09 Mar 2010 02:05 PM PST

Dear Ones,

Brenda is not certain that she has any information for you , but we will
tell you that today’s blog is quite dramatic in terms of your future on earth.
Let us begin.

In our last blog we discussed how acceptance of yourself and others is a key
element during this two-week period following the full moon. Perhaps you are
already noting that issues that irritated you in the not-so-distant past are
becoming humorous.

A bit like the “noisy” neighbor who is beginning to endear herself to you.
Your noisy neighbor constantly provides you with in-depth information that she
thinks will be of interest to you or is to her. But instead of irritating you,
you are beginning to find value in her observations. Once you find the value,
you will realize how fun her constant need to provide you with her latest tidbit
of information is. And then you will find yourself labeling your noisy neighbor
as a crime stopper or in a similar beneficial fashion. Your perspective has
shifted from irritation to welcoming.

So it will be for those who have irritated you in the past. Perhaps
we should
delineate that last statement just a bit. If you sense the emerging
humor in
their actions and do not feel the need to run when they appear, those
will, in all likelihood, remain in your life for some time. There are
others who
make you feel dull and heavy whenever you are in contact with them.
Those are
the individuals who will soon leave your life.

The shift in perspective we discussed in our last blog is for those
you wish to retain in your life. There will be some relationships you
will find
too repulsive to continue. Those relationships will be noted via your
when you are in their presence and thereafter. Do you feel
Tired? Angry? Or any of the other feelings you no longer wish to feel to
degree? Then it is time to move on.

Those people who are to remain in your life have or soon will be seen
by you
in a different light. Their activities and former irritating behaviors
will now
seem fun or even become nonexistent given the joy the two of you
experience in
each other’s company.

Let us be more concise. You have reached the place in this New Age
shift in
which you now know who is to remain in your life. You have always had
skill.  It is just that you have never had this skill to the degree that
you now
have. And in the Old Age, you had difficulties trusting this skill
because of
your society’s need to control actions that you were capable of

We promised you a New Age tool kit. Your ability to discern who is
appropriate for you is one of your major New Age tools.

While it is true that you have always created your own reality, that
was often a “hit or miss” experience. Perhaps you wished to experience
anger so
you created a “mish mash” of anger possibilities and accessed them all
to a
certain degree knowing that one of them would be the key to that lesson.

You are now much more focused. You do not have the time nor the
interest to
throw a number of lessons “out there” hoping that one will your
Because of the recent energy shifts, you now will create the perfect
lesson for
the areas you are interested in. And by creating the perfect lesson, you
move through each lesson much more rapidly.

You will know the perfect lesson by the feelings you access when you
are with
that person or in that environment. You will feel light and bright even
it might appear to be an uncomfortable situation. By the same token, if
you are
exposing yourself to lessons that are not necessary or not appropriate
to your inner being, you will feel dull and heavy.

Your New Age lessons are to be in joy, rather than pain. So listen to
inner being and follow its dictates. Despite outward appearances, your
lessons will be learned in joy if you listen to your feelings – and then
act on
those feeling skills.

If you are somewhere or with someone who makes you feel dark and
heavy, you
are not with the person or in the environment necessary for you to learn
new joy lessons. Rather, you are in an environment of pain that will
feel less
and less comfortable as you move further into the New Age.

Listen to your inner being and go for the joy. That is your key New

To do otherwise is to try to continue in pain when pain is no longer
necessary or appropriate. You have a new tool kit and we are going to
help you
access it. The first tool is that of listening to your inner being and
it will
tell you if you are throwing a number of balls in the air hoping that
one will
be the lesson you wish to experience; or if you have honed your skills
to the
point that you easily and gracefully move from one lesson to the other.

Listen to your inner voice. Trust your inner voice. And learn to
giggle and
play with joy with the best of them. This is your first New Age tool kit
So be it. Amen.

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