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How ALL Life Changes From Within YOU!

Channeler: Hansabubbles

There is coming your way a vast storehouse of information which can be used in a helpful manner. It begins and ends with each of you in that it is an expression of the divine within yourselves. When two objects of interest come together there is a mutual acceptance of experience. It is this attraction to which we refer. It is the beginning of the next step in your journeys. It is what we choose to call synchronicity. When you step into the life cycle you presently find yourselves, you choose a direction. This direction is being guided by infinite wisdom and love. It is a stage of development that comes to you in a progression or order. In this linear reality you choose to accept experience in a linear order although that is totally not true from our perspective. You see, everything is occurring at the same time and the wonder you see in the moment can be felt in all moments of your existence, past present and even your future.

You are on the brink of discovering who you really are in your power and your own wisdom. You are part of the whole and not separate from the creator. You have total understanding which can be accessed simply by allowing it.

When you observe negative thoughts, you are only judging those thoughts to be unacceptable and then attempt to release them from your experience. If one can rise above the judgment of them being negative and accept they are just another side of the coin of "One", then you can allow them through your consciousness without harm. It is only in the judging of the thought that creates the dam or backup of energy which you feel inappropriate.

From our perspective there is no right or wrong and no right or wrong thought. They are only that, thoughts. When neutralized by love and acceptance they cannot be manifested. Your adherence to this statement will serve as proof in your own reality.

Sounds or vibrations create feelings within the human instrument. They resonate or disturb but all come from the same source, the creator within you. Allowing these vibrations to penetrate your psyche will serve to provide understanding when viewing from a non-judgmental perspective. Simply allow your bodies to feel how they react to the vibration and make choices as to the most harmonious you choose to be influenced by. What is true for one will be disturbing to another. In this physical experience choose only to find that which is harmonious to you and judge not what others desire.

Now, let’s move onto another subject for there is much dissension in the field of energy. It is an extensively talked about phenomenon these days. It is discussed in the areas of healing as well as destruction. Again, we reiterate, the effect is found only in the judgment. All is energy and can be used from any perspective. When viewing from a state of love, the energy can be transformed into that state. The energy judged as detrimental, harmful or unpleasant can be transmuted into the vibration of love simply by adding this attribute to the mix. Do you understand? There is no bad energy, no destructive energy. There is only energy lacking in love. Love transmutes all vibration, therefore all sound.

When you observe your news stories filled with what you call negativity, it is within your power to transmute the energy totally by adding the aspect of love to every situation. You are an important piece of the human puzzle. Your single contribution in this area affects the entirety of human experience. When you rise above the judgment and apply the vibration of love, you are making a change in human evolution. You are increasing the frequency of the planet and her inhabitants by your single perspective of non-judgment. We reiterate. The negativity you see on your news stations is simply an absence of love and you can change that by a simple shift in your own perspective. When enough people shift their perspective, the entire planet will shift into the higher frequency for which she strives.

Your lives, as you see them in this present moment can be changed by a simple shift in the perspective. To add love to every single situation in which you find yourselves can alter your experience in a heartbeat. If you find yourselves short of monetary support, add love and accept it as a loving experience and watch it change. Shift your attention entirely from the lack of something onto something you love and you will attract more of what you love.

If you find your jobs unsatisfactory begin to add love to what you do and love what it is teaching you about yourselves. Begin by loving even one small part of what you do and observe how it attracts more feelings of love. In time you will either love what you do or you will attract a new occupation for vibrations always attract like vibrations. Do you see how you can not attract a job you love doing if you are in the judgmental vibration of dislike. You must first begin to love something and build upon that energy. The love vibration will always win over lower frequencies of negativity, dislike and fear.

There is only one life-sustaining energy in the universe and that is the frequency of Love.

When love is applied to ANYTHING, it changes.

Be In Peace

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The Ascended Twin Flame, Earthquakes, Earthshifts 2010

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Kryon – DNA Revealed

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is a family gathering; at least, that is the way I see it. It's a precious gathering, for if you really truly understood what was happening in this moment, I think you would be surprised. However, it seems so linear. A man sits on a stage, the music plays, and Spirit comes forth... and there is reverence, blessed energy, and respect. That's the way you see it.

What is really going on here is so much bigger, for this day there's an allotment, a permission that you have given for this energy to visit you from the other side of the veil. This doesn't happen without people in front of my partner. He cannot do this alone. He cannot speak out loud with the voice of Kryon unless you are here, and he never has. This should tell you that there are some attributes in the process that require a "give and take," and there are.

You see, from my perspective, the entourage comes in and waits for permission. It's not a man on a stage. It's not necessarily a presentation. It's a reunion. For in the chairs in front of me, and reading and hearing, are ones I have known for eternity. All of you are eternal in both directions. There is no beginning of you. Think of this! That should tell you the essence and the core of what is inside.

In this moment, in these times, in this brief thing you call channelling, there is energy given. It is information in English, but while it is given and while the energy is there, the third language is above you all. It visits every chair and asks the question, "Do you remember?"

The Human Being is not built for total spiritual recall of who you are on the other side of the veil. If we offered empirical proof that this channelling was true, there would be no test at all. In addition, the crowd would be so much larger, you know? If there was proof, everyone would be here. No, instead it requires individuals to go inside and ask for discernment. "Could it be that all that is being presented here is accurate and true? Could it be that it's exactly what Kryon says it is?" This is the discernment we have spoken of often, which the Human Being has available.

So in these moments, there is, indeed, energy flowing from this crack in the veil that you have given permission to open. From that crack pours the energy of home. Just for a moment, with this third language, just for a moment, let it fill your heart. And if you're paying attention, it ought to fill you up with truth that you're more than you think.

All around this planet there is an awakening going on. It doesn't make a big noise, for there are no advertising campaigns or television shows that announce it. Slow, it is. Since 1987, it has been growing, and you feel it. Humanity is more aware of this shift now than ever before. Many around you are starting to accept what you in this room have accepted. Oh, they may not believe what you believe, but they are seeing who you are. They see a peaceful Human Being sitting among those who are in turmoil. They see the way that you handle life and others around you, how that makes a difference. There's a prophet inside each of you and we want to talk about that tonight. It may not seem like we're going to talk about a prophet inside when I tell you the subject, but there is. The subject is again DNA.

So we would like to explain some things, and continue the teaching of only a few weeks ago that we gave in the top part of Earth [northern hemisphere], which we now bring to the bottom [Australia]. But, of course, that's if you look at Earth in a linear, popular way. For who is to say what is up and down? Perhaps it's even left and right? [Kryon smile]
DNA Teaching Continues....

DNA - The very letters ring with the complexity and chemistry of high biological science. In actuality, there is a lot more to it even than science sees, for it is doubtful that science will ever see what I'm about to tell you. There are components of your DNA and attributes that are simply unseeable in 3D. I have told you in the past that what is missing at this moment in scientific endeavor, which would literally change everything, is an instrument that would measure an interdimensional field. Once that instrument or scenario is developed, and it will be, it is the closest thing you'll ever have to proof of all that we speak of. For the instant that instrument is turned upon the various things of the planet, including Human biology, there will be revelation in science, everywhere. Energy that is invisible will appear, or will at least show its shadow. It will then be real, where at the moment it is only conjecture.

Interdimensionality is here today in so many ways. Gravity is an interdimensional force. Magnetism is an interdimensional force. Even light has components of it... all invisible and unexplainable to you at the moment. But like so many other things, you use it every day, and your bodies are also part of it.

Let me explain some things to you that enhance what I've already given. In order to do this, I must review. I will briefly review what I have given before so that I may expound upon it and give you things you have not yet heard.

The Review

To you and science, the very premise of DNA is bio-chemical. That is, what you have in your body, what you believe is responsible for the blueprint of life, is totally explainable by science through the chemistry and biological processes. But there are attributes within DNA that I wish to again discuss. There are interdimensional spiritual attributes within DNA that are quantum. The actual majority of the chemistry that you can see in the Human Genome is in a quantum state. Although your science cannot measure a quantum state at this time, nor the field around it, there is evidence of it within the puzzle of the Human Genome.

We have told you that the DNA in your body carries with it a tremendous amount of unseen information and energy. We speak of DNA as an entity, not as a chemical double helix. That is to say, 100 trillion loops of DNA all work together as one energy to be called "your DNA." This group is unique. It has to be, for it is absolutely, 100 percent you. Because of the quantumness of DNA, it can contain a huge part of your spirituality. This will be defined in the publication that my partner is working on now [Kryon Book Twelve]. Not only does DNA contain the record of all that you have been on the planet, but your relationship to Gaia as well. It contains all that you have ever done and the spirituality of what you've learned in every lifetime. This information is literally imprinted within it.

Now listen to me: Over eons, no Human ever loses any spiritual revelations they have ever had. Do you understand? With intent, any Human can awaken to the point at which their DNA holds what they've learned over all lifetimes. You awaken the DNA itself with your intent and epiphany of God inside. All of the spiritual things that you have learned will come flying back and be yours again. How could they not? You opened the door originally and you own them. This has to be good news to the individual who wonders what it's going to be like if he comes back. Will he have to start over? Will he have to go through the things again that he's gone through this lifetime? The answer is no. It remains free choice, and many lifetimes might go by without any kind of spiritual quest, but in this shift, many are beginning to "remember" who they are and what they know.

Some of you have actually said that you do not choose to come back again, for it has been difficult this time. There is an intrinsic, innate feeling to some of you that this is your last time. Yet I will tell you, dear ones, that this is what you said the last time! Here is what happens: The first thing that masters and old souls want to do when they arrive on the other side of the veil is come back... and that's you! Most of you will, and when you do, you will pick up where you left off, not restart. That's in the DNA. It's beautiful. The wisdom of the ages is imprinted within the DNA. It's quantum, and therefore huge. The crystal in the Cave of Creation stores this for you and activates your DNA when you return within a different Human body.

Isn't it interesting that now that humanity has seen the Human Genome, they see how unique it is? Isn't it interesting? DNA is totally unique. Not one Human Being has DNA like the other, not even identical twins. Only a fraction of it is identical in twins (less than 5%). But not the non-protein-encoded quantum parts. They are absolutely unique to each Human.

There is more. Within the DNA are attributes of the piece of God that you are. The imprint of the Higher-Self is there. The angelic name that I call you is there. That name is not a name in linearity or one spoken in the air with vibration. Instead, it is a name that we sing in light. And when it is spoken, it vibrates with majesty. That's the truth! Feel it! The imprint of who you really are is in there. You carry with you pieces and parts of the lineage from another planet and other areas of the Universe. The energy of those who helped seed you with humanity's spiritual portion are there as well [Pleiadian]. Appropriate, it is. Beautiful, it is. Loving, it is. All of that is there within your DNA, and in order for it to be there, it has to be a quantum energy.

Now, let us again speak of the 3D biology. When the Human Genome Project was finished, all the chemicals in the double helix had been identified. In that very, very small double helix, three billion chemical parts were then known and identified. It is so small that this DNA molecule must be seen via an electron microscope. So complex it is that it has three billion in chemical parts. Then the task began of identifying what the parts did, and science began to study the enormity of what was there. They were looking, indeed, for that which created more than 23,000 Human genes. So they looked for the coding, the linear protein coding, so that they could understand how these things worked.

Science had waited a long time to see "the blueprint in action," and they did. But the shock came when less than five percent of the DNA created genes. Indeed, they saw linearity and they saw the coding in the protein-encoded portion of DNA. This small portion created the genes, but the rest of it seemed to be random, even chaotic. More than 90 percent of DNA seemed to be scrambled and useless.

My partner talked about that today [in lecture] where a quantum state appears to be chaotic. It appears to be random, for there is no linearity to be discovered in a true quantum reality, none at all. One of the things that keeps you from seeing a quantum state is the linearity bias that you have in your 3D reality. So you, indeed, stare at that which is quantum, but to you the concept of what it might be is invisible. This DNA attribute of randomness could not be taken lightly, for science was looking at something that was unexplainable. Imagine, 90 percent of DNA seemed to do nothing at all! The biologists knew better, but there simply was no explanation at hand.

On to New Information

So we start from that point in order to reveal a few things that you need to know, many of which will be eventually confirmed. When it is, you'll remember where you heard it. [Kryon smile]

DNA is far larger than you think, and even today science is starting to acknowledge that the 90 percent of DNA that is seemingly random may not be a language or code at all. Instead, it may be what they would call "influential chemistry" that somehow modifies or configures the five percent that is the engine of the genetic blueprint. The irony here is that this is exactly what's happening, but not in the way science is looking at it.

The 90 percent of DNA is a reflection of your spirituality. The Akashic Record, the Higher-Self, that which you seek that you call "a portal to the other side," is there. In a quantum state, these things are not actually in the chemicals at all. Think of all of those chemicals together as a bridge, somehow a pipeline, a portal or quantum pointer to everything. Instead of thinking in a linear way that there is a compartment or a box where your Higher-Self is, think of a doorway. If you could go there and see the quantum state of it, you would enter a pipeline that takes you to everything that is. So understand that this 3D/quantum chemical bridge is a sacred influencer of the genome, and it's very large, containing most of the information in the Human blueprint of life.

DNA is More Than You Think

Now, let us speak of DNA as you've never heard us speak before. We desire that this is published and is part of the compilation that my partner is putting together. We present it almost last in the three-year series of teaching, in the year of the three, for Kryon Book Twelve, a three in numerology. So there is 333, which represents the completion of the information this year. It is time you knew the rest of the story.

Science considers your brain to be the center of consciousness, but it is not. The brain, the highest ordered neurological group they can see, is filled with a complex synapse. Therefore, it must be responsible for what is called Human consciousness. It is not. The brain is only the 3D engine that responds to the 90 percent quantumness of DNA. It is the engine of the synapse and it's vastly complicated. But the brain is only the receiver of information to create electrical signals that do as they are instructed, as influenced by the DNA.

One hundred trillion parts of DNA working together communicate as one. Did you realize that? Science doesn't know how this happens, and the communication link from your head to your toe somehow has one purpose. Is that your brain? No. It's the DNA all together, creating the Human Being. DNA "knows." It all works together. This isn't something you are going to find in the medical books, but it completes a large missing link that science gives no credibility towards. DNA communicates with itself! It has one "mind" and it "knows" what is happening in every part of your body.

The new information is that DNA provides a "field" around you that is interdimensional. That field is your consciousness, not your brain. That which your brain does is in tandem with the DNA. Your brain dreams... or does it? The synapse is there to show it, and in your deepest REM sleep, out comes so many complex things. Those things are all in your DNA, supplied to your brain. So the DNA even supplies instructions and influence to your brain's dream activity for you. These things are difficult to explain, since we are not speaking about linear things, but that which is quantum.

All of you dream in a quantum state. That is why there's no linearity, and things don't always make sense. Those who have passed away and those who have not are all together in your dreams, yet they are looking at one another. Dreams don't make sense because they're not in the reality you are used to. That's your DNA talking... the Akashic Record coming forward and playing "the tapes" to your brain. Science does not acknowledge this, for it cannot see the field, but the DNA is Human consciousness and the brain simply is the 3D engine of the synapse that supplies the bridge for your reality.

"Kryon, is there evidence of this?" Oh, yes. Very much so. When a Human Being has an accident and the spinal cord is completely severed, it leaves the body innate. This is the paraplegic who can no longer move anything - not a finger, not a toe. And yet the heart keeps beating, does it not? Digestion continues, does it not? The kidneys and other organs function, do they not? Even reproductive activity is possible! Everything keeps going, yet you learned in school that the brain sends electrical signals through the spinal cord and keeps your heart beating, doesn't it? Well, if the spinal cord is severed, what keeps your heart beating? I will tell you - it's the blueprint of DNA!

When the engine of the synapse is broken, the DNA finds other pathways and instructs the body to continue the life force. That is why the organs continue even though control of the muscles do not. Interesting, is it not? There is proof there if you look. Science finds it curious, don't they? Therefore, you might say that your DNA is actually an esoteric, ethereal brain, containing things that your regular brain does not contain. You'd be right. There are all manner of very spectacular attributes in your DNA that are here to look at, which current science has yet to even see.

DNA "Knows"

The biggest attribute that we wish to discuss is this - this interdimensional DNA field is knowing. That is to say, it is built to extend life. It knows who you are. It contains the blueprint of your sacredness, and is one of the largest tools you have for health, for joy, for opening the door. It is in the DNA field, not the brain. That's where it is. And in that truth, there is celebration. For it releases you from having to create what you think you need.

Let me give it to you this way. If you're going to use that field as a tool, now that you know what it does, you're going to work with your cellular structure to manifest things. The normal Human experience is to gather knowledge on how. "How do I communicate? What is the best thing to ask for? How do I specify it so the DNA will know what I'm asking? Do I have to be a certain way or be in a certain place? Do I follow many steps that will open the door?"

None of the above! If you could visit your cellular structure, your Akash, your sacred life lesson, don't you think it would know what was happening? It does, perhaps even more than you do! All you have to do is speak to that which is the quantum part of you and it knows what you need. So we are asking you to relax the linearity of the lists that you give to God. For suddenly, we're telling you there is a quantum energy that is the sacred you who knows what you need.

Therefore, your meditations and prayers could be shifted to become wiser as you speak to your own cellular structure, to your own Higher-Self. You might say, "Dear Spirit, dear DNA, examine the life that I have and give me those things which will enhance it." Perhaps that's the healing you came for, dear one? Don't you think I know who's here? Perhaps that's a miracle that will give you joy in the face of the sorrow that you're in right now? Don't you think I know who is here, what you've gone through in these last days? I counted the tears when they fell, and so did the DNA field! You feel so alone, not understanding there's an entourage around you the whole time, and they would love to touch that field that is your DNA! They'd love to touch it. But not unless you say it's OK to do so.

Understand this: DNA is more than chemistry! It is a field and a portal. These things are the mechanics of Spirit. We're starting to give you advanced information and there have been those who have known how this works and assigned sacred geometry to all of it. They're accurate and it's correct. But it's a field.

A Master's Ascension

Let me review something with you that's ancient, wise, and tells a profound story. In your own scriptures in the western world, there is a story of a master named Elijah. This was the only Human Being in history to select his time of ascension without death and have it recorded by the one who would take his place. Therefore, you could see it within the writings of the one who witnessed it. I want to review it, for even all the way back then, there is proof of the field.

They say Elijah stepped into an opening, asking Elisha to record what was going to happen. Now Elijah was a master with great wisdom and knowledge and he is today what you would call an ascended master, and Elisha loved him. In the linearity of humanism, there is an entire group of people who expect his return. I have some news for them. Get out of your linearity, for he's been back a long time! For the energy of the masters are part of the energy of the great shift that is upon you. They intermingle with the vibration of this planet. They're all back, and it's what you're feeling. In a quantum state, they're in your DNA. Don't you sense this? There is so much expectation around 3D things that were never meant to be 3D. So much information is given in metaphoric terms, so you might understand that perhaps prophesy itself could mean things outside of your linear reality.

Elijah walked into the open with Elisha watching, but he did not die. Instead, he claimed his sacredness. Indeed he left, but not without some fireworks. For Elisha indicated that he turned into a chariot of fire, accompanied by three entities. In the best that he could see and describe in his linearity, Elisha described what it looked like and what it felt like. Now, take a look at this, for you will find that it was not necessarily angels from above who came and got Elijah. Instead, something happened on the ground and Elijah turned into light and he left.

Let me tell you what that was. That was Elijah energizing his field of DNA! This field has a name, the name given at that moment Elijah was riding a chariot of light. The name was given in Hebrew: Merkabah. And I will now reveal to you, as I have before two times, that your DNA field is indeed your Merkabah. It has sacred geometry connected to it, for this interdimensional field has structure. If you could see it, you'd see the structure of the double tetrahedron, and it's beautiful. It's not just a ball of light. The name Merkabah would indicate that something rides within it, and it is the chariot of your divinity. Each Human Being has this, recorded by Elisha watching the master ascend. In addition, the chariot contained three parts, which was the reunion that I have spoken about in the past of the three parts that split from you when you arrive on the earth, and recombine when you leave. I will give more about this in the next channelling. That's what we want to share in these moments, for that's what each one of you has - exactly what Elijah had.

Biology and Intent

Let's talk more about biology because now it gets a little more complex. There is an intermingling of the 3D and the quantum that we wish to describe to you now. It's something that is new, for the vibration of this planet and of humanity, especially of those who are working with the light, is creating a new tool set. You're going to start to see it and it's going to be visible through examination of the 3D chemistry of DNA, even at the 3D level.

Science is now looking at what they call markers in the protein-encoded DNA, which creates the Human genes. These markers, as they are described by science, are those that are the pieces and parts that would indicate predispositions - attributes that might weaken certain cells so that later in life they would allow disease, such as cancer. They're starting to see these markers, perhaps in certain families where mothers and daughters and their daughters and their daughters all had the same kind of disease. They're starting to see the genetic markers that create predisposed weakness.

Let's talk about the markers, for this is the first time we have disclosed this. First the premise: For years we have told you that your intent to talk to your cellular structure has power. This intent is your communication to the DNA field to alter something within the 3D cellular structure. You might say it's your own interdimensional "voice" giving instructions to the quantum part of your DNA, which then results in the actual chemical changes that are occurring in the codes within your 3D genome. But now the results are going to be seen, and you can begin by removing the markers, and when you do, they stay removed. This means that something quantum you do today can change the chemistry of your gene-producing DNA so greatly that it will NOT be passed to your children. You can break the chain.

Blessed are the Human Beings who realize that as they purify their lives with the light of the Creator, it will affect the biology of the protein-encoded parts. You can erase the markers. It's one of the first times that the 3D has intermingled with the quantum so that science can someday look at the same Human Being over time, knowing that DNA never changes... yet it did! It's yours and it's unique and you changed it. There will be no answer for them, but the 3D facts will show it, that you eliminated the marker.

The joy of this and the beauty of this is that the lineage of the young women who do this will be shown, for their daughters will not have the disease, nor will the daughters of their daughters. It's a new gift and reflects the power of the times. Can you really change those who are your children-to-be? Indeed!

I know what you are thinking. The crowd who sits here says, "Well, it's a little late, Kryon. I've had my children. So why do you sit here and tell me these things?" Are you not understanding where this message is going? Are you not understanding the profundity of what happens when old souls allow us to give this information to Earth? Do you not understand your energy has generated the allotment of allowance for us to come in today and give you this, so that young women and young men who are Lightworkers each will hear it and know what it means to them? Do you understand you're your own ancestors? Has this occurred to you? I see you as actual history, sitting in the chair, from all over the world! That's what I wanted to tell you today.

You don't each have one name to me. I don't even see the gender that you are. I see you in a quantum state and that's why it's so profound that you would let us come in and visit you in this fashion. The woman sits in the chair in front of me. She has no idea the warrior she's been, or how big she was when she was a man. Yet she carries around with her the feeling of the warrior and she knows she's strong. I look at the big, burly man and I see the mother toiling with all those children and the man knows it. He can feel it. He's sensitive and can actually feel the love of a mother. Who is it he used to be? And how has it affected him today?

Old soul, it's affected you today because every single lifetime gives you layer upon layer of wisdom. It has brought you to the chair today or reading this today. For this is the lifetime where you have awakened and realized there is more, a lot more. It brings you as a seeker to a place where you can say, "What can I do for myself and the earth?"

I'll tell you what you can do. You can become compassionate on this planet. You can walk around and show your light on this planet. You can change the markers in your own DNA! Think of who's listening to this message and what it might mean to their children and their children's children. These are the tools we spoke of so long ago, and the proof will come down the line of the reality of this message.

All of this that I have told you today is correct and real, and will be seen naturally in its own way. But I wanted you to know the sacredness that is here within a structure you thought was only chemical based. DNA is far larger and more sacred than anyone has ever imagined.

So what are you going to do with this information? Why don't you walk out of this place different than you came in, feeling a little more enabled? Perhaps you will feel a little better about the possibilities before you? Perhaps you might even know that what happened today is real.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher. 

Lee Carroll

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Misunderstood Multi Dimensionality

There is much ignorance about multidimensionality in today’s world. That is understandable. It’s an area that is underexposed in the world, in psychology and psychiatry. There is a new age. I decided to be what I would have wanted as a child. A multidimensional friend that walks with me on my road and travels through life, the now and the realities I play in. 

What is multidimensionality?

The children of today are sensitive, as some adults are. Some feel the feelings of others and know what they think.  Input from the outside enters their system. Sound and color give an immediate reaction. Often they are connected with their source. That is why they feel energies not everyone feels. They can be angels, imaginary friends and can have memories from past, previous or parallel lives.

It’s proven in quantum mechanics that there are many  realities and worlds next to each other. We as soul live in different world. Sensitive kids have a direct connection with those worlds. They almost never hear something about that in their surrounding, so it can be difficult to give this a place in their lives. As soul you have experiences simultaneous in this and other dimensions. You’re aspects can help you in creating a fun live! It can be that your aspects seek resolution in the now. When your child gets no space to share this, and you don’t have tools to give it a place, this can express itself in psychiatric disorders like autism, schizophrenia, multiple personality syndrome, depression etc. We call these children also indigo and crystal children. What do we see beyond the labels? What if we erase them.. and you can be.. just yourself? There are tremendous gifts that every human carries.

Misunderstood Multidimensionality

Most psychiatric disorders are misunderstood multidimensionality.  A few examples are: autism, post traumatic stress syndrome ptsd. Ocd: obsessive compulsive disorder, multiple identity disorder and other dissociative disorders, adhd, add.

To be short: with mps and dissociative disorders, personalities and aspects of the soul become active. Most of the time by traumatic events in the early childhood like, repetitive often sexual abuse or other heavy trauma’s. The soul takes a flight in other dimensions to survive. It doesn’t have to be triggered by traumatic events. Some people are multidimensional by nature and can live a happy life with it.

"Astraea Multiple Personality FAQ

1. Multiplicity is real.

2. Multiplicity is not always the result of child abuse, and many people are naturally multiple.

3. Whether or not they have a background of abuse, multiples can and do live fully responsible, functional, productive lives without needing to integrate or even be in therapy.

4. There are lots of us. Walking around all over. We're just in the closet. But we aren't going away."

Unraveling the ball of string

It’s important with sensitive kids, with our without psychological/psychiatric diagnoses to unravel the ball of behavior and feelings. When is the child looking for borders and what is part of the delusion? When does a child take on energies from an entity, and when is it an unsolved issue from a previous, parallel or future life? When is it the higher self expressing itself in a linear world? This are just a few examples. It can be a complex thing for parents and health care workers, when clarity is gone.

I’m here to unravel the ball of strings together with the parent, child and offer tools how to deal with the diversity of feelings. Empowerment is the base of how I work. I’m not a “medical” professional and I always advise to work together with other professionals. There are many ways next to each other that all work. It’s important to discover what works for you, your child and family. I offer a different view from an holistic point of view. It’s a new and undiscovered area in where a lot is possible!

How can the experience of a multidimensional child look like in one of its severe cases? Watch a part of the Oprah show that features a 7 year old schizophrenic girl.


I am consulted on a regular base by professionals in institutions. I offer a refreshing view for crisis clients  that are a danger to themselves or others and sometimes are treated for their own or societies safety. I am consulted when there are religious and or spiritual beliefs in the delusion. The idea that we have to respect the religious and spiritual beliefs of people and persons is spreading. It’s needed that we need to make a distinction in what is the religious belief of a person,  with respect for their culture and identity and when this express itself in a way that isn’t feeling nice for the person. And when it’s part of their  ‘delusion’ It’s a new view that is spreading more and more in regular institutes. At this moment a lot of beautiful souls are misunderstood. That can change!

By direct observation, studying written and created work in creative therapy  I can distinguish what the expressed energies mean. Simply said: I see what  the delusion is and the pure divine energy that want to manifest itself through the person. I am specialized in reading multidimensional creative expressions like writings, art and music.

An example: A person writes abracadabra and has an obsession for the devil, rewrites religious bible texts in a new testament that looks demonic. When you unravel those texts. There is a real strong and pure energy in it, that we would call a channel. Because there are aspects and trauma’s who feel uncompleted and hurt they express themselves also in the texts. On the moment the persons opens itself, their dark aspects also feel invited to express themselves.

These aspects simply want to be heard and live in balance with the core personality. By working with these aspects and offer them an integration course, in where unity can be experienced, the person can live in harmony with itself. In these phase its becoming clear what the energies of the person are and what are entities that attached themselves to the person. I always work from empowerment.

An other example: A child who draws dark stuff all the time. People hurting each other, killing each other, blood. It can look like the kid from the Sixth Sense movie sometimes. Teachers are worried and parents don’t know what to do. Maybe your child sees angels, but also dark monsters and dead people. It can be very scary for a child. Together we can create a safe space in where feelings can be expressed and tools can be shared.

It can be a long course but most of the time acceptance and a different view gives a lot of progress. It gives space and a a loving bath in where healing can occur.

A lot of gifted children are locked up in institutes. Parents, professionals are doing the best they can. What if… There is a new way? One of grace, of love, of peace and happiness. By shifting our perspective gifts come to the surface. Creativity can unfold. These children just want to be  heard and seen. It’s the birthright of every human being to be happy and live in passion and joy. It’s possible for everyone.

More about the basics of multi dimensionality can be read in my article: The Multi dimensional Crystal Heart.

Copyright disclaimer: All writings are copyrighted by Elleke and Mirri Rocks. If you like to spread our articles we want to be asked for permission: For more please visit

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Soaking in the Yellow Solar Sun

Just now I did what I usually don't: I went outside to sit in the sun and do nothing. Didn't work.....

Came up with this ordering of a number of concepts we are all very familiar with:

I have figured out that it is possible to make such clusters of many related words. Not that you invent them, but for me it is a method of gleaming knowledge from the Akashic Records in a clear, concise format, that certainly warrants further research. Anybody got a hefty grant?

Love your Light,


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New Message from Matthew


April 26, 2010

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew saying, There is cause for elation! After months of research, documenting evidence and closed-door meetings, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has taken legal action against a financial behemoth that deliberately contributed to the financial ruin of millions of that country's citizens and led to the international economic chaos. This lawsuit is far more than it may appear to be. The top guns at Goldman Sachs and its offshoots are among the kingpins of the Illuminati, and this legal claim of fraudulent dealings is a major step toward dismantling the Illuminati's worldwide financial network through which they fund their other malevolent global operations.

2. The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the "umbrella" name of disparate groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout your world for centuries. In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical "establishment,

" regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.

3. They have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines and widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated opposition. They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas, mind control, the "illegal" drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth—indeed, the very life of Earth herself!

4. It is because of the Illuminati's long reign of bloodshed, corruption and oppression that about seven decades back in your linear time Earth was in death throes. Her cries of despair were a call for help, and God immediately authorized the assistance of spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations to come to her aid. With such a massive infusion of light and technologies that you cannot even imagine, countless numbers of your universal family stabilized the planet's orbit and performed other life-saving measures. Their invaluable assistance is in action this very day, some of it directed toward preventing the plans of the Illuminati from reaching fruition.

5. Some persons who are aware of the Illuminati's existence believe that all of them are reptilians. Indeed some are, especially within the royal families, which have kept their bloodlines pure to a large extent, but humans also are in the Illuminati's top ranks. Most reptilians are far advanced from Earth's human civilization in intelligence and technological development and they have a strong warrior mentality; however, it is not the different DNA in the two races, but rather the free will choices made by an individual of any race that lead to diabolical activities. A soul may have greatly advanced intelligence and be bereft of light except the spark that is its life force.

6. And just as there are light-filled human souls throughout this universe, so are there light-filled reptilians. The latter group, who are eager to dispel the erroneous belief that their race is synonymous with darkness, are working side by side with humans and other races to thwart the efforts of their darkly-inclined siblings wherever they are wreaking havoc. Also, as the light has been intensifying on Earth, both reptilians and humans have left the dark camp and joined the ranks of the light forces.

7. Do the reptilians on Earth know they are reptilians? There may be the rare exception, but in our awareness, the reptilians living among you, whether within the light or within the darkness, do know their racial makeup. There are more human-reptilian hybrids than pure reptilians on the planet, and most are not consciously aware of their racial ancestry. Nor does that matter! Race is a difference only of DNA, and never does that affect free will choices for either godly deeds or dark workings, or, respectively, spiritual evolvement or devolvement.

8. Now then, another recent development in the United States is a multimillion dollar award by the court to the man who, as a lad, was sexually molested by a Boy Scout leader. This, too, has implications well beyond that lawsuit. Continuing investigations into the dark aspect of that huge youth organization alongside pursuing the Vatican's long-time cover-up of known pedophile priests ultimately will reach the top of the Illuminati's lucrative international sex slave industry as well as reveal that the headquarters of Satanism is in the bowels of the Vatican.

9. Even though those two recent legal battles against darkness are ever so welcome, we know they are not the dramatic revelations you have been awaiting. All lighted souls in this universe would love to see the full abundance of truths shooting out like endless fireworks instead of sporadic arrays of sparklers, but it is imperative for the creation of a peace-loving, honest global society that the truths emerge through legal proceedings based on irrefutable evidence. There also is the important issue of how much shocking information psyches can handle at one time.

10. You can expect the Illuminati to fight viciously all along the way, but their dark activities becoming public cannot be detoured, much less stopped. The door has opened a crack and nothing they can do will keep it from opening wider and wider until the vibrations of the in-pouring light are so powerful that they will vanquish every iota of darkness on the planet. So do not doubt for a moment that the light is winning—in the continuum, where Earth is rapidly heading, the light already has WON!

11. We are delighted to see that the eruption of the volcano in Iceland has been attributed by some to manmade technology, and rightfully so. This was not Mother Nature's doing, nor was the direction of the winds that disrupted airline traffic, stranding thousands of travelers and causing untold financial losses in the many affected nations. Those were the intended effects as the Illuminati are employing every means they can think of to create fear, chaos, confusion and diversion to prevent official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial civilizations' presence. Because that disclosure heralds the total uprooting of the Illuminati's evil global empire, they will stop at nothing to keep the televised introduction of our space family from happening.

12, However, as likely as it may seem that the Illuminati were behind the plane crash and the deaths of Poland's president and other government, military and national leaders, that is not the case. The pre-birth agreements of all those persons included their leaving en masse at this time for two reasons: This tragic loss to the people of Poland will inspire them to lift their sights for their country's course; and investigation into the cause of the crash will lead into avenues where corruption, deception and betrayal exist so those can be brought to light.

13. In this, there are both a difference and a similarity to the death of Princess Diana. The vehicle crash and the ambulance's circuitous route to the hospital was the work of the peak of the Illuminati, England's royal family; and Diana's physical leave-taking also was a soul contract provision with two purposes: Not only would many others be inspired to carry on reforms she espoused to an extent that she herself could not had she lived; but also the years of the royal family's shunning of Diana and their cold reaction to the world's outpouring of grief and love for her aroused doubts about the integrity of British royalty and suspicions about their involvement in her death—questioning what previously was a given is the first step toward an open mind.

14. What does the tea party movement bode for the political future of the US? Like any fringe element of society, regardless of religious, ethnic, cultural or political background, these individuals have been drawn together through fear of change and ignorance of the truth. Radical behaviorists within any group make headlines whereas grassroots movements quietly bringing about positive changes do not, but it is the latter that is the ever-growing force behind spiritual renewal of Earth's residents and transformation of your world.

15. We wish to say further that the light within each of you, which is exemplified by your very life, is an essential aspect of this unprecedented era on Earth—indeed, in the universe. Your light flows out and touches others who then waken and realize their own potential as a force for godliness and reformation. Each person who gains this awareness not only becomes another beacon for the still-slumbering souls, but every opened heart and mind adds to the light in the collective consciousness of Earth's residents and benevolently affects the entire universe. That is how powerful each and every one of you is!

16. My concern is that the US government will have to finally admit that the national debt is so monstrous it can't ever be repaid. What is the probability of that happening, and if it does, then what? Unemployment is the overriding economic issue most nations are facing; how do you fix this when there aren't enough jobs in the world for everybody who needs one? My country's economy was seriously hit by what happened in the United States; it seems that whoever needed a "leg up" used to look to the US for a boost—now where can we go? Assuming the global economy does get back on solid footing, how will that help those countries where a few corrupt individuals are causing the masses to live in abject poverty? How much longer will financial hardships that affect billions of lives last?

17. These issues of grave concern will be relieved to the extent possible through the efforts of prudent leaders with spiritual and moral integrity and expertise, but they cannot be completely resolved until Earth is in fourth density, where the differences between your world today and life in the Golden Age are so astounding that to you they are inconceivable. So in this moment we can only tell you that economic hardships confronting peoples worldwide will lessen gradually until Earth's residents complete their chosen karmic experiencing and the individuals who cling to their dark ways leave the planet incrementally. When these ongoing processes run their course—and they will by the end of 2012—the populace of Earth will have the spiritual awareness and raised consciousness that is the foundation for healthful, joyful, cooperative, peaceful living with abundance for all.

18. Readers have asked about persons who were deeply loved or held in great esteem, mentioning Mother Mary, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Michael Jackson and specific family members, in essence: Are we actually feeling their spiritual presence? Are they communicating with us through dreams? Indeed those situations of closeness are possible, even quite likely in this time when more and more soul level knowledge of the Oneness of All is reaching conscious levels. The powerful energy of Mother Mary enfolds all of Earth in a blanket of love; and the love bonds between people on Earth and their beloved souls in Nirvana is an eternal connection—strongly feeling their presence is perfectly natural. Drawing to you the energy of souls in spirit whom you didn't personally know but greatly admired and often think about is "like attracts like" in operation.

19. What you think of as dream communication may be fragments of memories of your visits with those souls; but since third density beliefs don't include actual visits by the living to the "dead," the acceptable interpretation is that you dream about them. As Earth ascends into higher and yet higher vibrations, your consciousness will continue expanding until you can clearly remember visits with many souls in astral planes where the energy is compatible with your own.

20. What will music be like in the Golden Age? Whether you will be making it, listening to it, or dancing along with it, music will be as uplifting, diverse, thrilling, sing-able, melodic, happily nostalgic or majestic in scope as it is now. What will not make it into the Golden Age are heavy metal instrumentals, lyrics of destructive nature, and neoclassical works filled with dissonance. Those genres have their place in the moment, but they are of much lower frequencies than the vibrations of the Golden Age wherein all is harmonious.

21. The selection of topics in these messages is based on either our awareness of widespread ponderings and interest or a question that may stir in only one mind or perhaps a few, but it provides us an opportunity to speak about something that may be thought-provoking to many. The latter category pertains to the next two questions.

22. If I become a gun owner, can my soul still evolve or does that make my soul regress? Owning a gun is no different from owning a car or a telephone, a beach ball or a bottle of brandy—none of those or any other object by itself affects soul growth one way or another, but their use does. When a gun is used by one person in the pre-birth agreement to kill another in the same agreement and this balances previous lifetime experiences for both and fulfills their soul contracts to complete third density karma, the two souls evolve into fourth density. Shooting any life form for the sheer enjoyment of causing death and shooting animals just "for sport" do cause soul regression, and so does torturing any life form.

23. Every life, regardless of how insignificant you may deem it, is a soul. Its life force comes from the Supreme Being of this universe, whose energy is the love-light essence of Creator Source, the Supreme Being of the cosmos, wherein all life in any form has divine Beginnings.

24. This is not to say that every life form has been designed with godly intent—by no means is that so! Eons ago the intent of the dark forces was to sicken, debilitate and ultimately destroy life, and for that purpose they created microbes. They wanted higher life forms to plague still higher forms, so they made disease-causing or disease-carrying insects and rodents to spread contagious illnesses that also were of their making. They made animal forms that contain lethal poisons and introduced ferocity in some animals that previously had lived peaceably with all others, thus establishing the predator-prey chain.

25. If one of those various life forms poses a death risk to a human or a defenseless animal in the human's care, killing it saves the life in peril. That act does not adversely affect the person's spiritual evolution, and depending upon circumstances, may hasten soul growth. When the only way to stop a person from killing another is to shoot the would-be killer, the result for the shooter is largely dependent upon the emotional aftereffect.

26. And: Is it possible that there could be more fetuses than there are souls awaiting incarnation? No. Although every soul whose last physical lifetime was on Earth does go to Nirvana—if only to zip through on the way to another destination—it is not only Nirvana residents who may incarnate on Earth. Souls throughout the universe whose energy is compatible with your world's can choose to embody there when there is an ideal parent-child fit and environmental opportunity for soul growth.

27. Some residents of Nirvana are there to recover from difficult lifetimes in other civilizations, and they may choose to spend the next lifetime on Earth. Visitors in Nirvana, which is a popular vacation spot because of its beauty and diversity, may want to do that too. Also souls who are free spirits—in this case, soaring around the universe without even an etheric body—may decide to incarnate to enjoy the benefits a body offers that life in spirit does not. Souls in some highly spiritually and intellectually evolved civilizations do not embody, but rather live in wafting vaporous, iridescent streamers or in a variety of magnificent energetic patterns or within angelic musical tones.

28. We have been speaking of human and other races and "ultra" soul civilizations, but for diversified experiencing, souls also can choose to express parts of their energy in other kinds of life forms, usually animals that have a great deal of interaction with people.

29. And when it is time for a resident of Nirvana to reincarnate, it's not necessarily back on Earth. Souls who need more third density experiencing may choose a different civilization in that same energy density plane, souls who have evolved spiritually usually choose to move on to advanced civilizations, and those who have devolved will start over in primitive placements.

30. The order of the universe provides infinite growth possibilities for all souls!

31. Many people are asking the same question as the reader who wrote, How can I get past feelings of depression and immobility? Immobility is a natural companion to, or component of depression, and although they are common reactions to the higher frequencies, they may be due to bodies' chemical imbalance. If testing by a trusted health care practitioner rules out the latter, you can get past feeling depressed and immobile by stopping focusing your thoughts on that uncomfortable condition. Through the law of attraction you perpetuate an unwanted situation by obsessive thoughts about it, and changing your thoughts can release you. It does take effort to switch from negative thinking to positive, so ask for "divine" help— and cooperate with your helpers!

32. We happily offer some "plain vanilla" suggestions that can assist you to get past depression when its cause is circumstantial: Get as much restful sleep as you can. Do not take drugs advertised to treat depression—their chemicals may temporarily lighten symptoms even as they deepen the depression itself. Drink a lot of pure water and healthful juices; avoid foods with chemical additives. Exercise—walking in areas where Nature abounds is especially restorative—and interaction with animals uplift the spirit. List the blessings in your life starting with life itself. Instead of being drawn into an argument, try to see the situation from the other's perspective—your calm reply can defuse the other's anger. Avoid violent "entertainment"; watch comedies and heartwarming shows, read light-hearted books. Volunteer in one of your community's charitable activities. Learn a new word every day. Make small changes in your daily routine. Listen to soothing music, and if you are talented in music-making, sing or pick up your violin or harmonica. Smile often—look in a mirror and smile at yourself, then laugh!

33. Is there a special or specific prayer that everyone could say that would help bring in more light? Indeed mass meditations and prayer circles with the same focus can have marvelous effects, and so can mantras or words that have special meaning to you. But it is what is in each person's heart that comprises the "collective hearts" and manifests light-filled happenings. Never are any special or specific words needed, but loving and honoring self and others always is!

34. The greatest power in the cosmos is the energy of love-light, that pure essence of Creator Source in which every soul has its origin—this is the Oneness of All, the inseparability of all souls in whatever form they may be wherever in this universe they are. It is why we feel both love and sadness for our brothers and sisters among you who cause pain for others, just as Earth families love their members even as they lament their foul deeds.

35. We honor the founders of The Love Foundation and Global Love Day, which is celebrated annually May 1 and whose theme this year is "Love Begins With Me." With gratitude for Harold's and John's permission, as our Fare well! this time, we share with you their beautifully expressed message:

We recognize this day as a symbolic expression that we can choose to love each and every day as we gather together and unite as a collective humanity through unconditional love.

We are one humanity on this planet.

All life is interconnected and interdependent.

All share in the Universal bond of love.

Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.

With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.

Together we make a difference through love.



Suzanne Ward

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The four Matthew books and Amusing to Profound—My Conversations with Animals can be ordered in the Book Shop on And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said… is an extraordinary collection of illuminating messages that Celestial Bluestar, David of Arcturus and I received from God and many other sources. Ordering instructions are on]

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Twin Cycling inspires….

She isn't quite as little anymore as the kid above here, but last night when we cycled home, Melanie asked her dear old dad for help, not being able to put up enough energy for the ride home. Of course she could hang onto my arm, but to me that is not quite comfortable: when I am asked to take control of something, I like it to be control, and not a power struggle. So instead I grabbed the center of her handle bars, and pushed her along like that. She mentioned feeling a bit weird with the power of steering now seemingly emanating from her handle bars, instead of her having to do the steering, but when dared, she even closed her eyes and let me guide her along. All in all, that went quite well, even on the turns. For the final 90 degree turn however, she opened her eyes, and I let go, because she obviously wanted to do that herself.....

Home on the couch, I soon came to the realization that that little gettogether was a typical analogy of our faith: if you can't hack it, you ask for help, but that implies you must also relinquish control as much as possible, and trust the guidance given. From the other standpoint, if you are helping someone, you must take care to keep them comfortable, and allow them the leeway to do for themselves that which they cannot or will not trust you to do....

But as Obi-Wan said when chased by a big fish in Star Wars:  ""There's always a Bigger Fish!"  (to protect you by eating the fish chasing you).

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Heaven Letters – The Power of the Universe

Channeler: Gloria Wendroff

God said:

You can only progress. Setbacks are only setbacks. You are with Me. What can a setback do to you? You can only grow. You are further along than you were yesterday. Beloveds, there are only seeming setbacks. No matter how dire-seeming, setbacks are only a pebble in your shoe. Empty your shoe, and keep on walking.

Even agony is only agony, beloveds. No matter how deep, it is a sham. Agony does not penetrate your Being. Your Being is inviolate. Of course, it is.

Not even death of your body affects you. You think it does. Everybody thinks it does no matter the words he speaks. Everyone may attest to Eternity, yet would fervently like to postpone indefinitely the onset of bodily death as if death were real, as if death were so real you must outsmart it. Everyone seems to be a now person in the sense that he wants all he wants now. The fact is that you do have all you want now. You do have immortality. You were never without it. You are the one hung up on the shifts and changes and chimera of the world.

You are immortal whether your body lives a year or a hundred and twenty years. There is simply no end to you, beloveds. Is there an end to Me?

It is not easy for you to get your mind around Eternity, Immortality, Life etc.

You may not adore all of the life you are living, yet, by and large, you do not want to leave it. Perhaps you think you would be abandoning yourself. Oh, no, you go wherever I AM, beloveds. You are with Me.

Understandably, you are caught up in the extant world. You have time and space and all the details they incur. The first of the month rolls around, and you have to pay bills whether you have the money or not. You have to be at work on time whether you want to or not. And you have to clean house and wash dishes whether you have the energy to or not. Where is there time for you to simply be? Where is that place of Beingness in your life? It may seem to you to be hidden somewhere, yet it is more consuming than your overt occupation with time and space. Of course, Being is more powerful than the shreds of time and space that encumber you. What are you to do, beloveds? What are you to do?

Then simply BE while you earn a living and take care of seemingly insurmountable time and space. Acknowledge your Beingness. Let awareness of your Beingness slip into a pocket of your mind. You keep awareness of money worries and some such there in your mind. Now make room for your awareness of Being. You are a Being, beloved. You truly live in Being. You are the power of the Universe.

Just know that you are more than you seem to be. All sentient beings are more than they seem to be. All of life is more than it seems to be. Even a word is more than it seems to be. I, too, am more than the world takes Me for. Surely, you are more than the world takes you for.

But never mind the world for a moment. Take yourself as great and take what you call problems as less significant. It is hard not to laugh when you consider the truth of you in comparison to the illusion of yourself that you have incorporated, wrapped around yourself, and delved into like the encyclopedia or dictionary. Beloveds, you are the power of the Universe.

Heavenletters™ Copyright1999-2010 -- Helping Human Beings Come Closer to God and Their Own Hearts * In these times when the whole world needs nourishing, Heavenletters is already proven to stir the hearts and souls of people of all ages all around the world and from all walks of life. * Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™, Teacher, Speaker * The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries * 703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556 *

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Uriel’s Message – Know with your Knowing

Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel's Message -- Know with your Knowing

There are many things that you know, which are those things you have learned in this lifetime. You also know much from previous lifetimes, which you may not remember but this knowledge comes to you as you are able to use it in your healing and release work. You also add to your knowing from other people and you learn about yourselves from what they reflect back to you. All of this is knowing that can be known through your human senses. But this is not your true knowing. And unless you use your knowing, you know nothing of yourself, others or the world.

You know someone loves you when they treat you lovingly. But do you know they love you when they don't? Those who are kind and thoughtful you know as friends and partners but do you know that those who are cruel, unkind and inconsiderate love you too? Those who stand by you and are supportive are your loyal friends but do you know that those who abandon and betray you also love you?

The knowing you use to judge others and yourselves is of the emotions. You know you are loved, supported and appreciated when you feel those things. Your true knowing, that which comes from spirit, the Higher Self and Source, knows that you are loved at all times and in all ways, no matter how the circumstances in your life may prove differently. The one who betrays you loves you as much as the one who is your loving friend. The one who hurts you loves you as much as one who would never be unkind to you.

With your emotional knowing you are in a constant state of judgment about the people and situations in your life. Each new level of spiritual understanding moves you beyond emotional knowing and increases your connection to your inner knowing. When you know with your knowing, which is your light-based inner Source wisdom, you know only one thing, that you are always loved supported and guided. See everyone through your knowing, willingly release your judgments so you stand in your knowing that you are a divine, spiritual being whose earthly emotions are a small part of your life journey and that the truth you can use for the fulfillment of your purpose of healing and reconnection is found in your knowing.

Article Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

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A Daily Practice of Devotion

Dear Ones,

Blast open the walls of your heart. Light up the skies of your mind and carry the presence of your soul’s purpose into the world. Allow the practice of your Spirit to become your path in life.

All the prayers you have uttered and the longing in your heart, these have been heard by the Divine. There are no parts of your being that are not known and loved beyond your capacity to understand. Create a place within you that believes this is true, a tiny speck of well being that allows the soothing nectar of God’s love to carry you through your life.

Without the need to attain any special gifts, offer your life to the Presence that knows your heart. Offer the confusion and pain, the fears of the Unknown and bring pure devotion into your heart so it will be cleansed. Allow any shadows to be lifted by the Light.

When you invite the Divine Presence into your world, Angels surround you to uplift your longing into a place where it can be used as a practice. When you create sacred spaces within you where you can bring the desires of your heart to sit in a spacious place of Light, it allows a healing of your heart to occur.

The Art of Patience

Without patience you will never realize the divine timing of the Universe. When you can continue your practice each day from a sense of devotion, it uplifts your spirit. Cease working for results and allow yourself to come to your practice with an attitude of wondrous adventure. Like a child, allow yourself to just BE in the Light of Pure Spirit. Even a brief moment of offering your devotion to the Divine will serve you by purifying your heart.

It is as though you clean the dust from the inner eye so you can see the Truth. Your daily practice of devotion offers you a way through life that can fulfill you from the inside out. Yes, this does require a bit of true faith. If you have even the tiniest speck of belief that there is a Divine Presence who loves you, it can begin to cleanse your heart. When you take the time each day for your spiritual practice, you are offering yourself a gift. You are giving your inner spirit priority over the outer world. You are offering yourself love. Your inner being will thrive by this continued shining of the Light into your soul. After some time you will notice your life changing and a more positive outlook surfacing. Your heart that was empty becomes full of Divine Love. Constantly practice your awareness of the presence of God. That is the key.

A Very Simple Daily Practice

Developing a daily spiritual practice may take some thought. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful:

  • Know that the sincerity and frequency of energy you bring will be the results you receive. Clear a space to light a candle and sit where you will not be disturbed. Pray to be in harmony with your soul’s highest good. If you have a question, you can write it down and place it under the candle.
  • Create a bridge from heaven to earth by bringing Divine Light into your energy centers. Consider asking Archangel Gabriel and your Higher Self to bring clarity and wisdom to your mind, Divine Love to your heart, Strength and Protection to your being, Creative Solutions to your life, and a nourishing connection to Nature.
  • Sit quietly in this Divine Light, concentrating on your breaths. It is calming to breathe in for the same number of counts you breathe out. Have a pen and paper handy to record inspiration that may come to you. Know that your answers may come later.
  • When you feel ready, say thank you to the Beings of Light that watch over you. Go about your day.  Trust that you have asked and you will receive that which was your clear intention. The important thing is that you gave time to your spiritual life. Even a few minutes will make a profound difference in your day.

Know you are Blessed

It is said that when you take one step toward God, the Divine will take ten steps toward you. All is possible when you give yourself time to receive love from the deepest sources of your being.

Know you are blessed, and especially know with all your being, that you are cared for eternally. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.

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Do not miss out on the fun

Planetary Movement has Coalesced.  

Nowhere in the history of the universe is there any doubt about the Earth’s planetary ascension. 

This event is imminent and you each are awakening and participating as is perfectly aligned with your own soul directives and your alignment with theses inner urgings.  The path you walk is a difficult one; fraught with rocks, dry and at times without water, lonely and even when you do meet one another, there is simply, even, much commiserating about your painful experiences and the endlessly challenging symptoms your bodies are experiencing.  Nonetheless, I come to reassure you and to remind you...don't miss out on the fun!

Soon the movement within and without will move beyond coalescing to the creating of new relationships, dialogues and structures which will enable a new culture to emerge and go mainstream!  Many of you have noticed that as you withdrew your energies from the collective old-state institutions and modes of being that they gradually fell away from prominence not just in your life, but in general.  Those who try to keep their structures, relationships, organizations and processes in place with no regard for harmonizing and indeed, becoming an innate and organic part of the emergent new, will find it impossible to sustain what they hold up--despite their passion and their work.  Never, have organizations, processes, beliefs or ways of being been sustained by only an individual; they have always been aligned with the collective and as such emerged as a self-sustaining whole because of their alignment with what is the natural, authentic mode of those they serve.  Remember this as you create anew!

In regards to your current challenges, believe me my love-filled and amazingly courageous beings: what you experience is well known by those who watch from other points in space.  There is a sense of admiration and a desire in many of us to support and encourage you, to enfold you in our arms and assert with profound certainty: you will make it!  You are loved!  All is well!  Hang in there!  For we see how much this requires of you. 

How hard it is for you to be separated from your eternally valid perspective which is without the limited visibility of your earth vessel.  But such is the unique challenge which you have collectively undertaken: to find your way, together, to ascend with your entire planet, energetically, and to do so from a human perspective.  Thus bringing the god-consciousness into the human form without veil.  To elevate the creative playground of the earth-plane to a new level.  One that re-instates the awareness of unity of your earlier incarnations, but moves beyond that, through the third dimensional polarity consciousness and into a dimension which is new in the experience of this playground and which will provide endless and amazing opportunities for divine creativity for all-that-is.

Your roles are enormously important in all-that-is.

There are billions of you and yet we see and track with each of you.  Watching the overall arch of ascending energy, and noticing more and more of you finding and reaching for alignment; willing to receive and be one with the planet and each other in this continual purging--releasing, clearing, cleaning, re-organizing, shifting and upgrading your very energetic structures.  There is simply endless releasing in sight as you move to higher and higher vibrational balances within your own structure, as you mutate and become the source of a heritable source of new life.

Meaning: what you create will soon be inherited by those who flow into human vessels.  They will arrive where you are. 

You are paving the way by mutating yourselves while in a physical vessel, which is alive and sensitive!  Aware and connected!  Your physical body is mutating!  Your cells are changing.  Your structure is becoming increasingly facile with flowing light!  LIGHT!! Your vessel is becoming increasingly facile with flowing light.

Oh my dear ones, need you not know…such is unprecedented in all-that-is.  And yet—fully ordained by YOU…(meaning the collective you!)  Established and anticipated.  There is a oneness within all-that-is that knows your success.  We invite you to connect with this thought-form—established and cherished—to give you comfort and peace!  Choose a peaceful path!

Nothing could possible go wrong by participating in this process.  Do not seek to escape it, nor to make it go away.  For those simply beginning to experience these changes there is the desire to “get on with my life…” and to banish and move past these indicative experiences which reveal your participation in the grand scheme…and yet you dismiss them and declare, “I’m impatient with all of this!!!  I’m ready to be there already!!!  Is this over yet???”

Oh beautiful and awakening ones: learn from those who have come before you and are beginning to experience the powerful creativity of a unified perspective and the divine identity fully embraced and oriented from!  You will be so happy you did so!

You are the vehicles by which the Universe will have an immense elevation in its ability to express and know itself!  What could be more wonderful than serving all-that-is by changing the very platform from which everything might energetically explore and create and thus, experience what we are as ONE?

The beauty of what is being accomplished is beyond language.  {sigh}

Let us simply say to you, that our admiration, our love, and our strength is with you as much as you are able to receive, as much as you remember that you may draw upon energies and perspective beyond your current experience in your physical vessel as a means of supporting, inspiring, directing, guiding and loving yourself.

Take advantage of these energies available to you.  Do not make this an experience of suffering.  This is an experience of JOY.  This is a monumental experience of JOY.  DO NOT miss out on that point.  You will be sorry later, as you will realize you could have had more fun and this moment will be only as it is, and you will miss the collective experience if you choose to revisit it later to claim the happy moments within it which are FULLY AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW!!!

We are only here to remind you of things which we all know, which we all co-created, which we all decided would be helpful and important as this amazing, auspicious moment in the now-point of earth would unfold.

You my precious comrades, you have taken me by surprise with your courage.  Even though I knew when you entered the Earth’s game, that you would have challenges beyond belief (meaning in the body the heart the soul) that you intended to meet with heart, with wisdom and with fortitude, YOU have indeed exceeded everything we all, including you, collectively hoped for before this experience began.

Do not be concerned about those who are not joining the ranks. They must find and choose their own way as is right for them.  Turn instead to your own amazing experience.  Anchor the light which flows into you and know that you are changing the Omni-verse, the available song, for all beings to sing by participating. 

I leave you with this final hope: Love yourselves and celebrate your victories as they occur.  For we do and they are many.

I AM the Archangel Michael.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications – You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work.  For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get the permission of the copyright holder.  Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by the author.

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kids, you just gotta love’em….

Lynda's mail woke me around half past three, but it had me in stitches.....   Thanks, hon!

kid at eight places prank call......


Love your Laughs, 



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Zero Gravity water experiment

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