Know that this is true: you are beautiful. Take
that in. Feel the truth of that inside of you. Keep feeling that. This
is the Grace of God. Go you!

Know that, no matter
what, you are not alone. With the real feelings of this Presence within
you, now breathe deep and find the essence of Trust. This Trust is the
great surrender to the Divine Plan for you. The easiest way to describe
this is to say you are not in charge. At the highest level, it is not
for you to decide or do, for it is already done. You have nothing to
worry about. You have nothing to fear, nor do you have anything to
remember except one thing: where is your connection? Where is your
consciousness? Where is your allegiance? This is a feeling state, that
when you have it sealed in every aspect of your being (the seven sacred
seals are your primary chakra energy centres), then you have aligned, by
your conscious choice, to your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose is
to live in a constant state of remembrance. And this is the truth of who
you are! This is your Divine Purpose.

And so when you are in a
constant state of remembrance of who you are, which is the Divine
expression of your Godsource on Earth, then it is easier to accept the
external shifting of Earthly . When you think of the transformation
of Light that has taken place within you, of course your external world
must rearrange itself to accommodate your new vibration.  This is a
cause for celebration at a soul level! This is a deeper realization of
your Truth in conscious expression.

Your human personality and the
Earthly rules and the old paradigms of worry about what people think
and that things are not working the way they “should” by those old
definitions, is a painful time – but only to that aspect of yourself
that is holding onto the old human rules and paradigms. Know what we
mean? Your Divine Self is celebrating the greater expression of you! The
mistake that is made is to continue to look outside yourself for
reassurance or truth or what to “do”. It does not come from there. It
comes from in here. It comes from keeping, no matter what, your
connection with a Loving, open heart to Divine Source that is expressed
in you. Feel it. Your brain is secondary. Your thoughts are there to
help you process your feelings into concepts – but stay in the heart.
The heart is where the Truth lies and where your pilot light burns with
your Truth.

Keep your mind in check. Keep your mind from
controlling you, for the mind only processes information from the past,
for it cannot know the future. It is only a processor, like a computer.
But the heart, the heart is your true source. Take dominion over your
mind. This is what meditation helps with, along with music, laughter,
friends, family, animals, nature…all this is to keep you heart-centred.
This is a perfect day to remind you of this. And then you realize every
day is Love day.

Heal the wounds of your heart. The sadnesses, the
fears, the hurts, the yearning, the wounds – for these are all from the
past. Do this by asking for this to be so. Be willing to let go of what
has hurt you, in your known an unknown experience. Let Love in. Choose
to be otherwise. Allow forgiveness to permeate your being so that it
becomes compassion. Ask for the compassion of the Buddha. Ask to know
mercy like Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene. Ask for the courage
of David. Call upon the lion to stand by you and the lamb to be in your
arms. Call upon peace in your being.

Think of it this way: you
are Source and were asked to come into a dense vibrational experience to
expand the consciousness of Source. So you honourably agreed to come,
manifest in a three-dimensional human form and be subjected to dense,
dualistic human experiences. And now you remember that there is more.
The spark has been ignited and there is no turning back. You are
remembering, in each now moment, who you really are. You are the
original Divine Spark, the big one – that is even so much greater than
the little one that has been lit in you now. Consider the possibilities!
They are as boundless as Source Itself.

Okay, so you have found
yourself tangled in your previous human creations. That’s okay. Now that
you know who you are, and remember in each moment, and move around life
more and more and more expressed as Original Source, you are naturally,
awesomely, perfectly, miraculously, mind-blowingly, Earth-shatteringly,
always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in
the right way and nothing else matters but that.  So you see, you don’t
actually have to do anything other than follow the truth of your heart
in the moment. Speak your Truth. Be your Truth. Love your Truth. Work
your Truth. Exercise your Truth. Walk your Truth. Eat your Truth. Live
your Truth. And do it all with Love. You see, if you are expressing the
Big Love, then all things are right in your world.

So how do you
know, you ask? Follow what makes your heart soar. Deal with the
disharmonies with Love. Stop what doesn’t work and begin what does.
Don’t push against anything. Love it to peace. Do not run away. Accept.
Surrender. Love. And it miraculously works out. Trust. Trust. Trust.
Divine patience in all things. There is a larger plan that you are not
in charge of, so let go and let God. Your work is to find the love of
God expressed through you and allowing your mind to follow your heart.
Peace. Peace. Peace. The mind cannot find peace on its own, it must be
governed. It must be trained. It must be chilled through Divine

So lovingly complete unfinished business. Wrap it
up with Love. And begin to draw near to what pleases your heart!
Surround yourself with supportive, uplifting experiences and people. Ask
in each moment where you are to go and what you are to do…follow your
own Divine inspiration. Do what brings you joy. If it doesn’t and you
can choose otherwise, do it. If you need to do it, then find peace and
love in it. Push against nothing. Resist nothing. It causes drag on your
own heart, and are meant to be free, unburdened, unbroken and
unteathered. Nurture your heart in this way. Consider it your greatest
gift, your deepest treasure – something to be healed and guarded and
expanded and used!

In practical ways, it is important to get on
doing what makes you happy. It is like when you are working in the
garden and you need to weed and clear and dig and rebuild and redesign
and invest and rearrange and reseed…all the while you are glad in your
heart with each thing that you are doing…it doesn’t even matter what is
or isn’t accomplished, you are just enjoying each now moment. And then,
when you least expect it, and angel will tap you on the shoulder and
there will be something else to do, somewhere else to go, someone else
to share it with, something new! Just find peace in tending your garden.
Relish in the beauty and serenity and simplicity. Be grateful for
everything – the , the bad and the ugly – for it is all Divine! Live
in a constant state of gratitude. No matter what it appears like on the
outside. It is all Divine inside. Worry for nothing, as that is old
behaviour. And most of all, know that it comes from inside you. You need
not do or get or have anything from the outside. Be at peace with who
you already are. The answers do not come from outside you – even through
this message – it is just prompting you to remember what you already
know. Who you already are.

So. There is nothing to do. There is
everything to be. Just radiate it. Be the peace of it. Know it. Share

And all the while you will have followed your own heart back
unto itself…the Original Source that is you. In the meantime, you will
have unfolded a beautiful life filled with all that you desire, because
it is just the external reflection of you. You created it because you
are the Creator. Make it beautiful. Make it more extraordinary beyond
your imagining. This ends how it , reminding you that you are
beautiful. Feel it from the inside and all will blossom from there. It
is not out there. You need none of it and when you have let go, you will
realize you can have all of it. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!

are Loved beyond measure. You are cradled in the arms of God. Remember
to have fun and play and feel the lightness of your True Spirit.

day of Love today and all days!


Special Note:
This message was originally written as a personal Soul Reading on
Valentine’s Day this year, but it was such a universal message of Love
that the recipient gave me permission to share it with you. So this is
to you with blessings from Barbara!

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