Message from the Archangel Michael accompanied by Ashira*

Archangel Michael

let us begin.  It is coming toward you at a speed which is simply hard
to imagine even; this new human existence which is being formed by the
elevation of your own beings into the soul oriented, personality-less
human.  At times you find yourselves awakening to things which you
imagine to be the most amazing experience that you have ever known and I
tell you now, you are just beginning to sense what is possible for
yourselves and amidst the energies you are orienting to lately: YOU ARE
SENSATIONAL.  And you have hardly begun to realize this.

I use
this word, so sexy and filled with charisma for that is the kind of
larger than life zing that your emerging energies will when
tapped and flowing through you, residing in you cells and permeating
your energy field.  It will create a radiance of self that is magnetic,
profoundly comforting as you embody so much love, and powerfully
creative.  What a mix!  You are dawning upon the beginning of a new age
on the planet Earth and the awakening of this magnificence within you
will open the doorway to transformation of your planet and your
structures, your process and your systems, your experiences, your
relationships, your “families” your way of choosing and collaborating –
all of culture and lifestyle will evolve; and rapidly to align
with these new frequencies…being layered upon the dimension in which you

The only invitation that is needed by you to match these
expansive energies and bring them into being in your own experience, is
oddly enough, appreciation of your seemingly exhausted, drained and
highly un-cooperative much of the time body!  Your physical vessel,
despite its seemingly stick-in-the-mud ability to move forward and
“lacking” the same passion and ambition you have experienced in the
past, IS despite all evidence to the contrary, coming along with you! 
That is, after all, the experiment!  To bring your body forth into an
integrated fashion; to shed the personality and instead of once and a
while tuning into your intuition, also known as your soul’s guidance,
you will instead release all that is NOT soul, and the soul will shine
through the physical vessel and the emergence of this will be nothing
short of sensational!  {But I am stealing Ashira’s thunder…}


are Ashira, unified in light and love and here to herald the new
age…and the Archangel Michael speaks of that which we sing of, and YES,
this metamorphosis will result in the emergence of the New Human. 

These letters should be shimmering and radiating light…don’t you think

Archangel Michael

Yes I do! 


The new human comes into
being so that Earth, may create new.  The planet and you are one and the
same from a cellular and organism perspective, you even share a unified
consciousness—attuned to one another and deeply influenced by one
another.  Resilient and informed, the planet and you live in a highly
creative and collaborative existence already.  It is only for
you to realize that the glory you see around you in nature also is the
glory of your physical vessels, and the Archangel Michael and I have
come together at this time, blending our perspective to invite you
realize what will ease and accelerate all that is transpiring:

time has come to embrace your bodies.

Archangel Michael

have SUCH disdain for these amazing physical forms.  IT is SO cliché in
your experience to realize that you despise your bodies that speaking
to you of this in such a way that truly penetrates that high tolerance
you have adjusted to for hating your bodies so much, is an enormous
challenge even for me. {Smile}

Aha!  I’ve got your attention

Beyond the of who you are is an all inclusive
energy, beyond form and even beyond thought.  This layer of
consciousness would be hard for you to even conceptualize, but it is
highly creative and vibrant and it is this layer of consciousness in
which manifestations happen almost immediately, that we ask you to
consider when realizing your body.  The consciousness in your body is
connected to this layer and receives communication and information well
before you consciously do.

Let us re-introduce you to your body
and share some of the amazing testimonial from our fellow galactic
leaders, ascended masters, and others deeply devoted and attuned to the
ascending energy of your planet and remind you of the awe you might
allow yourself to feel for your body.

This body is, already, in
another dimension, highly revered.  The Earth would not be nearly so
delicious a destination were it not for the body’s ability to sense and
give the inner sense, the soul, an experience of the planet that is distinct,
and multi-dimensional itself

We ask you then, to
realize that your body is the vessel for your soul to ascend and
participate in this glorious upon the Earth as she shifts in
, aligning with the center of the Milky Way and arises into a
consciously unified energy field, creating thereby a new platform for
creation for all of the Omniverse and in so elevating all of you,
elevate the entire Omniverse in an ongoing and nearly continuous ripple
throughout the All-That-Is of late, invigorating everything.

who or shall I say, WHAT bears the brunt of so much of this beautiful,
splendid, awe-inspiring among all non-physical beings, squeal for joy
thing which we are all following with rapt attention?  YOUR BODY. 

of course, that your soul is well acquainted with all of these aspects
of non-duality, unified consciousness, love, light, etc.  It is the
cells and the consciousness within the cells of your body which is
rising to the occasion and as such giving you a grand and glorious
entrance as one of the few, the proud, the New Humans!

your body, which by the way, you created—chose the gene pool and the
parents, chose the “birthplace” and the time/space moment to enter the
game—you would be one of us, out here, watching the game, blessed and
honored that such brave beings are making all of this possible, sending
them love and strength, signs and encouragement, messages and healing
energies…but you would not be the center of our awe filled attention. 
This is the result of this amazing amalgamation between you, the
inspired and select soul, and this amazing body you chose specifically
for this journey.  THIS JOURNEY—the Ascension Journey. 

You choose
a body which is robust, deeply resourced, resilient,
informative…perfectly suited for your experience.  So, now that we’ve
established and applauded your of body and the body’s own amazing
consciousness in so many wise and constantly attuning cells, let us
turn our attention to the most significant alignment process
underway—that of you and your body.

Your body is already
acclimating to the emerging and evolving Earth energies.  There is no
need even for conversation or a memo—your body IMMEDIATELY gets what’s
happening on the Earth, what energies are coming in, what those energies
are instructing the body to do—release this, give rise to
that—and the body is all over this activity pretty much in unison with
the energies even beginning to move toward you.  There is instantaneous
communication between your body and All-That-Is.

So, if you are
wondering what’s up with the planet, what’s up with the energies lately,
in addition to listening to your , reading channeled messages,
talking with others sharing the path, paying attention to your dreams,
journaling, divining with the Tarot or the I-Ching…why not also, if you
are not already, spend some time getting to know your body’s point of
view on things?

You spend so much time understanding your
emotions, your relationships, learning to “quiet” your mental state,
working with your light bodies…how well do you know your vessel?  How
easily can you repair it, yourself, when it is feeling a little out of
whack?  When it sends you a signal it’s on overdrive do you notice? 
Giving it a rest? 

Ah my beloved ones…the clues are so much closer
than you typically think or notice.  All is within your grasp.  All is
within your experience.  Go beyond surrendering to the
process…go out and meet it.

Your body invites you to join it in
ascending with the Earth.  It is well on its way, the connection to
All-That-Is clear and sustained…perhaps there are some things that will
assist you in attuning yourself to your body. {Big smile!}

isn’t that easy and wonderful?  A little kit for how to manage through
all of this, right with you all the time.  And you don’t even need to
know the details…they will all become clear in hindsight.  Just let go,
listen to your body, look out of those beautiful eyes and enjoy the

Oh, and every once in a while, take notice of your
audience…cause we’re loving the whole thing and are happy to live
vicariously through you, and enjoy the giant waves you’re sending our
way.  The surfing has been mighty excellent thanks to all of you.

Joy Joy.  Just thought I’d cheer for a minute before I close by
reminding you…I AM the Archangel Michael, here with Ashira who is
serenading you as we speak, just to remind you, that YOU, my sensational
friends, are profoundly and in all ways, already loved.  Take note of
this. {Ashira likes my pun}.  We certainly hope you are having at least
as much fun as we are.

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