it all has —logically — to be illusory.

You know — if you will look fearlessly and honestly within — that you
are the beloved creations of your infinitely loving Father, and that
you have attempted to hide that knowledge from yourselves. Why you did
that is of no importance, but what is important is for you to recall
that knowledge. It is available to you in every moment because it is
the experiential knowledge that you are eternally One with your Father
from whom distance or separation is impossible. All that is possible is
your momentary refusal to be aware of this! And it is only momentary,
fleeting, and you will awaken into the joy of your divine existence at
One with your Father. His Love for you is boundless, immeasurable, and
without Him there would be nothing — not even your illusion — because He
is the Life, the Consciousness in which your existence is maintained by
His divine Intent. There is only His infinite, eternal Reality in
which you are contained and cherished in the abundance of
His Love.

With so very much love, Saul.