has Coalesced.  

in the history of the universe is there any doubt about the Earth’s
planetary ascension. 

This event is imminent and you each are
awakening and participating as is perfectly aligned with your own soul
directives and your alignment with theses inner urgings.  The path you
walk is a difficult one; fraught with rocks, dry and at times without
water, lonely and even when you do meet one another, there is simply,
even, much commiserating about your painful experiences and the
endlessly challenging symptoms your bodies are experiencing. 
Nonetheless, I come to reassure you and to remind you…don’t miss
out on the fun!

Soon the movement within and without will
move beyond coalescing to the creating of new relationships, dialogues
and structures which will enable a new culture to emerge and go
mainstream!  Many of you have noticed that as you withdrew your
energies from the collective old-state institutions and modes of being
that they gradually fell away from prominence not just in your life, but
in general.  Those who try to keep their structures, relationships,
organizations and processes in place with no regard for harmonizing and
indeed, becoming an innate and organic part of the emergent new, will
find it impossible to sustain what they hold up–despite their passion
and their work.  Never, have organizations,
processes, beliefs or ways of being been sustained by only an
individual; they have always been aligned with the collective and as
such emerged as a self-sustaining whole because of their alignment with
what is the natural, authentic mode of those they serve.  Remember
this as you create anew!

In regards to your current challenges,
believe me my love-filled and amazingly courageous beings: what you
experience is well known by those who watch from other points in
space.  There is a sense of admiration and a desire in many of us to
support and encourage you, to enfold you in our arms and assert with
profound certainty: you will make it!  You are loved!  All is well! 
Hang in there!  For we see how much this requires of you. 

hard it is for you to be separated from your eternally valid perspective
which is without the limited visibility of your earth vessel.  But
such is the unique challenge which you have collectively undertaken: to
find your way, together, to ascend with your entire planet,
energetically, and to do so from a human perspective.  Thus bringing the
god-consciousness into the human form without veil.  To elevate the
creative playground of the earth-plane to a new level.  One that
re-instates the awareness of unity of your earlier incarnations, but
moves beyond that, through the third dimensional polarity consciousness
and into a dimension which is new in the experience of this playground
and which will provide endless and amazing opportunities for divine
creativity for all-that-is.

Your roles are enormously important in

There are billions of you and yet we see and track
with each of you.  Watching the overall arch of ascending , and
noticing more and more of you finding and reaching for alignment;
willing to receive and be one with the planet and each other in this
continual purging–releasing, clearing, cleaning, re-organizing,
shifting and upgrading your very energetic structures.  There is simply
endless releasing in sight as you move to higher and higher
vibrational balances within your own structure, as you mutate and
become the source of a heritable source of new life.

what you create will soon be inherited by those who flow into human
vessels.  They will arrive where you are. 

You are paving the way
by mutating yourselves while in a physical vessel, which is alive and
sensitive!  Aware and connected!  Your physical body is mutating! 
Your cells are changing.  Your structure is becoming increasingly
facile with flowing light!  LIGHT!! Your vessel is becoming increasingly
facile with flowing light.

Oh my dear ones, need you not
know…such is unprecedented in all-that-is.  And yet—fully ordained by
YOU…(meaning the collective you!)  Established and anticipated.  There
is a oneness within all-that-is that knows your success.  We invite you
to connect with this thought-form—established and cherished—to give you
comfort and peace!  Choose a peaceful path!

Nothing could
possible go wrong by participating in this process.  Do not seek to
escape it, nor to make it go away.  For those simply beginning to
experience these changes there is the desire to “get on with my life…”
and to banish and move past these indicative experiences which reveal
your participation in the grand scheme…and yet you dismiss them and
declare, “I’m impatient with all of this!!!  I’m ready to be there
already!!!  Is this over yet???”

Oh beautiful and awakening ones:
learn from those who have come before you and are beginning to
experience the powerful creativity of a unified perspective and the
divine identity fully embraced and oriented from!  You will be so happy
you did so!

You are the vehicles by which the Universe will have
an immense elevation in its ability to express and know itself!  What
could be more wonderful than serving all-that-is by changing the very
platform from which everything might energetically explore and create
and thus, experience what we are as ONE?

The beauty of what is
being accomplished is beyond language.  {sigh}

Let us simply say
to you, that our admiration, our love, and our strength is with you as
much as you are able to receive, as much as you remember that you may
draw upon energies and perspective beyond your current experience in
your physical vessel as a means of supporting, inspiring, directing,
guiding and loving yourself.

Take advantage of these energies
available to you.  Do not make this an experience of suffering.  This is
an experience of JOY.  This is a monumental experience of JOY.  DO NOT
miss out on that point.  You will be sorry later, as you will realize
you could have had more fun and this moment will be only as it is, and
you will miss the collective experience if you choose to revisit it
later to claim the happy moments within it which are FULLY AVAILABLE TO

We are only here to remind you of things which we all
know, which we all co-created, which we all decided would be helpful
and important as this amazing, auspicious moment in the now-point of
earth would unfold.

You my precious comrades, you have taken me by
surprise with your courage.  Even though I knew when you entered the
Earth’s game, that you would have challenges beyond belief (meaning
in the body the heart the soul) that you intended to meet with heart,
with wisdom and with fortitude, YOU have indeed exceeded everything we
all, including you, collectively hoped for before this experience began.

not be concerned about those who are not joining the ranks. They must
find and choose their own way as is right for them.  Turn instead to
your own amazing experience.  Anchor the light which flows into you and
know that you are changing the Omni-verse, the available song, for all
beings to sing by participating. 

I leave you with this final
hope: Love yourselves and celebrate your victories as they occur.  For
we do and they are many.

I AM the
Archangel Michael.

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