Greetings to all of you on this fine day of spring. 

We see the hope and  energy of change and  renewal within all.   Indeed,
the spring within all is bursting forth  new ideas of truth, and new ways of
expressing that of which you are becoming more and more aware.  It is a time of
new beginnings and  the flowering forth of fruitage from your  new awareness in
ways of service and love for your fellow man.  You are beginning to see that all
are connected, regardless of how  outer appearances may look.  All is One dear
ones, all is an expression of the one Source and that is the lesson now being
learned.The issues of volcanic eruptions and the many earth shattering
quakes are teaching you compassion and love for your brothers and
sisters who
have chosen to these things for the betterment of mankind in
that others can learn to serve and to love.  It is a part of your
growth dear ones, to  learn that there is only One in many forms and
Those who are far from this realization are now learning through  these
of tragedy as they become aware of those who suffer and  need help. 
Lessons do
not need to be learned at this level, but there are many who are not yet
to learn from within, from that place of inner knowing and so for now,
learn in the ways of the third dimension and all is proceeding according
plan.  Those who have chosen to refuse to embrace truth are being left
stagnate in their place of choosing.  All have free will, and all evolve
and if they choose.

We see many more events coming that will encourage
those who have not wanted any change, to change.  The fears of  many are

the world  in a bondage of sorts;  a strong connection to the past, to
old ways
of seeing and doing things. Those who have been well  by the
old,  will
soon find that these ways do not work any longer because energy is
changing and is no longer in place to manifest  these old ideas.  They
will then
be forced to look at new ways of seeing and  doing as they struggle to
hold on
to outdated and beliefs, believing that the "good old days" 
were the
best and can be brought back.  This is not the way of evolution dear
ones, and
you would not want to stay in one state of consciousness forever.  You
are here
on earth to grow and evolve; always moving toward the Light within and
realization of your oneness with Source.

 If all stayed  "perfect"
according to the third dimensional standards (concepts) , then what
would spur
you to move deeper?  We say to you that  all are being spurred in what
ever ways
necessary, to move deeper and this is what all the issues taking place
right now
on earth are about-a moving deeper into the realization of your oneness
with all
that is.  This  is a  huge shift,  movement out of metaphysics and into
mysticism.  Big Step for mankind and you are ready! 

In metaphysics you
work  to attain dollar bills, health and home. In mysticism you realize
you, in your real identity, are the energy that appears outwardly as
things.   You can never  be separated from your true home because your
home is
Divine consciousness, this realization (not intellectual knowledge is
the first
then appears outwardly as…

These are difficult but necessary
lessons as you first move out of what you have been taught and  always
to be the end all of truth.  As you embrace the new and release the old,
it can
feel as if your whole foundation is being pulled out from under you, but
remember you are being guided and supported.

Take it deeper.  Take it
deeper, dear ones and  soon you will understand. This is our message to
Gradually you will come to see why and how you are here, and it has
nothing to
do with having more money, possessions, or beauty (concept) of the

We love you and support your journey.  You are strong and powerful
beings of light.

Thank you   4/18/10