Are people born with the gift to access the Akashic
Records?  I know theoretically anyone can access them, but someone told
me that I have the gift for accessing them.  Does this mean that some
people are more trustworthy than others to access the Records?

everyone can access the Akashic Records and in fact, everyone does
access the Akashic Records.  Something happens when you consider the
idea of the Akashic Records and the immensity of your Records.  All the
information from your soul, the immensity of that idea can lead people
to believing that accessing their Records must be some kind of
extraordinary experience.  But in fact, the ways that people access
their Akashic Records are often very ordinary. 

All of you are
contacting your Akashic Records and gathering information from them all
the time on a subconscious level.  This is the way that you lead
yourselves to be in the perfect place at the perfect time.  Your
subconscious mind is like a radio receiver, constantly taking in
information from your Records and combining it with what choices your
conscious mind is making and combining those two to lead you to just
where you need to be.  This is the reason that sometimes you feel an
inclination to do something or be somewhere and you cannot quite
explain why, but you feel compelled.  This is also the reason that
sometimes you make the decision to change lanes on the freeway and that
lane goes just slow enough to prevent you from getting home in time,
which leads you to being in the perfect place at the perfect time.

are a million small decisions that you make every day that are guided
by your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is guiding you
based on what it is gathering from your Akashic Records.  Every person
does this.  It is not possible to be a human being without working
using the information in your Records all the time.  You would cease to
function.  It is like the background platform on your computer that
enables all the software to run.  That connection with your Akashic
Records is vital to you maintaining a human life. 

You also
access your Records very often in a conscious way.  The most typical
way the consciousness occurs is when whatever is coming through your
subconsciousness, comes with enough momentum or enough meaning that it
rises up to the surface level and enters your consciousness.  It is as
if you imagine your subconscious as an ocean and you are sailing along
on the top of it, all of your conscious thinking happens there with you
on the boat out in the sunlight and just like if you are sailing on
the ocean, sometimes things from deep below catch your attention.  A
shark fin, a whale tail, but also different waves, different objects or
the way the color reflects off the water.  All of that I like
information in your subconscious that is interesting enough or
compelling enough that it draws your conscious attention.  This is the
kind of thing when you actually know you are being compelled to do
something but even if you do not have an explanation for why. 

is the reason why instead of mindlessly changing lanes on the freeway,
you think to yourself, "I do not know why, but I feel that I need to
change lanes on the freeway."  It is the kind of thing that often you
call intuition.  In fact, that is exactly what intuition is.  It is the
conscious experience of what your subconscious is doing all the time
in its connection with your Akashic Records. 

If we take that
metaphor of the person on the boat in the ocean, you can see more of
what your subconsciousness is doing with your Akashic Records by paying
more attention to the water.  A lot of the techniques that people use
to increase their intuition are basically in this metaphor, they are
techniques to just draw your attention and help you see better and
observe more clearly and keenly what is happening below the surface of
your consciousness.  Meditation helps you do this, mindfulness exercises
help you do this and there are lots of exercises like vivid dreaming
where you connect with what is happening in your subconsciousness and
therefore gain access to your Records.  All people do this all the
time.  It is not a gift, it is a birthright and you really could not
function without it.  But then some of you have more specific or
particular gifts that lead you to being able to access the Akashic
Records more easily or more consciously with less effort.  There is a
whole set of gifts that could lead to this kind of access and most of
these gifts have something to do with your level of awareness.  Some of
you have an ability to be aware of more of your subconsciousness and
this is a gift that can be cultivated.  It can be cultivated with a
willingness to look more at what is below the surface. 

willingness and cultivation of the gift requires you to get out of your
own way.  All of you have a barrier set up between your conscious mind
and your subconscious mind.  That barrier is set up to protect you. 
It keeps you from being overwhelmed by all of the information in your
subconsciousness and it helps you stay focused on what is happening in
front of you.  It helps you function as a human being in everyday
life.  That barrier is sometimes removed and sometimes it gets thinner
based on what you need to gain from your subconsciousness.  Also that
barrier can get thicker.  There are some ways that you build the
barrier to be more opaque and more dense so that you have less contact
with your subconsciousness.  The things that lead that barrier to be
more dense include self-doubt, over-analysis, self-hatred, on the other
hand the things that lead the barrier to be thinner, that help you be
more consciously aware of your subconsciousness include willingness,
suspension of judgment and love.

Accessing the Akashic Records
occurs along a kind of spectrum.  There is on one end of the spectrum
the level at which all people access their Records subconsciously, but
without very much conscious effort or acknowledgment at all.  On the
other end is the active channeling in which a person actually tunes
into the full Records themselves and turns their mind over to being a
channel to allowing only information from the Records to come through,
completely suspending their individual thinking and individual selves. 
All of you who are striving to access the Akashic Records are
essentially walking along that spectrum toward full access and
encountering obstacles along the way.  All of these obstacles are
things inside your minds.  Most of the obstacles are composed of
self-doubt.  Each of you has your own unique setup for how self-doubt
exists in your mind.  Self-doubt usually has a voice and if you think
of self-doubt as being something inside you, sort of like a little
monster inside your mind, you can imagine what it is saying and you can
start to differentiate that voice of self-doubt from your every day
thinking.  Some of you have little self-doubt monsters that say, "You
will never be good enough."  Some of you have little self-doubt
monsters that say, "Do you really think you are smart enough for
this?"  There are thousands of different things that those self-doubt
monsters in your minds say to you.  It is up to you through your own
individual healing process to grapple with those monsters and to cease
believing them.  That is the journey toward wholeness and it is also
the journey toward being able to more fully and consciously being able
to access your Akashic Records.

It really is a birthright for all
people to be able to access your Records.  Some of you have a calling
or a purpose that includes accessing the Records or channeling the
Records, such as what Jen is doing now.  Many more of you do not have a
calling to access the Records fully, but your lives would be greatly
enhanced by accessing the Records more and more on an everyday basis
because that is the very same thing as being in touch with your own
divinity.  Being connected with spirit through your everyday lives. 
That is indeed a very useful thing to do. 

I have
recently had a guided meditation and entered the Akashic Records and
had an amazing feeling and experience.  Afterward, I have tried to
meditate again and could not achieve or get any answers.  How can I
proceed to become successful every time I visit the and
talk to my guides?

The answer to this question will be
unique to you as an individual and many of you have this question,
which is the reason why we are including it in Ask the Keepers.  Many
of you have this question and the first thing we can say to all of you
is that how this is answered specifically will depend on you.  It will
depend on what version of self-doubt you are working with inside
yourself.  It will depend on what individual components of your psyche
that are standing in your way of trusting yourself enough to allow
yourself to see what is there. 

The general information we can
give for all of you is that the practice of meditation and any guided
visualization that leads you to the Akashic Records is simply an
exercise to get you out of your own way.  At some level you are always
in your Akashic library.  These exercises simply bring your conscious
attention to that place where the rest of you resides in your Akashic
library.  One of the reasons that it feels so good to be in these
meditations is that they bring your conscious awareness home to a place
where your soul resides all the time.  You are coming home to
yourselves in these meditations, so of course it feels good to be
there.  When you are home with yourself you can completely love
yourself and everything is clear.  When you try to go back to that
place in your mind, sometimes it works beautifully and sometimes it
does not.  It will depend on everything from how you are feeling that
day to what chronic patterns and you have to heal and
get out of your own psyche in order to get there consistently. 

we can tell you is different techniques work for different people and
different techniques work at different times.  Be willing to try
different techniques, do not get attached to or stuck to a single
technique or the belief that is the only way for you.  At the very same
time, we can tell you that all of these techniques require practice. 
It is just like a yoga practice or any other kind of practice.

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