Blessings on your Journey, Dear Brothers and Sisters…

It is Saturday morning as I write this and the birds are singing their Songs of Gratitude to the risen sun. The breeze is blowing and the air pure. Today marks a milestone, 14 days have past and your diligent efforts have given you a unique experience. You have begun to live differently perhaps perceiving things you have not seen before. The experience is undeniably yours though. You had it and you get to integrate it. What does it all mean to you? This is what is important.

As you incorporate total personal responsibility into your life, much will change if you allow it. Now as you move through experience your being has accepted this responsibility and begins to guide you in your choices, helping to align you to the highest good and the rhythm of the Universe. One can truly begin to see how thoughts, words and actions affect their reality.

We are beings of LIght and the Universal vibration is resonant to Love. Science is showing this to be true, but what do we know in our hearts? This is what matters. What do you want to be on the planet today? What vibrations do you wish to carry with you? When we look around it is plain to see that the old ways aren’t working anymore. Something must, and is shifting and we can participate. We can be Love…

Today, on this day that marks the beginning of something new for you, what will you do? How will you express your Authentic Self? How will you share yourself with all Creation? These are questions only you can answer. You have met your inner child and reconnected, your spirit guides and helpers are all around you… where do you go from here?

Because it is really all about you! If you commit to a path of self-mastery… to knowing yourself and carrying as high a vibration as you can, there is a resonance affect on everything around you. If you carry Light and Love inall situations, all interactions with yourself and others your reality will be such a beautiful and wondrous place. You hold the key… Bringing yourself to a greater wholeness, allows a peace and tranquility to unfold in the space around you and all things are affected. For a moment, contemplate what it all means… Consider it and write your experience on paper.

If you do the work, your life experience will change. Your relationship to yourself will become such a joyous experience, knowing you are a being of Love. No more fear or lack and all the other emotions that precipitate from that . Remove the denser, lower vibrations from your life and you will soar, alive and free you will more freely participate in the miraculous experience that is available to you. And it will make a difference in the world today.

Your frequency of Love will shine bright in you and your family, friends and relationships, your job, your community all will feel your Love. The healing power of your Love is the way. Share your gift, unconditionally share Love with all Creation and see the difference it makes. Allow the healing to occur, allow others to be… but flood your environment with Love and soon you will see that your entire experience is perfect. You are in the perfect place at the perfect time, standing in the Truth of Being. Love.

Carry these insights with you and work with them every aware moment… These moments will begin to string together creating the sequence of events that one day in your Journeys you will look back on and say, that was the defining moment. That is the day that it all shifted. That is the day that I saw who I truly was and what I am here to do.

Take this day for you and share Love. Start slow and easy, with yourself. Do the mediations, mantras and writing. Find your center. Deeply connect to Creator and ground into . Set your intentions to carry a Loving vibration today and always.

Move into the day as your Higher Consciousness guides. The last suggestion on this Journey is two-fold. Whatever you do today, you will be sharing Love with all Creation. Every interaction you have, ask what would Love do? If you have other than Love come up during the day, guess what… Love that, too and ask it what it needs to heal, forgive and release, call your power back and move on. Don’t dwell too long on any one situation or experience if the energy recedes. With Love and Kindness move on. Do what brings you Joy and the Love will flow naturally. Share the day with you and Creation and Love it all, unconditionally.

This evening when you are settling in for the night, allow for some quiet, introspective time and journal your experience today. Summarize your experience for yourself. Write yourself a letter from your Higher Consciousness. And really do it. Address it, stamp it and give the letter to a friend or family member with the instructions to mail it in a month.

Continue to practice, continue the work and share Love. Stay with the experiences that bring energy and vitality to you and remember. You will know. Become one of the Heroes of the Now, sharing consciousness with Humanity. Together we can be the change we want to see in the world and that makes all the difference.

Thank You.

Love and Kindness,