Channeler: Hansabubbles

The is here. You can fulfill your dreams now. You are but
to allow into your existence that which makes you feel happy and joyful.
To express the aspect of your inner most selves is for
your wildest dreams. What do you want, what do you want to experience,
what are your dreams and wishes? Where do you want to live and how do
you wish to spend the greater of your day? If you have not allowed
yourself the freedom to dream, it is time to begin the process for it
cannot come to you unless you have created it first within the recesses
of your hearts desire.

There are stages to the execution of a dream. First you must decide
what you wish, then you must simply place your attention upon that wish
fulfilled and that vision within your heart. As you activate it
with movement within the dream, you shall give it life and breath. See
yourself in the of your dream doing what you love to do. Notice
the freedom you feel expressing yourself in this manner. Notice those
around you are benefitting from your joy. It is contagious.

Stand within your heart center and activate now the dreams you have
so repressed. They are yours; accept your power as the divine being
you are. Your life outcome is in your so begin accepting the
responsibility that nothing happens from outside yourself; ALL begins
within YOU. You can no longer place the cause of your circumstance
outside of yourself and upon others, or the government, your job or your
parents, etc. It is all YOU. This being so, it is completely within
YOUR power to change where you are and what you experience. YOU created
it and YOU can change it. Your life is a blank slate from this moment on
and you can begin to paint your life as you prefer it to be. Imagine
your most life of peace and joy. It is here. It is here.

At this very moment others are trying to reach you from their heart
to yours. There is an awakening occurring and humanity wants to
re-connect with itself in order to feel the wholeness that we are. There
is great energy here to support this movement and many of you can feel
it. Something is different you say. Something is happening you feel.
Yes, the other aspects of yourselves are awakening and reaching out for
the other parts to merge into the oneness, the whole. You see, there is
no separation and there are no limits at all.
Dream the most outrageous life you ever dared imagine. Become as big and
as powerful in your own life that you have always been. Watch as
humanity transforms itself into its magnificence.

May The Blessings Be