Beloved ones, as these waves of Love now bombarding the world
come into your life and shift you, as they turn upside down everything
you have perceived as your reality and your identity as a human being,
as they create in your life the polar shift from the world of duality to
the world of only Love — the change will be so dramatic that the only
way to accomplish it is to give yourselves to Me, to fall into the arms
of My Love, to surrender your current orientation.

Only as you
let go of what currently is, can you make way for pure Love to enter and
to make of you that which Love will. As your world shifts on its axis,
trusting Me will bring you the most exquisite joy as your heart opens to
the pure reality that there is only God and only Love here, and that
everything else truly has been a play — a dream of limitation created
by the mind, a dream that you are ready to awake from. I Am here to hold
you as you do.

Yet to do this requires a passionate decision. It
requires the choice for Love to be your reality, your choice, that you
might hold to Me as the waves of Love come and be clear and joyous as
you see the change as every limited box that you have lived in, every
perception of less than Love falls away and all that the ego fought to
receive, you are free to give as part of this tsunami of Love that seeks
the conduit of your heart.

You will find that you
experience such exhilaration as freedom calls you Home to your true
identity as the vast and glorious consciousness of the Love I Am, and
gives you access to the power of Creation itself, power beyond the
imagining of the little mind, but power that only Love directs. It is
power that when life on Earth shifts to the heart and all the ways of
selfishness dissolve, that you might stand free as the open vast and
giving heart, the center of the universe, the hologram.

You will
be amazed as you reclaim who you truly are as the ecstatic outreach of
My living heart. The world shall become the most intricate mandala of
interwoven hearts of peace and consciousness that leaps beyond the
boundaries of a physical world.

So the shift to the heart to which
I call you now is dramatic, profound and brings the experience within
you that sources every answer to every question, that the reality of
Love makes it unnecessary for this shift to be mirrored or reflected in
the outer world as some dramatic and difficult change.

The world
is the reflection of your hearts and as you give yourself to Love, then
all you see is shown to you through your heart’s perception as a world
of perfection, beauty and infinite grace in which the outcome of every
movement is . The experience of every moment as Love and the peace
beyond the understanding of the mind is your ever-present Home as you
rest within Me, allowing your heart to be the and open heart
of God that Love may shine itself forth to bring a world of unity and
endless joy and gratitude for the gift of life that is ever given to you
Now. It shall continue to be given that it may be amplified by your
glorious heart continually.

This brings us once again to your
choice. You are the Will of Love made manifest, a Will that has been
obscured by the ego which has turned everything Love values backward.
But the shift to the heart shall make your world "right" again, as the
axis of your reality becomes the Vertical, as you step into the flow of
life that is the eternal song of endless joy and the ecstasy of Love.
Love will create through you a world of such beauty, it is beyond the
imagining of the mind.

Are you willing to give your heart to Love,
to allow these waves of Love to bring you freedom from all the ways
that you have armored yourselves and hidden the vast and glorious
magnificence of your true being? You did this in order to fit in to the
consensual reality of life in the world as it is currently seen. I
promise you the world of Love already exists. It is only a radical shift
in perception away. It is the simple change from viewing the world from
the two of duality focused through the ego’s dream of who you are…
to the experience of the present and eternal explosion of joy that is
the heart’s reality and your identity as the vast unlimited vehicle of
this Love.

The vision of the heart, the single eye of the Spirit
of which Jeshua spoke will you, beloved ones, a world so different
that you will truly feel your axis change as you give yourselves to this
pulsing of Love that Love may not only do its work through you
but give to you the vision of the instrument that Love created, the
vehicle that Love can use that is your heart.

So, please, come
Home to Me and take this leap in trust. Fall back into the ocean of this
perfect Love. Give yourself the experience of true freedom, even if for
only a moment, for that moment will change your life. That moment is
the experience of the Now. It is the birth of all Creation awakening to
itself and in one second, the change can come if you allow it.

back into yourself all the perceptions of fearful change that have been
painted on the ego’s canvas of the world. Bring them to your heart,
trusting Me, and let Me show you what they really mean, that the shift
of the polarities or the axis of the Earth symbolizes the shift from
head to heart. It symbolizes the radical shift to trusting Me so
profoundly that all separation between us ends and you are Home, Home in
the endless cosmos of Love. Through your heart you see the world that
Love creates and nothing else.

Take back all illusions to fearful
states and all projections of ego of a future that contains any
difficulty at all. Let Me show you how such difficulties can only occur
when this Love meets a barrier erected out of fear. And yes, I know,
beloved ones, that it is not easy to trust if you see the world through
the lens of your human self. If you judge even the next moment from the
past experience of duality that holds both Love and its opposite, then
it is hard if not impossible to let go.

But if you allow this Love
to turn your world to something else and to give you the experience Now
of life through the heart, then I promise you it will be effortless to
give yourself to this glorious flow, to become the conscious Twin Flame
heart, the being who holds within the keys to all Creation that you
become the force of Love through which Love manifests, and that the
world you see is the truth of only Love. That is what I Am and thus,
what you are and your heart will show you.

So, as you shift to
your heart and let your heart turn your world upside down, you will find
the prediction of the "end of time" is valid, but not as a human
suddenly without clock or calendar. Instead it will be as a being of
Light and Love for whom the galaxy, the cosmos, the All of God is your
Home and who lives forever in the eternal Now that is the only moment
where life is.

Let yourself recognize that every flood, every
tsunami, every hurricane is the reflection of the fearful state of ego
in its response to this great in-rush of Love that it places outside of
itself and makes fearful that you might remain in this limited state,
obeying the will of ego to believe in a world in which Love and other
than Love are at war — which in the truth of the heart is not possible.

enough of you allow this polar shift to occur, fall back in trust into
the ocean of Love I Am, as enough of you allow the world you live in to
turn around, to become the flow of endless outward giving…then the
magnetic power of your collective heart will create enough to flip
the others, effortlessly and gently, into a whole new view, a whole new
experience of what life is when seen through the single eye of the heart
and perceived as Love’s reality.

So everything the ego presents
as pictures of collective possibilities of other than Love as you enter
this time of change…bring it within. Bring it to Me and let Me show you
what the truth is, the truth of Love that only the heart can recognize
and you will find yourselves dwelling in the deep peace and ecstatic joy
of the true reality of Love that is truly beyond the understanding of
the mind and beyond the world perceived by the collective consciousness
created by the ego mind.

Dearest ones, please welcome it! Welcome
it all… Welcome the polar shift of your reality. Welcome this rushing,
endless tsunami of Love. Welcome the end of the dream of dualistic time.
Open your heart and step into the mystery of this change, surrendered
to Me, that I might give you the fullness of your true identity as the
heart of God.

As you find yourselves experiencing these waves of
Love, they will show you life in its sparkling glory and bring to you
the perfect communion with All That Is, with every molecule, with each
dancing electron…that you might rejoice in the endless communion of the
unity of life that the heart sees and the joyous experience of being
that which holds in consciousness the very energies of Creation, the
masculine and feminine entwined in a powerful and endless dance of
co-creation beyond imagining.

Beloved ones, as you allow this
shift, then you will also find that the heart then infuses the mind with
Love and the ego’s perception of separation disappears. Thought becomes
the flow of the living Spirit and every word is an expression of the
highest Love and the joyous life of God that we share.

Through the
heart and this profound shift, all separation between us ends but what
truly happens, what you will find is that the separation was never
there. It was only an illusion, the result of a decision to perceive
other than Love, to live other than this truth of God that has always
been, shall always be, is ever alive in this glorious Now. Love is your
true reality and I Am your Real identity. You are My heart always.