Beloved ones, I Am this Love that flows into your life right now
and sings into your heart your purpose as the perfect expression of
this Love I Am, unique and beautiful in every way.

I create for
you an experience of God that lifts you up and opens you that you might
be these wings of Love extending into the world to fulfill the call of
Love’s outreach and the fulfillment of Love’s purpose that is you.

pulses of Love now inundate the world and call to your heart so
powerfully that your heart rises up and opens, dear ones, regardless of
what you are perceiving right now in your experience of life through the

What I call you to now is to attune to your heart in the
deepest and most reverent way, that you might be fully aware of the
awakening of Love that rushes right now to uplift you and to sing you
forth as My celebration of life — My very own shout of "Hallelujah!
Life is endlessly perfect and glorious, and so too, beloved ones, are

This world is changing — or so it seems — in so many ways.
But what is really changing is that your hearts are calling you to make
a turn so powerful that it changes your whole orientation to life and
takes your focus away completely from the world that the mind creates.

now you have perceived a world of separation from Me, separation from
the Love that is your truth. This has manifested as seeing your life as
happening outside of you, as experiences of the world that then "happen"
to you. It has meant seeing your Love as outside of yourself as well,
perceiving it as needing to come to you through another person. It has
meant perceiving your livelihood, your sustenance as coming from that
which you do in the world, again.

It has also meant perceiving Me
as something that you must find, search for through many different
avenues when in truth I Am the Love of which you are made, in which you
reside and which gives you life dynamic and whole, now.

So this
shift, this change, this call to your heart will turn you around to find
Love through the instrument of perceiving the unity of God which is
your hearts in all their glory. In this turn you will come to experience
yourself in such a different way, I cannot describe it to you. Yet
already your heart begins to give you glimpses of this ecstasy and the
miracle of life being expressed brand new, through you, as the pure
vehicle of Love without limits.

This is a change in orientation
from looking outside through the mind to living within through the
heart. The mind is the tool created to uphold the perception of being
separate from Love. What it sees as dramatic or sometimes traumatic
events in the world before us, the heart sees quite differently.

what the mind sees as dramatic (and sometimes traumatic) events that
will you through the world outside, the heart sees as a shift
within, to experiencing life as unity. What the ego fears as cataclysm,
the heart will show you as an explosion of ecstasy as your heart
connects you to the glorious life you are in Me.

So the idea now
circulating through the collective consciousness of humankind of the
Earth shifting on its axis is a perfect analogy for the turn to the
heart. In truth, it is not happening outside of you, dear ones, It is
happening through this call from within.

This shift when seen or
interpreted through the ego-mind has also been seen as the end of time.
And it is! It is the return to the pure presence of Love, to the
Vertical state of life where you are alive in the present, and receiving
your life from Me directly, where you accept the gifts of Love. You
move forth perfectly as part of this living flow of the outreach of the
Love I Am as you.

It is time to make this turn, to make the shift
to your heart that your heart might show you the life of unity in which
everything is seamlessly woven of Love and given life in each Now Moment
perfectly. The rush of Love and the Will of the Love I Am gives itself
forth endlessly to multiply the blessings of Creation through the heart
of Love which is you, dear ones. Accept this gift. Allow this shift and
let your hearts be activated. Bring this into expression as a blessing
that all might return to this wholeness.

Let the polar shift
occur, beloved ones. Let Love call you to turn your life around, to
shift your perception so dramatically that your experience of life is
completely different. Let the single of the heart, the of unity
begin to show you the world that Love creates, that is held in the
embrace of this endless, dynamic, magnificent life I Am and is felt as
the outreach of this streaming life, this joy of Love that is your heart
flowering to make itself known, to make manifest the gifts of God.

you allow your heart to be the center of your life, when you step free
from the realm of time and mind, then this rush of Love, this pulsation
of joy, this ecstasy of creation becomes embodied as you and knows
itself as Love being extended as God meets God in every moment, in every
experience of life.

Let time fall away in the realm of the heart
as you fly free from every limitation, from every way that you have
settled for the dream of separation from this whole and holy experience
of life in which you are the energies of Creation made manifest as the
outreach of Love giving of itself in endless ways.

Can you feel
Love rushing through you now and can you feel its message: that if you
allow it to carry you, not only will it open your way but will bring
with this flow every provision of life that you might be this
celebration of joy in every way.

As you shift, as you turn, as you
allow the flip, as your heart becomes your avenue of experience, then
you recognize from deep within that your livelihood means life in Me,
given to you directly with each breath, rather than coming from
somewhere outside of you in the world. It bubbles up and rushes forth
from within through the open doorway of your heart.

So My call now
is to the fulfillment of Love’s purpose, and every heart in the world
is responding. The question is will you allow the heart to be what
guides you? What speaks to you, what shows you your reality? Or will you
settle for the limitations of the mind and a life perceived as separate
from you?

As you allow the heart to be who you are, your
instrument of perception, that through which you live, all divisions
will fall away and your life becomes truly a sampling endlessly of the
banquet of Love. Each experience in every day is an experience of coming
into the heart’s temple and worshiping the God of Love I Am in
everything, as everything your heart touches. Each blessed being that
stands in this flow will see truly the lilies in My field, hearts in the
field of God that is the endless and perfect cosmos — that drink the
rain of Spirit and live on the waters of Love.

One moment washed
in your hearts magnetic flow can bring the active awareness of what is
happening to the person’s heart before you. Dear ones, Love will have
its way and Love is gentle, and tender. Love is My arms that wrap
everything and show to every life its perfection.

But until you
allow the turn to Me, allow the shift from the ego to the heart, it is
as if you are standing with your back to the sun and all that is before
you lies in shadow. It is difficult to see, so the mind makes up what it
wants to. But the heart always knows the truth of Love, and receives
its true identity as My heart continually as you are funded from the
treasure house of God with all the creative energy that I Am, seeking to
be expressed through you in your unique and perfect way.

Let Me
promise you that if you will let go of the old way of seeing your
reality…if you will release the perceptions of the ego mind, release,
dear ones, the dream of duality and let your heart have its way — then
even as you feel your world turn upside down, even as you feel that
polar shift, I will be with you every moment and will shift your
experience into ecstasy, into joy as you have never known it, if you
will trust Me. This I promise you.

Trusting Me is difficult for
the ego, while it is natural, effortless for the heart. So if you find
yourself, beloved ones, feeling fearful at all, then you know you must
make the shift, the choice to move into your heart’s reality where Love
is the only experience, and it is wonderful.

To do so, dear ones,
may take practice, for you have through the mind for so long. Yet
the shift to the heart is now imperative. So I ask you to place your
focus on becoming ready by exercising your ability to fall into My arms,
to give yourself to Me and to Love, to let your heart open and inform
you that life is filled with grace and endless joy and the heart’s
reality is the only true one. And this I promise you also.

If you
were about to go on a physical expedition and your life depended on your
body’s strength, you would . You would do strength training.
You would feed your body well, and you would put effort continually into
being prepared. Your life certainly doesn’t depend on making this
shift. Life is yours forever, eternally. But your experience of this
change that is happening most definitely depends on your ability to be
ready to make this shift to the instrument of the perception of only

Therefore, beloved ones, please take the time, put forth the
effort to practice softly giving your life to Me, sinking into your
heart and feeling it, and letting your heart begin to communicate your
reality. Do this even if at first it is only the tiniest of glimpses.
With every moment that you choose your heart, you open yourself to the
living flow of Love. You open yourself to the life that I Am, rushing
forth Now as you.

You open yourself to the experience of the
reality of Love that embraces your identity as the heart of God, and you
become fully aware of this unity and joy. With it you come to know the
feelings of ecstasy — with it, the awareness that you are a Twin Flame
of Love.

You are truly the Double Helix of God that holds within
you the living codes of all Creation, waiting to be expressed as Love’s
blessing through the artistry of your uniqueness — that this grand
explosion of life can become My experience of what joy is, and the
constant expansion of the purpose of Love which is giving.

I Am
with you and this is the gift and the mystery. We are one life and we
also have this tenderness, this relationship where you are constantly
informed of your perfection and your ability to bring Love forth as the
reality of an ever- experience of God. Let your heart bring you
this perfection Now, until your heart is so alive and so expansive that
your ego, your mind is fully encompassed by it and then becomes the
pure conduit of inspiration and the unfolding vision of the perfection I

Let this breath be the beginning.