This channel the group at their best with a very
direct channel to the citizens of planet Earth. Normally I would call
this one "Earth Shattering" but I think we will find other words now,
especially after this message. The spoke of the recent earthquakes and
how it has shifted the earth to a new rotational axis that has changed
our experience of time and gravitational pull. They said several
interesting items that they said our sciences now agree with and
several that they don’t yet know. It will take us years to uncover all
the that took place in that one series of adjustments.

They spoke of what was ahead for humanity and directly ahead for our
economies and especially the US. At one point they warned the leaders
of planet Earth of what is ahead. They likened this a wave of energy
coming in rearranging everything in its path. They talked of the
sexual energy entering the planet as they described three years ago.
This is why everywhere you look in the news there is some sexual
incident being uncovered.

They also said the
economies of the world will take another hit soon as the US will soon
experience great difficulty unless it balances. At one point the group
spoke directly to the leaders of the planet warning of the severe
effects of polarity thinking. They challenged each of us to search for
these beliefs within ourselves and all begin to look for ways we are
alike instead of separate. The ride is less scary if we all hold hands.

Big hugs. Have a great month!


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from Home

We visit with you this day to tell you
about what is taking place on planet Earth. First, let us share with
you, dear ones, that you have already changed the outcome of planet
Earth. You have already shifted the highest potential, for humanity is
no longer limited by what you used to call your highest potential.
There are opportunities now to find passion in ways that you only
dreamt were possible. Each and every one of you has come with a part
of Home that you need here to put this grand puzzle together in order
to create Home on Earth. Some of you think you do not have anything.
What do you have to say that has not already been said by someone
else? Every one of you has a very unique piece of that puzzle and all
of those puzzles are needed right now. Yet, it is becoming difficult.
Not only are you transitioning and evolving incredibly fast, but so is
the Earth.

Most of the changes that have already happened have
set into motion some things which will affect all of you over the
next 100-200 years. So, let us explain a little bit of what is ahead in
a couple of different areas and how this will affect each of you
personally. Let us go back a few weeks and talk about the Earthquake
in Chile which was,one of the largest earthquakes you have had in this
millennium.  Not only has it changed the face of Earth, but it has
shifted more than you know and has actually confirmed a few predictions
previously made. One of these shifts is that the atomic clocks on
Earth will soon need adjustment. Your atomic clock is no
longer accurate on planet Earth.

Inner Earth is Growing

inner core of Earth is what you call metal. It is actually an iron
core. The next level, which is actually a very good part of the Earth,
is what you would call molten or liquid metal. This liquid metal has
always allowed the inside of the Earth to travel at a different rate
of speed than the outside of the planet. Although the inside of the
Earth is actually spinning faster than the outside, recently it has
sped up and is moving even faster. It could even be said that the
inside of the Earth is pulling the rest of the Earth into its orbit.
This has been known for a very long time. However, what we wish to
tell you is that this energy is now changing and has been speeding up.
Your sciences do not agree with this yet, but we will tell you what
they do agree with and what they do not. They have not found this to
be true, but we are telling you that it is absolutely true.

other thing that is happening is that this ball of molten metal has
been growing. As it reaches certain levels it hits pockets of
emptiness, or pockets that have formed through volcanic activity. This
is what you are starting to see as the eruption of the Ring of Fire.
There is much more to come. You are going to see activity in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean. You will also see further activity in
the Atlantic Ocean, but it will be less at this point. These are
triggers and things we spoke about so very long ago. Now they are
happening and your world is changing on a regular basis.

Human Templates

Understand, dear ones, you are at a similar
point where the dinosaurs disappeared from planet Earth but that is not
going to happen to humans. Two things are happening: the Earth is
changing to house a higher vibration not only of herself, but of
humans, animals and every other part of it. The entire game is
changing to begin a new game at a higher vibration. Secondly, your
physical re-wire—your own physical bodies—are changing so that you can
carry more of your own light and your higher self. Only a very small
portion of your higher self is housed within the body for the
temporary duration that you call a lifetime. Literally, only a small
piece of it does…it is easy for you to see that you have one higher
self and 11 aspects on Earth. So, 11 parts of your higher self goes
into each one. However, the vast majority of your higher self does not
fit into any of these aspects, including all of them together. That
is about to change. You are now going to be able to carry more light
than ever before in your physical body without having to go Home and
without having to rid the Earth of the human race.

You will make
this evolution while you are standing, walking, sleeping, playing, and
loving on planet Earth. That has never been done before. That is the
reason that all eyes in the universe are upon planet Earth right now.
The six parental races that helped you form these physical bodies that
you hold right now are back again to help. The interesting part is
that they are fighting over who can help the most. But they are all
here to work with you, because you are no longer limited by the same
500 human templates that you had in the beginning. You are no longer
limited to that, which is part of the reason that your physical bodies
are changing and your emotional bodies are growing.

Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

We wish to tell you that
the Earth has changed its relationship to time. Your relationship to
time will also change, and what you do not know about it at this point
is that you have control over how that changes. If you do not take
charge in any way, the default answer is that time will shrink. Time
has a natural tendency to shrink anyway. It is the nature of humanity
because everything is relative. If you go back to when you were one
day old, that one day is 100% of your lifetime. If you go back to the
time when you were one year old that one day is only a very small
percentage of your lifetime, so it has a tendency to naturally shrink
as you age. Now we tell you that even the atomic clocks are noticing
the difference. Big changes have happened as a result of the shift in
Chile. Number 1: The Earth has changed axis; it is not on the same
axis it was before. It has already shifted and your scientists are
scattering frantically trying to figure out by how much and how we can
measure it accurately, as they have noticed a major difference. It has
been reported all over the world because the sun used to enter a
window at a certain time of day and it now it is on a different
schedule. Those times have changed throughout the entire world. Your
scientists are looking for answers to describe what has taken place, but
let us give you the short answer so that you can see what is

We told you the molten part of the Earth has become
larger inside the Earth and that part has been growing over the last
few hundred years—especially over the last 60 years. As that has grown,
the Earth itself is not as solid as you thought it was. The
earthquakes in Chile and the earthquakes around the Ring of Fire,
including the one in Haiti, have caused a shift of the planet not only
on the axis. It has actually elongated the planet a little bit,
almost as if was squished in the middle and got a little bit longer.
Again, this is a point your scientists do not agree on, but we tell
you that the process of making the planet just the slightest bit
longer has also made it smaller around the middle. This means it
rotates faster which is changing your relationship to time as we

We encourage all of you to play with this concept you
call time. Go back to some of your basics, for you have all studied
ways of controlling time and learning how to project time into the
future. You know that so much of it is held within your own belief
systems. You believe it is accurate and you must live by this. The
atomic clocks will not work for much longer, because they will need so
much adjustment for what is ahead on planet Earth and some of the
changes that are taking place. Embrace them. Do not fear these
changes, for your reaction is actually what the earth needs to settle.
Your reaction is the stability that you offer as Lightworkers not only
with the Earth, but with other people around you.

A New

These changes and the ones to come may create great
fear throughout many different places. You are the ones that can hold
that energy, the ones that can help to make it very positive evolution.
Let us tell you this as well…because of the planet changing her axis
slightly, what happened is that there is now a wobble. There has
always been a wobble in the Earth’s rotation. It is nothing secret. It
has always been known, but now that the wobble has changed and this
can create a circumstance for you that we wish to tell you about.
As we mentioned before, you have these up and down periods that you
are all going to be experiencing. But now it has become much stronger
than we ever thought possible. Some of the physical reactions to this
new wobble will be experienced as emotion. At times it will be
uplifting, such as joy or exhilaration, while other times you may feel
depressed as if you cannot seem to get out of bed. Those are simply
normal cycles, because you are a part of the Earth and she is a part of
you. As she is going through these changes they mimic and mirror
themselves in your bodies. This is part of how you can help to ground
this change and center this energy with her. Know that has affected you
and find the ways it can affect you positively.

Riding the

There are points on this planet where you can now launch
yourself. This has been done before through using astronomy and
astrology to help find the perfect time to start your new business or a
new project. You would always know the rotation of the sun around
different planets, their alignment and how that could or could not
support you. Now in addition to that, there is an entire wave of
energy that slides the rug beneath your feet and shifts it in such a
way as to send a wave down its length. The pull of that carpet will
create high and low spots, as well as spots where you can launch
yourself very effectively or be wrapped up in it and shut down. Once
you are aware of these highs and lows you can learn the timing needed
to make the highest use of it. We ask you to be very aware of how you
are feeling, where that passion is and how you get this in the outside
world, as well as your effect on other people around you. That will
tell you whether you are doing your work or not. Position yourself so
that instead of being wrapped up in this carpet as the big wave comes
through, and instead of being overwhelmed and having to protect
yourself from it, you are in just the right spot to be launched by it.
That is why you are here.

You are the ones that carried the
secrets from Home—from Lemuria and Atlantis—in hopes that humanity
would ever reach a stage where you could come back and do it again.
You are here. You made it. Each one of you has this opportunity right
now to step into this energy and to position yourself at that
launching point. We will tell you, dear ones, it takes tremendous
courage to do that for you can see the energy moving. Some of you
might want to put your little toe in, but you are not so sure about
jumping into the water completely. We will come along and push you, if
you only try to put your toe in. It is time. Each and every one of
you came with specific timings that you wanted to be here at this
exact time, because this is the time of the big shift. This is the when
it is said that the shift is really going to hit the fan.

is the time where you are going to be finding things changing in every
place that you have been talking about for centuries on this planet.
You find yourself in a position to put yourself on that curve. This is
on a personal basis for each and every one of you, for if you try to
use the normal standards that you have used for your own evolution
they are not going to work the same way. In other words, you cannot
count the vibrational lines of your evolution the way it used to be
done. During these times we ask you to be kind and understanding of
each other, as tempers can flare easily.

Economics of Earth

We also wish to speak of economics on planet Earth. You have many
systems in place that have allowed you to exchange energy and to
exchange money. You have a system called the stock market. We are so
fascinated by that, for is so interesting to us that you have built an
entire system on the perception of perception of perception. We
would never have dreamt to do that. It took humans to invent this
entire process. Because of that, you have a perception of perception
which is what your economies have been based on. You have gone through
one of these ripples, dear ones, and it has affected the entire
planet. You have had an economic event on planet Earth and it is one
of these ripples that have gone through. We tell you, there are more
of these ripples coming. In fact, there is a big one that is liable to
come very soon. We cannot tell you when it is, because you are the
ones that have the perception that determines when it is going to be.
We also tell you that it does not need to be negative, for it can be a
positive event. That is entirely up to you, but what we do tell you
is that change is imminent in this area.

You had opportunities
as this wave came through which took the air out of the balloon. All
of a sudden this overinflated balloon shrank down to practically
nothing. Now you are perceiving an economic recovery. You are seeing
it because you perceive it. That is the way your system works—because
you want to perceive it. That is exactly what is happening, yet the
underlying fundamentals that had a chance to change during that
explosion did not actually change. For that reason, until you see some
fundamental changes in the way you do business on planet Earth you
will experience more difficulties in these areas.

We also wish
to reach into an area that the Keeper loves to stay away from, and we
are going to talk about politics for just a moment. You are seeing a
very interesting thing happening. It is occurring all over the world,
but you can see it in the United States very clearly. It has happened
since the incredible pull into polarity. As the new field of triality
starts to come in and you have three positions from which to view
things instead of just two. You have a new perception to see everything
from. Yet it is difficult to truly grasp that new perception, to
trust it, to understand what it means and how it works. We tell you
that many of you are going through your a time where your own
perception, ideas, and relationships are going to change, but that
also happens on an economic level throughout the world. One thing you
have all learned from this recent economic stretch is that all of your
economies are connected. That is incredibly beautiful, dear ones,
because it really means that you can no longer have a world war. Who
would you be bombing? Yourselves? That is perfect because the blending
together is what will change all of this. There are many high level
officials that are now looking for this to happen, but the changes on
planet Earth are occurring very radically and very quickly. Not only
does this the changes in the planet, but the changes in you,
as humans, are also happening very rapidly. Because of that the
economic systems that have supported you are likely to experience
another one of these. However, if you know about it and are aware, you
can put yourself in the highest position to create something positive
instead of something negative. There will be difficulties with your
systems on planet Earth. Now, how do you fix them? How do you change
that? We can tell you what it looked like in the days when these
systems worked, when you had empowered societies and that was the
essence of the society. It was not, “How do we make money? How do we
support ourselves? How do we live better?” Instead it was, “How do we
empower the people around us?” That was the key element that existed in
the days of Lemuria. It happened so clearly that there was no need
for laws and you only had customs. It was incredibly beautiful and
those days are returning.

The Soul of Business in the New

You have a challenge in the way you define business so
far, so let us speak first of the challenge because each person who
makes up one of these collectives that you call business has a soul.
The overall corporation whether it is made up of one person, five
people or 500 makes no difference, for that company has a soul because
it has an energy that acts as one. The moment you identify that place
in the world, you can change the whole prospect of the company from
the top down…all the way. What we are telling you is that companies
that have only been in business for the purpose of making money will
no longer be able to do that, because you are finding out it is an
empty shell. There is no soul there. In the future we see a time when
in order for governments to issue a permit for starting a business, it
will also require that the company has a consciousness and that the
company will do the best for humanity even if it is against their own
profit. The company will bear the same responsibility that each and
every one of you has as you walk down the street and past other
people. That has not happened at this point on planet Earth. Now is
the time to consider what you can do at your individual level wherever
you work, whatever companies you own, or in whatever structures
whether it is government or religion. These are the collectives of
humans that will have to evolve very quickly.

Growing out of

This is a time where you can make a lot of these
changes to result positively, rather than experiencing the cycles of
fear and challenge. When you had an election in the United States,
dear ones, you could not decide who was going to be president. One
moment you found an extra vote over here and the next moment you found
an extra vote over there. That started a stretch into polarity that
was almost as if you were grasping for it. You started to move into a
field of triality, but grasped for that old, familiar part. You hung
onto it so tightly, that the whole world was laughing at your election
and what was happening with it. Did it make any difference who won?
Not really, because the reality of it showed the duality and the
difficulties. In the United States you have not evolved past that, but
now is the time to start doing this quickly. Dear ones, especially
those in the United States, you have a very short time-frame that you
can take hold of this and make something of it. We pray that the
leaders can hear some of this message, because you have stretched so
far into polarity that you do not know where the middle is any more.
It is very important to come back to a point where nobody is right and
nobody is wrong. It is a time to start figuring out how you and your
neighbors are alike, instead of how you are separate. It is time to
start figuring out how you can empower your people instead of spending
your to lead them. Re-member, you have some of the
greatest spirits on Earth and they are just waiting to go to work and
spread light on this planet. If you make a space for that to happen,
you will see great changes throughout all of planet Earth. It is
happening now. It is taking place in many cultures, very quietly for
most. Make your voices heard.

Now, how does each one of you deal
with it? You say, “What can I do? I am not a leader of a nation. I am
not a politician.” Dear ones, every one of you has a strong hold in
the field of polarity. Every one of you believes something is right or
something is wrong. It is so interesting to watch your news now,
because the fight has gone on so long that no one can even re-member
what the original argument was all about. So much fear has been
created intentionally to dissuade all of the information on planet
Earth that you are all in danger of losing your grip on reality,
because you are believing and buying into the fear. Enough! You can see
what is happening. There are no more secrets on planet Earth. Trust
your heart. Do not allow yourself to get wrapped up in fear, for that
is a luxury you can no longer enjoy…no longer afford. It is time to get
serious about what you wish to do on this planet. It is time to know
that you have the power to create your reality. It does not matter
where you are in this ripple, what is taking place with planet Earth,
what is happening with your relationships, your job, your home life, or
your work life. You have an opportunity to put yourself at the
pinnacle, and to actually do what you came here to do. We are behind you
1,000 percent, because our job is not to be here to tell you which
way to turn or what to do. Our job is to help you re-member who you
really are, because you came here with a very specific purpose. We
love you more than you could ever know. It is not easy taking your
wings off and pretending to be a human. You walk into many walls that
way and we love you for it, for this job can only be done in the way
in which you will do it.

We leave you with three little
reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect you have.
Nurture one another and empower each other every chance you get. Play
well together.


The group

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