I am Kuthumi-Agrippa and I come forward upon the rays of love
and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the
blessings of transformation, transmutation, ascension and delightful
blessings. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and
pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this
day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and within the
hands of God.

Beloved Lightworkers the time is rapidly coming to
the point where all energies must unite in one dynamic force of love,
drawing this source from the centre of the light of Father/Mother God.

and every one of you hold within you a sacred signature of divinity
and truth. It is these signatures, which must now merge to create the
collective signature, which will break down the Illuminati Matrix,
enabling us to fully anchor the new Emerald Ray of Love and Truth.

and every step that you take upon your pathway of healing and becoming
more profoundly aware of yourself allows for these dynamic new
energies to root themselves firmly within the matrix of the Collective
Consciousness, however, because so many of the human race are still
trapped within the Illuminati Matrix it is vital that each of you rise
dynamically into the realms of greater awareness, and a more expanded
knowledge of the potential which lies inside of you.

Now the
Illuminati Matrix consists of all those energies and programmes which
were created deliberately by those in power who chose not to release the
truth, for they feared it would disempower them, leaving them standing
without that which they so deeply desire. 

The truth about
power is that it is not something that you possess, it is something
which is naturally inside of you which you express, and the dynamics of
that empowered soul touches the hearts of others allowing for the same
empowerment process to unfold for them. To possess power is to own
another’s light which is not in accordance with the higher realms of

It is vital that you understand that these who we
call the Illuminati are those who are motivated by the seven vices of
your world. These vices disempower the collective, and disempowers the
individual motivated by these qualities. Although they do not
immediately see it, the time has come now where the dawning of this new
world of light will expose these darker aspects of themselves and they
will fall. 

It is vital that this fall occur so that each and
every soul can take back their rightful position. Although this will
happen, the fall that is, there are still many who will not take
advantage of the opportunity to embrace their power, therefore, the
responsibility lies upon you, the awakened ones, to empower yourselves
more than ever before in order to hold the full capacities of light
available to you, in order to carry the ancient signatures of truth into
your future so that can come into manifestation.

Promised Land is the world in which you will find yourself where
others of like heart, like mind and like spirit join together in a
collective community of love rebuilding the paradigms of truth and
creating the pathways where others will find their way to their truth.
Do not despair for those who will not take advantage of this
opportunity for it is a part of their divine plan, it is part of their
journey to understand what living in the dark world means. The dark
world is the world where the seven vices rule, where there is the
absence of love, the absence of understanding, in other words the world
of ignorance. 

You have moved beyond these dimensions of
control, although there are still parts of you governed by these
Illuminati imprints you now have the opportunity to rise way above it,
and from your higher perspective able to observe how these dynamics
play out in the lower worlds. This means your lower ego will undergo a
massive transformation so that you may transcend that world and
discover the higher aspects of your most dynamic self. 

still have a blueprint, an imprint governed by the Spirits of the seven
planets which channel through you. This blueprint is what determines
your fate and your karma in each and every incarnation you incarnate
into, however, what makes this timeline different is that you have the
opportunity to rise above the constant turning of that wheel of fate.
Now you move from fate into destiny, and although there are still
challenges to be faced, simply because each level presents you with
greater opportunities to grow and better understand yourself, you will
find that with these challenges you have the greater reserves of
courage, inner strength, wisdom, knowledge and love to move through
them, to conquer them and solve them with greater ease, and at a far
more rapid rate than when you were rooted in the old world, in other
words in the Illuminati Matrix.

There is immense change facing
your planet at this time. There are countries in your world which will
undergo very important changes, some of these changes will be violent
ones, however, those who are protected by the realms of light will be
guided to safety zones, therefore, do not concern yourself. However, it
is vital that you are aware and vigilant during these times for this
deconstruction, the dismantling of the Illuminati Matrix must take
place in order for the to rise from the ashes of the old world
and to take the fire power of Spirit into its new level of realisation
within the hearts of those who are now awoken.

Those who are
still to awaken to the dynamics of their greater power will seek you
out, however, as the fall takes place these changes will bring about
the dawning of a new timeline, a new way in which to empower the soul,
freeing it from the majority rule of the lower ego so that the higher
ego has the majority rule.

The Emerald Ray, which we bring
forward now holds the true essence of integrity, fidelity, love and
wisdom. Encased within this Emerald Ray is a magnificent solid gold
cube of light. In the centre of this cube is a star-tetrahedron made of
platinum. The energies emitted from this Platinum Star-tetrahedron
activate the Golden Cube emitting powerful vibrations through the
Emerald Ray, creating the new Illuminated Matrix of the new world, the
new order of light and true love, wisdom and inner courage.

of you will have this Emerald Ray, Golden Cube and star-tetrahedron
activated within your heart chakra. This will be over the next twelve
months and as each month passes you will integrate a deeper level of
this very powerful force of the new source of light, love and wisdom
which you have sought for the duration of the lifetime. Everything you
have experienced up until this point has prepared you for this dynamic
reawakening and reconstruction of a new life form, a form in which the
vehicles of your greater self can safely be constructed, nurtured and

These vibrations emitted through your
will reveal to the higher dimensions you have come, you have awoken,
you have chosen to elevate yourself beyond the constraints of the old
world in order to preserve the ancient wisdom of the true orders of
light, love and wisdom. 

The Emerald Mystery School is one such
vehicle through which these great teachings will be delivered. The
Golden Temple Teachings are the Golden Cube we speak of, and the
Platinum Star-tetrahedron is the held within this channel and
her masculine counterpart which we will energise through these two
physical humans, emitting the light to touch those who travel
physically to the sacred sites and merge their energies as groups at
these places, therefore, each of you who travel in the physical to the
sacred sites with these two people you become extensions of the
Platinum Star-tetrahedron, you are then initiated into the inner realm
of the High Priestess and Priest absorbing an aspect of this Platinum
Star-tetrahedron and becoming a facilitator of these energies, and a
representative of the inner core of the Golden Temple through which
these great teachings will flow.

Each of you will then be
assigned a specific Master and who will carry you
through the initiations the and Priestesses bring forth from
the inner core of the central realm of the core of All
That Is. You will awaken to the inner qualities inside of yourself,
which will lead you in the direction of your destiny so that you as a
representative of this core platinum ray can teach what you have been
designed to deliver in order to empower humanity even further. These
energies will extend their rays to every corner of the Earth, each of
you strategically placed at different geographic locations in order to
hold these lights.

The Fifty-five Flames of St Germain, which
have been recently harvested are bringing forth fine threads of amethyst
and which you too will integrate over time. These
threads will create a sacred weave between your chakras and unite a
magnificent tapestry of a new design, which becomes the Illuminated
Matrix. The Platinum Star-tetrahedron activates the destruction of the
Illuminati Matrix, but know that as you stand together in this powerful
force of energy, you hold the grids which keep those who are already
safe within the safety zones of the higher qualities of the new world.
This is not to say that we are excluding any soul from this pattern, all
we are saying is that those of you who have already stepped into this
higher quality, your position has already been made ready for you. This
opportunity is available to every single soul on the planet, whether
they choose to take advantage of it or not is entirely their individual

Your energies will continue to increase at a highly
rapid rate, therefore, it is vital that you follow your instinct and
your intuition and allow the love of your true self to shine through.
This is a time of breaking down the Illuminati Matrix within yourself
too, meaning that those parts of you that are bound by false belief
systems to that which was constructed which has bound you too the
incessant dramas of the old world, will now begin to fall away. Each
and every energy which is disconnected from the Illuminati Matrix is
then cleansed through the platinum vibrations and reconnected to the
Illumination Matrix where you will take on a new role, a new part of
your destiny as the leaders of the light in the new world of light. You
will create this grid, which will emit some of the most powerful rays
ever to be recorded in the Earth’s spiritual history, far greater than
Atlantis was every able to emit.

The fall of Atlantis is encoded
within the Earth grids, that is when the Illuminati Matrix was first
set in place, therefore, we are returning to the fall of Atlantis, and
that fall will repeat itself in some ways, not to the entirety of its
complete destruction for there are sufficient Lightworkers awoken to
the new world to be able to stand firmly in their light, in their power
and hold these powerful vibrations.

I, Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa,
stand amongst all of you as the King of Solar Archangels. My army of
Solar Archangels will weave amongst you bringing forth the high
vibrations of the golden light, the golden thread of golden love and
wisdom so that the higher order of the platinum ray of knowledge can
come to you.

Each of you are being asked, once I have finished
this transmission that within twenty-four hours of hearing my words
that you take time to go into a place of nature, where you are to sit
in the stillness of nature and you are to align yourself with me,
invoke my presence and that of the Solar Archangels. Call to St Germain
and to the Higher League of the Emerald Ray.

You are to connect
with nature and to open your heart to integrate this Emerald Ray,
calling it into your heart chakra, allowing it to flow through every
fibre of your being, bringing forth the magnificence of your true self
so that you may align more consciously with the Pathway of the
Authentic Ones.

This pathway will open the way for you to follow
in the footsteps of the true Masters of the past, the present and the
future. This is when in nature we will activate the new Emerald Ray,
the Golden Cube and the Platinum Star-tetrahedron. From that day
forward, every month to that day you will integrate a new level. 

time there is a group travelling physically to a different geographic
location, that Platinum Star-tetrahedron will be anchored, rooted,
within the geographic location chosen and becomes the activating energy
within that sacred site over which the Golden Cube will be activated,
and around that the new Emerald Ray. This will then anchor the
qualities of integrity, fidelity and the true love we speak of.

is these energies which must run through the veins of ’s
body to re-energise her, to resuscitate the broken, debilitated,
debased parts of her body which have been abused by the consciousness
of the Illuminati Matrix, therefore, as her body cleanses you will see
parts of the Earth shake, you will see many aspects fall economically,
and in the countries that must now awaken to the light side, however,
the dark side will be exposed first in order for the light to replace
that which has been broken down.

I repeat, do not fear this
process to come, you will all be safe, you will be protected. It is
only those who do not choose to listen, who do not choose to follow and
whose path it is to be a part of the fall who will fall, however, what
you shall witness is simply the physical vehicle undergoing the fall,
the soul will be removed before any harm can be impacted or trauma
impacted upon the essence of their soul. This may sound dire, doomy and
gloomy, however the reality is, precious ones, that you have been
warned of this time to come, this is the beginning of the great end,
for through this great ending the magnificent new beginning comes, but
what comes from it is one of the most magnificent rebirths of the
Earth’s spiritual history.

You are the threads of the new
Illumination Matrix, you are the filaments of light, the sparks of
energy which come off the Emerald Flame, and as you unite, collaborate
and merge with those of like mind, heart and spirit and you strengthen
in numbers you will see the forces of love working through you override
any darkness which tries to reclaim its original place in the world.
The fall has started and here we are with all of you giving you our
solemn promise that all will be well, that this time has come because
it is time.

Not all places on Mother Earth’s body will undergo
these deep shifts, there are many places which will be safe. This is
also part of the rearrangement of the grids of Mother Earth as a
planet, therefore, if you are asked or inspired to move to a completely
different geographic location it is because you are reweaving the
sacred grids, you are realigning the tapestries which create the new
platinum grid of the new world of light, therefore, we celebrate this
magnificent time with all of you, we thank each of you for coming
together at this point and hearing our words, and on the day of the 4th
of April of every year to come over the next ten years there will be a
great celebration of the strengthening of the Illumination Matrix, and
the fourth day of every month for the next two years will strengthen
the energies within Mother Earth’s body. Every sacred site visited by
those holding these energies will amplify the light and intentions of
those who gather in their numbers to bring about the great rise after
the fall.

Many areas have fallen ready, many of the dark
Illuminati Matrix’s strongholds have crumbled, you have seen how this
plays out, therefore, this is why we urge you not to fear what is to
come but to know that you have witnessed some of this, that you will
become more aware of how the darkness that has moved underground so to
speak now is exposed and is coming to the surface, because it has risen
into the light, and this is how the powerful rays of love will love the
Illuminati Matrix to death so to speak. 

So through the
essence of the almighty power of Father/Mother God we extend this
powerful light to each of you, blessing you with these rays, enhancing
your inner courage, your inner strength and drive to truly know
yourself, to expand your awareness of self, your love of self and your
acceptance of self on a whole new level so that these energies can
re-ignite, be resuscitated, be revitalised in order to reconstruct the
divine order of a new world motivated by the higher ego, the higher
qualities of the spirits of everything in existence, no longer governed
by the ignorant worlds of darkness. 

Know that the challenges
that you will face will be from those stuck in the Illuminati Matrix
who will consider your new way of being very threatening, for when you
come into your power it challenges every dark aspect within those who
have not yet achieved the level of self acceptance, self love and self
awareness that you have achieved. 

Do not be destabilised by
these challenges, do not doubt yourself, do not move away from your
courage and your light because these ones challenge your power. Stand
strong within this power because it is through leading by example, by
strengthening that light that you overcome those challenges and you
become the force of love to be reckoned with, the darkness swallowed up
by it and you elevate your energies to higher levels, rising beyond
those debilitating energies which have kept you destabilised,
disempowered, distracted and fragmented in the past. 

accumulation of those fragmented parts of yourself will reconnect at an
accelerated rate, therefore, know that you will see yourself changing
rapidly and within weeks for some of you, you will be a aghast at how
much you are changing, how dramatically your life is changing and it
may feel at times as if you have stepped from one lifetime into another
one within a very short space of time.

It is vital that you
honour your bodies needs, that you do what is necessary now to keep
your body strong, to cleanse it, to feed it with healthy foods, to give
it enough hydration in the form of unpolluted water. Pray, meditate.
Use the powers of nature through sacred ceremonies, rituals and magic
to transform those debilitated parts of yourself. Trust in the Spirits
of nature, the essence of Father/Mother God and the unconditionally
powerful love that comes to you from Source to guide you. Do not rely
on reason and logic alone, there are going to be many times where your
intuition will give you information which defies logic and reason,
listen to this, however you will create a balance between heart, and
mind and this is where you will find your greatest power of
discernment, this is where you will discover how your purpose, your
power and the almighty essence of your fully connected self serves you
and how you will recognise how deeply everything is connected, and how
all of life is one.

When you sit within the silence of nature,
the stillness of the beauty of that which is around you, be it in your
garden or on your patio, or in any place in which you feel safe, loved,
secure and at peace we will be present with you to help you bring
those energies into your body and reconnect with the true understanding
of what being connected to all of life means, and how all is one and
one is all.

So, precious ones, I have given you much information
to ponder and to masticate upon. We ask you to listen to our words
repeatedly, to read them if you prefer and to truly digest what we have
said. Every time you listen to our words or read them, you will
integrate a deeper level of this message. Share this message with
others, spread the light, collaborate, unite and become the powerful
wave of sacred love and wisdom showing those who are still trapped in
the dark that there is a pathway to freedom, however, it is not your
duty to force them, it is only your duty to open a door, to present a
way, and then you are to lead by example allowing them the opportunity
to choose, and that is how a true Master walks the way as an Authentic
One on the pathway to freedom.

May each and every one of you be
blessed with the higher realms of true divine understanding of the
oneness of all that is, and may the infinite eternal source of light
and love, wisdom and truth be one with you for all time. 

that we are with you every step of this way. Know that we are with you
in all ways, always, and that not ever do you walk alone. Trust in the
many invisible arms that hold you, the many invisible hearts that love
you. You are safe, be at peace and celebrate with us.

I am
Kuthumi-Agrippa, King of the Solar Archangels and I greet and bless you
in love. Adonai.