Iterations of Release and Giving Over Authority to the

My beloved ones,

Many of you are experiencing
enormous cycles of letting go. 

This includes the past
re-surfacing to be healed and released.  The present being shifted into a
more perfect alignment as you let go and let yourself re-orient to your
own natural frequency and functional focus.  The future being shifted
as the dreams and intentions you held based on what you would term a
“prior” self felt appropriate and delightful are recalibrated to support
your increasingly clear sense of function.  As you more and more spend
time yourself as unified consciousness, as you try on and get
used to the power of wearing the wings of the New Human, as you spend
more time with your physical, emotional, mental and spirit in
unity, oriented from the heart chakra, more and more–the soul IS the
navigational system for your journey and this changes everything!

an increase in your vibration, comes an increase in speed of experience
and manifestation and your point of view is expanded. 

If you
are able to trust in yourself, you will naturally orient to these shifts
simultaneously and thereby have an understanding of what transpires in
your life, what shifts and creates space, what is being magnetized and
drawn to you to support the fulfillment of your function—you will be
able to feel and know all of this as one unified vector moving
in alignment with the everything.

When, however, you doubt
yourself—and depending on where this occurs—you may find your mental or
emotional bodies out of alignment with your entire Lightbody and this
creates much confusion, disorientation and a sense of loss.

Soul knows your function.  It blends in at the appropriate levels to
fulfill your role in the process of dimensional ascension.  All-That-Is
or Spirit knows itself as one-ness and in this orientation; it does
nothing, it simply IS.  Spirit also performs certain functions—as the
Archangel for example.  The portion of Spirit performing the
functional of the Archangel Michael changes all the time—yet this energy
understands the function of the Archangel Michael and retains the
appearance of consistency and continuity.

The same is true of you
in your various incarnations of Spirit.  You, in your various
reincarnational existences (physical and non-physical) co-occur.  In the
gestalt of “YOU,” you recognize the “progress of your functional
expression” and feel a sense of gratitude comparing “later”
circumstances to “earlier” circumstances. 

The people you have
been and are, are like the childhood you remember—part of you entirely,
and yet also having gone their own way.  Pursued different expressions
and yet all interconnected.  You experience, unconsciously of course,
the collective unfolding of all of these aspects of yourself, as well as
the unified expansive perspective of All-That-Is, which guides and
informs your functional role in each point of focus continually.

immediate sharing of all of this information, and the way in which it
is known, understood, integrated and shapes your sense of focus and
desire is beyond comprehension in your current vessel.  Simply know that
it exists and it is always connected to what IS; and as such, timely,
relevant knowledge about your own experience is fully available to you. 
You only need to ask and to learn to listen to yourself and to
cultivate the way in which this communication works best for you.

example—Meredith has been asked by many experiencing break-ups of
existing relationships to comment on this seeming “trend”…

as you do, that all is shifting in to alignment, the read on breakups
is an easy-one; the functions are no longer aligned.  The vibrations are
no longer in sync.  The shared purpose has dissipated and/or the
individuals involved have shifted to a new focus as a result of their
own growth and no longer is the functional overlap present which made
the relationship so primary in the experience.

The more one grows
and expands the more continual adjustments relationships must go
through.  For some this ongoing stimulus and realignment is refreshing
and exhilarating; to feel oneself in a never ending experience of
unfolding, re-inventing, creation—a thrilling ride indeed.  In some of
your relationships, you continually and elevate one another.
 Your purpose is ongoing and these shifts become a means of discovery
together and a catalyst for each of you living a happier, more
fulfilling life.  For those, these shifts are not as difficult and not
as much of a surprise. 

It is for those who would like to
experience the illusion of solidity and/or those who desire a slower
pace to change and life that these shifts are either difficult and/or
avoided/denied.  The challenge comes when one member of the relationship
aligns with a pace and a frequency or vibration, which is significantly
faster or slower than the other. 

And it is this differing
response to life, which complicates the natural completion or shifting
of priorities.  One who is in sync with all-that-is will feel their
priorities realign as there are significant shifts and as dimensional
ascension brings them closer to their soul signature and to their innate
function being embodied more directly on the earth plane.  If they are
“partnered” with one who is not aligned or significantly related to this
function and the related sense of lifestyle, and especially if
the partner is not also experiencing their own shifts and realignment;
then at first they will find their partner possibly feeling
“abandoned”—as their energy and focus is withdrawn or diminished as it
shifts to the new point of creation in experience.  If this is
discussed, the emotional body may become triggered and there is often an
imbalance then in the vibrational frequency, as the emotional body
becomes out of sync—vibrating out of harmonic ratios with the physical,
mental and spirit bodies.  Now orientation has been lost.  Which leads
to a feeling of being disconnected in the one who was connected and
therefore, shifted.  Then there is more emotion and confusion.  Which
creates further imbalance.

The solution is to let go.

you let go, naturally you will align with your inner sense of things. 
Allow the emotions to flow through you; trusting in all-that-is and
knowing that all is well, even if you do not understand what is
taking place.  
Once you are re-oriented to self and your inner
connection, if the purpose which led you “apart” is still clear and
present, then allow it to unfold, at the rate you desire and trust that
all is well for BOTH of you, and All-That-Is. 

Again, the
challenge comes when one member of the relationship aligns
with a pace and a frequency or vibration, which is
significantly faster or slower than the other. 

You have,
innately, your own frequency at which you vibrate.  You may not fully
experience this when you are dis-allowing a full connection to your
expanded self; but as blocks to clarity are removed and as the soul
gains dominion in being your point of orientation, these natural
frequencies appear and cannot be stifled, or adjusted significantly to
keep pace with others, without significant negative experience within. 

Let go and BE YOU.  Trust in that way of being and all that is
attracted and aligned with it.  Love everything with curiosity and
interest; expecting something wonderful to unfold and rejoice in your
own function!  Celebrate the variety of our purposes and rates of
unfolding.  Invite grace into your life to smooth all of this out,
and simply let go.

Becoming the New Human requires you learn
to live from your soul perspective, fully conscious of your innate
power and connectedness, as well as clear and allowing your unique
function.  The wisdom as to how to blend your function with All-That-Is,
moment to moment and point to point will be clear from within; much of
this happens without evening needing to ask—it is simply non-verbal,
non-thought knowing which leads you.  You only need trust your heart and
move toward peace and what feels good next to stay in sync with this
natural personal power through awareness which is YOU. 

there is an enormous variance in our functions and frequency!  Let this
be.  No.  Go further—love this!

For some their natural
frequency is so rapid that what you experience as a lifetime is known in
what you would call a moment.  {Can you imagine?  Ha!}  Since all lives
are lived simultaneously, then any separation experienced is but a
psychological one.  Your “future” personalities are as real as your
“past” ones.  After a while, this will no longer concern you and you
will live increasingly “in the flow” concentrated on the activity that
is at each point, the perfect expression of your unique aspect blending
and harmonizing with All-That-Is. 

These messages, your inner
sense of things, the mingling of reality and experience, these messages
from one system to another occur in various ways continually, emerging
in your experience in one guise or another—as inspiration of many
kinds.  All are doorways.  The door to the soul is open, and it leads to
all the dimensions of experience.

The soul stands both within
and without the fabric of life as you know it.  It is your point of
power, peace, clarity and connection.  I invite you to let go and be
SOUL; be who you are.

I AM the Archangel Michael.

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