We are indeed embarking on a new cycle. A new
cycle called 2010. It is the entrance into what is recognized as “a New
Year”. Each new year; new cycle is the result of the culmination of all
prior cycles. Cycles are segmented periods between two points…which we
recognize as “time”; having a beginning and an end. It is within these
two points that we experience our own cycles. Are we affected by the
general cycle defined by the known as a “year”? Yes indeed…why?
Because we are wired into the cycles of the turning wheel.

Each cycle has its own theme; its own guidelines, its
own rules by which the collective human experience is mapped. Simply put
there are some base guidelines for operating in this system. The
questions is, are we confined to the motion of this wheel; are we tied
to the movement and the conditions of this wheel; this blueprint. No!
However it is an essential guideline for the navigation of the dreaming
human; it is an integral part of the game. It is a fundamental
technology set in place for the navigation of the entire human

We speak of ancient engineers and
architects but never do we speak of programmers. As humans we fear the
thought of a drop in the “value” principles which we have placed on
ourselves as humans. The thought of accepting the realization that we
operate in these uniquely engineered vehicles scares most as there is
that sense of losing value. To become of such truths will actually
open one up to the “observer” that you are, as you are only driven
around in your body/vehicle.

There is a great
technology at work and it is from this technology that we build our
computers and our machineries. We speak of the Mayan Calendar and the
calculations done by indigenous groups on the planet including the
Sumerians and the Dogons, they speak of cycles. They speak of Gods, they
speak of those from the Sky, but what and who are these forces that
seem to enter this virtual world? Yes our virtual reality. How is the
“space” called reality truly being run, what is the cosmic technology
behind it. Do you want to know or are you simply satisfied with the fact
that you were engineered by another set of beings? What is it that was
engineered, was it simply the vehicle/body?

certainly…as consciousness cannot be engineered however the mind
connected with the vesicle can be overshadowed or blocked due to the
design of the vehicle/body. One might say well if it is only the body
that has been engineered then why can’t I simply jump into a greater
awareness? Well there is difficulty as humans have convinced themselves
that they are completely their body. So all that is accessed is the
programming of the body which is genius in terms of the extensive data
that it holds and from which it runs itself.  

body is then wired into the cycles which produce the concept we view as
“linear time”. How is time “generated” in this turning wheel? An
essential question that should be asked by those who are ready to step
outside of their human programming for just a moment so that you can see
more of the intricacies of this world you are in. Amazing,
amazing, amazing! Scientists and others will tell you that you can’t see
it but

I am here to tell you that you can see it
once you can step outside of your program, not just your individual
program but the collective human program. I will say this to you the
current program being offered by this unfolding cycle is one of the
“group mind” concept disguised as the “enlightenment” idea of merging
into “oneness”. There is oneness always but not necessarily a complete
integration which would set aside the individualized aspect of core
consciousness. This individualized aspect as imagined by core
consciousness is essential in the movement of its imagination through
all of its .

Now will there be some who
will participate in this Borg consciousness? Most definitely! Remember
that the potentials and possibilities are endless. You are part of a
vast imagination machine. Is your fate sealed to move in this direction?
No! Each of us is the face of “core consciousness”, we are each
paradoxically core consciousness. Many would have you sign on for the
“no choice” rule. Choice however is an intricate science as all choices
being made by the dreaming human is tied to a vast stream of inherited
codes and programs from which we each operate. This exceeds time and
space as we know it to be.

The idea of being an
awakened being requires so much more than the illusion by which many so
termed “conscious people” are willing to explore. Well you might say,
Sonia do you consider yourself to be an awakened being…well I will say
this, I have discovered great many truths and continue to discover and
awaken to knowledge that reminds me of just how deeply we have fallen
asleep and that there is no room for complacency in my growth. Your
journey and your desires may not be the same as mine and that’s ok. You
are not running out of time no matter what anyone tells you. Neither do
you need to spend your time trying to save the planet and chant for
. Those are all external approaches and as always the greatest gift
that you can give to this game is to focus on your own realization and
your own awakening to yourself…you represent the whole! But should you
desire to experience the game from that perspective you are of course
welcome to that experience. You are here to enjoy yourself in whatever
way unfolds in your mind…all levels of emotions. You don’t have to be
anything for anyone!  

This upcoming cycle will
bring new health issues as this programming is part of the cyclic theme
unfolding. This has been in the making…an insert into the minds or the
wiring of humans for the past few years. The health care bill is simply a
code that will impact the entire planet as all nations will review
their health care policies. This involves all people; those practicing
alternative health and those practicing conventional medicine. There
will be battle between the two minds and those in the alternative health
consciousness will not realize that they too are part of the game.
There is fear of germs, viruses, nihi and so many more new health scares
that will be in store for the human mind. Many people will be
distracted and become obsessed with staying healthy; we will argue over
raw food or vegetarian, fruitarian or pescaterian…oh this is going to be
funny! We are already doing this so this will be turned up a notch. We
are a gullible group but don’t beat yourself up, this is all part of the
dance. I have played it too and am recovering from it.  

Learn to do whatever it is you do simply because you
want to not based on an over abundance of fear otherwise you will create
more of what you don’t want.

Don’t set yourself
up with New Year’s resolutions and then feel like a failure when you are
not able to comply. Remember that 2010 can be different. You can
utilize the programming associated with this cycle and begin a
transition beyond the “linear time” programs designed for the human
experience. 0 Point is not the final point contrary to what is
“believed”. Let’s discover more in this fascinating expedition we call
“reality”. Have a profound 2010! Much love to you all, my fellow

©2010 Sonia Barrett